Everlasting Kingdom: Unraveling the Bible’s Secrets

The Time After Jacob’s Trouble

The Reunification of the 12 Tribes of Israel

Back Next Chapter 14, Part 2 Preview: There is only one chapter in the Bible that uses the term “Jacob’s Trouble” to describe the “time of Trouble” that we all know will be the most terrible period of time in history for the millions of descendants of Israel. However ironically, this “only place in the Bible” is more focused on the time AFTER the trouble than on the trouble itself! Here is the good news of Jeremiah:

12 Tribes of Israel

The Great Judgment Day

Jeremiah 30 All: This is the message that came to Jeremiah from Yehovah, He said: 2 “This is what Yehovah, the Elohim [God] of Israel says; ‘Write 'everything' that I’ve spoken to you in a book. 3 The time is coming when I’ll bring My people Israel and Judah [1] back from captivity. I’ll bring them to the land that I gave to their ancestors, and they’ll take possession of it,’” says Yehovah.

4 This is the message that Yehovah revealed about Israel and Judah: 5 This is what Yehovah says: ‘We have heard cries of fear and panic, not peace. 6 Now I ask: Can you see a man having labor pains? So why do I see every man with his hands on his stomach like a woman in labor. Why have all their faces turned pale? 7 That day will be terrible! There will never be another like it. It’s the time of Jacob’s trouble [The Great Tribulation], but he’ll be saved out of it [have survivors].” 8 When That Day Comes*,” Commander Yehovah says, “I’ll break the yoke from your neck, and snap your chains. Foreigners will no longer enslave you. 9 They will serve Yehovah their Elohim, and David their king who I’ll raise up for them.

10 “So don’t be afraid, Jacob, My servant; Yehovah says. Don’t be dismayed, Israel. “I’ll rescue you from distant lands, and your posterity from the land of captivity. Jacob [2] will return, and have peace and security, and no one will frighten him. 11 I’m with you to save you,” Yehovah says. “I’ll completely destroy all the nations where I had you 'exiled', I won’t completely destroy you. I’ll discipline you in just measure, but I can’t let you go unpunished.” 12 This is what Yehovah says: “Your wound is incurable, and your sickness is getting worse. 13 There is no one to plead your cause, no one to heal you, you have no healing medicines. 14 All your lovers [allies] have forgotten you. They don’t care about you because I’ve wounded you like an enemy would wound you. I’ve punished you like a cruel person would, because of your need for punishment, and your numerous sins. 15 Why do you cry over your wound? Your pain is incurable because you need to be punished. Because of your numerous sins, I’ve done these things to you.

16 “But everyone who devours you will be devoured, and all your adversaries, everyone of them, will go into captivity. Those who plunder you will be plundered. I’ll cause anyone who pillages you to be pillaged. 17 I’ll restore you to health, and I’ll heal all of your wounds,” Yehovah says. “They’ve called you an outcast, they say “No one cares about Zion.’” 18 This is what Yehovah says: “I’m going to bring the captives back to Jacob’s tents, and have compassion on his dwellings. The city will be rebuilt on its ruins, and the citadel will stand where it used to be! 19 They’ll 'exude' songs of thanksgiving—jubilant sounds from those who celebrate, and I’ll increase their population, and they won’t be few. I’ll bring them honor, and they won’t be insignificant. 20 Their children will be like they were long ago, and their assembly will be established in My presence, and I’ll punish all their oppressors. 21 Their 'king' will be one of their own, and their ruler will come from among them [native born]. I’ll bring him near, and he’ll approach Me. Who would risk his life to approach Me otherwise?’ says Yehovah. 22 “You’ll be My people, and I’ll be your Elohim.” 23 Yehovah’s wrath will come like a whirlwind, it will swirl down on the heads of the wicked! 24 The fierce anger of Yehovah won’t turn away until He has completely carried out everything He has mind. In the last days you’ll understand this.—The Gabriel Bible

[1] “bring again...captivity of...Israel and Judah—the restoration not merely of the Jews, but also the ten tribes together forming the whole nation (Jer 30:18; Jer 32:44; Eze 39:25; Amos 9:14, 15). ‘Israel’ is mentioned first because its exile was longer than that of Judah. Some captives of the Israelite ten tribes returned with those of Judah (Luke 2:36; ‘Asher’ is mentioned). But these are only a pledge of the full restoration hereafter (Rom 11:26, ‘All Israel’). Compare Jer 16:15. This third verse is a brief statement of the subject before the prophecy itself is given”—JFB [2] Again, the “lost 10 tribes” as distinct from the Jews, or collectively “Israel”: Lamentations 2:2; Hosea 10:11; Hosea 12:2; Micah 1:5.

Start understanding!

After reading the entire account about Jacob’s trouble, it is quite apparent that the time after Israel’s captivity is a great part of Jeremiah’s message. Misplacing a prophecy by a year or a thousand years, as some do, could cost people their lives. I am just as capable of speculating as the next person, but the Bible gives such a detailed description that there is no reason for anyone to “make anything up”.

The disunited nations of Israel will become the nation that Yehovah claims to be His “woman”, His wife! Under the threat of death, the nations of Israel will begin to obey the Ten Commandments (including the 4th)! Here is Yehovah’s plea:

Jeremiah 3:10-12,14 Even after all this, her treacherous sister Judah only pretends to have returned to Me, not with actual determination,” says Yehovah. 11 Yehovah told me, “Faithless Israel has shown herself more righteous than treacherous Judah.

12 Go and proclaim this 'message' toward the north: ‘Come back, unfaithful Israel.’ Yehovah says, ‘I won’t look toward you in anger because I’m the Unique One’, says Yehovah, ‘I won’t stay angry forever... 14 “Come back, you apostate people” Yehovah says, “Because “I’m your husband. I’ll take one of you from this city and two from that family, and I’ll bring you to Zion.

Ezekiel 37:16-28 expressively describes the time when Israel and the tribe of Judah will be reunited as one nation.

(Concerning twelve tribes: Dan, one of the twelve original tribes, didn’t make the list, and was replaced. This may parallel Judas who was one of the twelve disciples, whose name is also not in the the Book of Life.)

Some of the remnant of Israel will be spared both the Tribulation, which is only dealt to Israel, as well as the Day of Yehovah, which is literally Judgment Day for Israel’s conquers and slave holders, and some slow learning Israelites! The following explanation now begins at the time immediately following the Tribulation. The survivors will again be presented with an opportunity to begin to serve Yehovah, and they will have had 1,260 days of absolute hell on earth to reconsider the witnesses’ offer of protection. From this point on we’ll consider the end time prophecies occurring just after our people have taken a beating, but immediately before Yehovah steps in to destroy all of the armies still attracted like vultures to the Middle East. All of the end time battles are foretold in the Scriptures, yet these armies still desire to pick fights with Yehovah!


Jeremiah 14 describes the mindset of Yehovah on bringing about this terrible “trouble” or “tribulation” on His people. Many more references could be cited.

Jeremiah 14 All: The 'message' of Yehovah that came to Jeremiah about the drought: 2 “Judah mourns, and its marketplaces have collapsed, they sit in mourning on the ground. The cry of Jerusalem has ascended. 3 Their nobles send their servants out for water, they come to the cisterns and find no water, they return with their vessels empty, they’re ashamed and humiliated, they cover their heads. 4 The landscape is cracked because there hasn’t been any rain on the land, those who till the soil are confused, they cover their heads. 5 Even the does in the fields abandon their newborn fawns because there is no grass. 6 Wild donkeys stand on the barren heights, sniffing the air like dragons *. Their eyesight fails because there’s no vegetation.”

7 Tho our wickedness testifies against us, do something for Your name’s sake, Yehovah, because we have turned back repeatedly, we have sinned against You. 8 You are the hope of Israel, its Deliverer in the time of trouble, why should You be like a foreigner in the land, or like a traveling man only staying for a night? 9 Why should you be like a man taken by surprise, like a mighty warrior unable to save? Yehovah You are among us, and we’re called by Your name, don’t leave us. 10 This is what Yehovah says to these people, “You loved to wander, you haven’t restrained your feet, so I, Yehovah don’t accept you, now I’ll remember your wickedness and punish your sins.”

11 Yehovah told me, “Don’t pray for the welfare of these people. 12 When they fast, I won’t listen to their cry, and when they offer burnt offering and grain offering, I won’t accept them, but I’ll consume them by 'warfare, famine and plagues.” 13 Then I said, “Oh Sovereign Yehovah, the prophets are telling them, ‘You won’t see the 'war', and you won’t experience famine, but I’ll give you assured peace in this place.’” 14 Then Yehovah told me, “The prophets are prophesying lies in My name, I didn’t send them out or commission them, I didn’t even speak to them, they prophesy fraudulent visions to you, divinations, absolutely worthless gods, delusions of their own minds. 15 So this is what Yehovah says about the 'self appointed' prophets who are prophesying in My name and saying: There won’t be any 'warfare' and famine in this land.’ ‘Those prophets will be consumed by 'warfare' and famine!’ 16 The people they are prophesying to will be thrown out into the streets of Jerusalem, faced with famine and swords. There will be no one left to bury them, their wives, their sons and their daughters. I’ll pour their own wickedness on them.’”

17 You’ll tell them this: “My eyes will flow with tears night and day without ceasing, because the virgin maiden, My people, are crippled with a great fracture, with a very sickening wound. 18 If I go out into the fields, I see those killed 'in the invasion'! And if I enter the city, then I see those who are sick due to famine! Both prophets and priests ply their trade thruout the land, and they don’t know anything.” 19 Have you completely rejected Judah? Do you really hate Zion? Why have you struck us so hard that we can’t be healed? We awaited peace, but no good came, and for a time of healing, but there’s only terror! 20 Yehovah, we acknowledge our wickedness, as well as the wickedness of our ancestors. We have all sinned against You. 21 For the sake of Your name, don’t despise us. Don’t dishonor Your splendid throne. Remember Your covenant with us, don’t break it. 22 Can any of the hazy gods of the nations make it rain? Can the sky provide showers by itself? No, You are the One, Yehovah our Elohim. So we’ll wait for You, because You can do anything.

Jeremiah 15:1-7 Then Yehovah told me, “Even if Moses and Samuel were to stand in front of Me, I still wouldn’t side with these people. Get them out of My sight. They must go! 2 When they ask you where they should go, tell them, ‘This is what Yehovah says: “‘Those destined to die will die. The ones destined to die in 'armed conflict', in 'armed conflict'. Those destined to die in famines, in famines. Those destined to die in captivity, in captivity.’

3 “I’ll send four kinds of destruction against them,’ Yehovah says, “'armed conflict' to kill, dogs to tear, birds from the air and wild animals from the land to devour and to destroy. 4 I’ll cause them to be objects of horror in all the kingdoms on earth, because of what Judah’s King Manasseh, son of Hezekiah, did in Jerusalem. 5 “Who will have pity on you, Jerusalem? Who will show any sympathy for you? Who will even step aside to ask how you are? 6 You’ve rejected Me,” Yehovah says. “You keep going backward. So I’ll reach out My hand against you and destroy you, I’m tired of relenting! 7 I’ll winnow them with a pitchfork at the gates of the land, I’ll bereave them of children, I’ll destroy My people because they wouldn’t change their course.

But an incredible intervention occurs for those of Israel who heed the message of the Two Witnesses!

Jeremiah 15:19-21 So this is what Yehovah says: “If you are willing to return, then I’ll bring you back again, so that you can stand in My presence, and if you say precious things rather than vile, you’ll become My spokesmen, they’ll return to you, but you won’t return to them. 20 I’ll make you like a fortified bronze wall to these people. They’ll fight against you, but they won’t defeat you, because I’m with you to deliver you and to rescue you,” says Yehovah. 21 “I’ll deliver you from the grasp of the wicked and I’ll redeem you from the hands of the ruthless.”

From this point in time on Israel is safe but the World’s armies come under fire—quite literally!

Jeremiah 15:11-13 Yehovah said, “Most certainly I’ll take care of the 'survivors' who are set free, most certainly I’ll cause your enemies to plead with you in in the time of disaster and in the time of distress.

12 Can a man break iron, iron from the north, or bronze? 13 I’ll give your wealth and your treasures as booty without price, because of all the sins you’ve committed within your borders.

The Day of Yehovah that follows the Great Tribulation will parallel the time when Yehovah delivered ancient Israel out of bondage; the armies of their enemies were totally destroyed! This time, tho, Yehovah has made His point! Joel calls this dreadful period of time “The Great and Awesome Day of Yehovah”. It is the most emphasized prophecy in the entire Bible.

Jubilee 2028 AD covers this same one year period of time, but from an even more optimistic perspective: Good news for Israel, bad news for her enemies.

For now tho, we will continue previewing the coming Great Tribulation that will overtake the Christian (primarily Israelite) world:

Jeremiah 16 All: The Word of Yehovah came to me again. He said, 2 “You must not take a wife or have sons or daughters in this place.” 3 This is what Yehovah says about the sons and daughters born in this place, and about their mothers who carried them, and the men who are their fathers: 4 They’ll die severe deaths. No one will mourn for them or bury them. They’ll be like piles of dung on the ground, and they’ll die by swords and famine, and their carcasses will be food for the birds from the air and the wild animals from the land.”

5 This is what Yehovah says: “Don’t go into a house where people are grieving, don’t go to mourn or show sympathy, because I’ve taken away My peace from these people, and My faithful love. and My mercy,” says Yehovah. 6 Both great and small will die in this land, they won’t be buried, they won’t be lamented, and no one will cut himself or shave his head for them. 7 No one will offer a meal to comfort those who mourn the dead, no one will give anyone a cup of consolation to drink even for their father or mother.

8 “You must not go into a house where there is feasting to sit down with them to eat or drink.” 9 This is what Commander Yehovah, the Elohim of Israel says: I’ll bring an end to the sounds of joy and the voices of gladness in this place, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride, before your eyes and in your lifetime. 10 “When you reveal all of these things to the people, they’ll ask, ‘Why has Yehovah pronounced all these terrible disasters against us? What are we guilty of? What sin have we committed against Yehovah our Elohim?’ 11 “Then tell them: ‘It’s because your ancestors abandoned Me’, Yehovah says, ‘and have followed other gods, and served them, and worshiped them, and have forsaken Me, and haven’t obeyed My Torah, 12 and you’ve behaved even worse than your ancestors! Every one of you were following your stubborn evil minds, while refusing to listen to Me! 13 So I threw you out of this land into a land that you and your ancestors were unfamiliar with. There you served other gods day and night, where I granted you no favor.’

14 “Yet the time is coming,” Yehovah says, “when people will no longer say, ‘As surely as Yehovah lives, who liberated the people of Israel from the land of Egypt,’ 15 but, ‘As surely as Yehovah lives, who brought the people of Israel from the Land of the North, and from all the countries where He had exiled them!’ I’ll bring them back into the land that I gave their ancestors. 16 “But now I’ll send out many fishermen,” Yehovah says, “and they’ll catch them, and after that I’ll send out many hunters, and they’ll hunt for them from every mountain, and from every hill, and out of fissures in the rocks! 17 I’ll watch everything they do, they won’t hide from Me. Their wickedness won’t avoid My notice. 18 First I’ll doubly compensate their wickedness and their sins, because they’ve polluted My land with the carcasses of their detestable things, and filled My heritage with their highly detestable things.”

19 Yehovah is my strength and my place of safety, my refuge in times of trouble. The nations will come to you from the farthest reaches of the earth, and say, “Our ancestors have inherited nothing but lies, nebulous things of no value. 20 Should people make their own gods? Those aren’t gods!” 21 “So I’m going to teach them. For once I’ll make them understand My power and My might, and they’ll learn that My name is Yehovah!”


The book of Micah is very much focused on The Day of Yehovah and the return of Yehovah and His Messiah to earth. It begins by stating that:

Micah 1:3-4 Yehovah is coming from His place. He is going to come down and trample the high places of the earth.[1] 4 The mountains will melt beneath Him, and the valleys will split open like wax near a fire, like water pouring down a slope.

This opening statement by Micah gets right to the point of his book. It has to do with the time when Yehovah will “come down” and rescue Israel! Later in the book, he prophesied further about the “latter days” and specifically described the Tribulation, when the whole House of Israel will be invaded by a federation led by Assyria (Germany).

Micah continues:

Micah 5:5-8 He’ll be our peace when the Assyrian invades our land, and when he tramples our fortresses. Then we’ll bring on the scene seven shepherds against them and eight commanders. 6 They’ll rule the land of Assyria with swords, the land of Nimrod in its entrances. He’ll save us from the Assyrian when he invades our land and tramples our territory.

7 The 'survivors' of Jacob will be among the nations, like dew from Yehovah, like showers on the landscape that don’t wait for man, or wait for human sons. 8 The remainder of Jacob’s clan will be among the nations, among many people, like a lion among the animals of the forest, like a young lion among flocks of sheep, that as he goes thru he tramples them and tears them to pieces with no one to rescue them.

(NOTE: You don’t have to be an Israelite to worship the Elohim of Israel and be spared the end time plagues, and live forever as a bonus!)

One problem with interpreting Scriptures is the “here a little, there a little” principle. Yehovah deliberately wanted to make understanding a challenge that few would bother with! Scripture jumps from the Great Tribulation, to the Day of Yehovah (the “Lord”), to the “Millennium”, to the time leading up to the end time, often with no apparent lines of distinction. The delineation between these time periods, especially the Day of Yehovah and the Great Tribulation is not that difficult to discern, once you determine that they are fixed periods of time with no overlap. At times, a single sentence is split into two topics spanning millennia, such as Daniel 9:27. Then there is the concept of duality, where we may not always be sure if “history will repeat itself” in a particular instance or not.

Another example of confusion is how the Bible translators and editors determine chapter breaks and paragraph breaks, and in recent years the insertion of captions. For example, in my NKJV, there is a caption entitled “The Day of Yehovah” above Isaiah 2:5, however the time period between verse 5 and 9 is actually a description of the wealth and wickedness of Israel before the end time disasters. But verse 10 does “fast forward” right into the Day of Yehovah:

Isaiah 2:10 Hide among the rocks or hide in the debris from the terror of Yehovah and from the splendor of His majesty.

Isaiah chapters 3 and 5 are among the many other passages showing that Yehovah will strip away every blessing from the “maidens of Zion” which are the descendants of the original Kingdom of Israel. Here are a couple more examples:

Daniel 11:16 But he [the king of the North] who comes against him will do whatever he wants to, and no one will oppose him. He’ll establish himself in the beautiful land with total destruction within his 'reach'.

Zechariah 13:1-2,8-9 “When That Day Comes [the Day of Yehovah] a spring will be opened for David’s 'family' and for the residents of Jerusalem to cleanse them from sin and for impurities. 2 “When That Day Comes,” says Commander Yehovah, “I’ll banish the names of the idols from the land, and they’ll no longer be remembered. I’ll also remove the false [Targum] prophets and the unclean spirits from the land.... 8 Yehovah says “Thruout the land, two thirds will have been eliminated and dead, but one third will be left there. [2] 9 I’ll bring that third thru the fire, and refine them the way silver is refined, and test them the way gold is tested. They’ll call on My name, and I’ll hear them. I’ll say, ‘These are My people,’ and they’ll reply, ‘Yehovah is our Elohim.’”.

People who think that we are living under the New Covenant today have simply not read the contract!

Covenant (according to Webster):

An agreement between two or more persons to do or refrain from doing some act; a compact; a contract; in Biblical usage, the agreement or engagement of Father with man as set forth in the Old and New Testament....

As you’ll see, if you actually read all of the terms of the New Covenant, there is no way that this covenant has been enacted yet! In the entire Bible, only Jeremiah’s inspired words record the terms of the New Covenant:

Jeremiah 31:31-40 Yehovah says: “The time is coming [1], when I’ll make a New [marriage] Covenant with the House of Israel and the House of Judah. 32 It won’t be like the [marriage] Covenant that I made with their ancestors during the time when I took them by the hand led them out of the land of Egypt, since they broke My Covenant, tho I was their Husband,” says Yehovah. 33 “In this [marriage] Covenant that I’ll make with the House of Israel after those days,” Yehovah says, “I’ll put My Torah in the very hearts. I’ll be their Elohim, and they’ll be My people. 34 People will no longer teach their neighbors or their relatives, or ask, ‘Do you know Yehovah’ [the Lord], because they’ll all know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them,” says Yehovah. [No more evangelism!] “I’ll forgive their wickedness, and I’ll never again remember their sins.”

35 Yehovah says that He provides the sun to light the day and the 'orderly succession' of the moon and stars to light the night, and He instantaneously calms [U] the raging waves of the sea—Commander Yehovah is His name: 36 “If these fixed conditions ever fail in My presence,” Yehovah says, “then the Israelites will cease to be a nation in My presence forever.” 37 This is what Yehovah says:

“If the heavens above can ever be measured, and if the foundation of the earth beneath is ever found, then I would reject all the Israelites for what they’ve done,” says Yehovah. 38 “The time is coming,” Yehovah says, “when the city will be rebuilt for Yehovah from the Hananel Tower to the Corner Gate. 39 The measuring line will stretch from there straight to Gareb Hill, and then turn toward Goah. 40 The whole valley that was covered with dead bodies and ashes, and all of the fields as far as the Kidron Valley, as far as the corner of Horse Gate toward the east, will be 'special' to Yehovah, it will never be uprooted or overthrown again.;

Here is the rest of the entire text of the New Covenant prophecy. Every other reference to the New Covenant in the Bible is a reference to this prophecy! To understand what Yehovah said would immediately preceding the New Covenant’s implementation you will need to read all of the context starting in verse 1! More to the point of this chapter is the fact that Yehovah will have to rescue His people from Europe (somewhat north of Israel) as well as “the ends of the earth” where Israelites of all twelve tribes will have been sold.

Jeremiah 31:8-30 “Sing with joy for Jacob, and shout among the major nations, shout praises and say, ‘Yehovah, save Your people, the survivors of Israel.’ 8 I’ll bring them from the North Country, and gather them from the remotest parts of the earth. Blind and lame people will return as well as expectant mothers and women in labor. A huge crowd will return here. 9 They’ll come with tears of joy, praying as I bring them back. I’ll lead them beside streams of water in a straight path, so they won’t stumble, because I’m a Father to Israel, and Ephraim is My firstborn.

10 “You nations, hear the Word of Yehovah, and announce it in the distant lands beyond the oceans! [Commentary]. Proclaim: The One who scattered Israel will regather him, and protect him like a shepherd does his flock. 11 Yehovah has paid the ransom for Jacob, and reclaimed him from those too strong for him. 12 They’ll come and shout for joy in the elevated place [or height] of Zion. They’ll be beaming over the goodness of Yehovah, over the grain, the new wine, the oil, and over the young of the flock and the herd. Their lives will be like well watered gardens, and they won’t ever be sorrowful again. 13 Then the virgins will celebrate and dance along with young men and the old. I’ll turn their mourning into rejoicing, and comfort them and exchange their sorrow with happiness. 14 I’ll satisfy the priests with abundance, and My people will be satisfied with My goodness,” says Yehovah.

15 This is what Yehovah says: “A voice is heard in Ramah, lamentation, and bitter crying, Rachel crying for her children. She refuses to be comforted for her children, because they no longer exist.” 16 This is what Yehovah says: “Stop crying out, and 'shedding' tears because your work will be rewarded,” says Yehovah. “They’ll return from the land of the enemy. 17 There is hope in your future,” Yehovah says. “Your children will return to their own territory.

18 I’ve surely heard Ephraim moaning to himself, ‘You’ve disciplined me! I was disciplined like a calf unaccustomed to a yoke. Bring me back and restore me, because you are Yehovah my Elohim. 19 After I strayed, I changed the way I thought and acted [repented], and after I was instructed, I 'slapped' my 'butt'. I was ashamed and humiliated because I carried the shame of my youth.’ 20 “Is Ephraim [representative of the ten non-Jewish tribes] My dear son? Is he a pleasant child? As often as I speak against him, I still remember him and passionately yearn for him. I’ll surely have mercy on him,” says Yehovah. 21 Set up road signs, make guideposts. Start thinking about the highway, the same direction that you left from. Return, virgin Israel, return to your cities. 22 How long will you wander from here and there, you apostate daughter? Yehovah has created a new thing in the land, a weak woman will 'overpower' [Clarke’s] a strong man.”

23 This is what Commander Yehovah, the Elohim of Israel, says: “After I return them from captivity they’ll once again repeat these words in the land of Judah and in its cities, ‘Yehovah bless you, home of righteousness, 'special' mountain.’ 24 Judah and all its cities will live there together, along with homesteaders and those who follow their flocks. 25 I satisfy those who are weary, and I refresh everyone who is faint.” 26 At this I awoke and looked around. My sleep had been pleasing.

27 “In days to come,” Yehovah says, “I’ll repopulate [sow] the House of Israel [the “Lost” 10 Tribes] AND the House of Judah with people and animals. 28 Once I oversaw their uprooting and tearing down, their overthrow, destruction and disaster. Now I’ll oversee their building and planting,” says Yehovah. 29 “In those days they’ll no longer say, ‘The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and their children’s teeth are set on edge.’ 30 Instead, everyone will die for their own sins, everyone who eats the sour grapes will have their own teeth set on edge.”

“Children”... “From the Land of the Enemy”

Did you notice the fringe benefit for the twelve tribes of Israel when they agree to live under the New Covenant? It will come as a great shock to them, but there is a “life insurance policy” for the children! It’s an astonishing “signing bonus” for the survivors of Israel, when they accept the “New Deal”. Here is the highlight:

15...She refuses to be comforted for her children, because they no longer exist.”’...16...They’ll return from the land of the enemy. 17 There is hope in your future, says Yehovah. Your children will return to their own territory.

Verse 15 is unmistakably a reference to the deaths of innocent children who will die in the Great Tribulation which will be initiated by the “enemy” “from the north country”. In fact Yeshua (Jesus) contrasted this very verse as a death sentence comparing Herod’s massacre of baby boys to a much larger loss of innocent children in the distant future—our time! Matthew quoted Him as saying:

Matthew 2:18 “A voice was heard in Rama—crying and loud mourning, Rachel crying for her children. She refused to be comforted because they no longer exist.”

But Yeshua was only making a comparison. Herod’s massacre took place in Bethlehem rather than Rama, that was in the territory of Benjamin. The innocents killed at Yeshua’s birth were not Rachel’s descendants but Leah’s. It was Leah’s descendants who occupied Bethlehem; she being the matriarch of the tribe of Judah.

Jeremiah’s prophecy, while mentioning Rachel’s children was actually typifying the future deaths of millions of children from all twelve tribes of Israel from our own generation. But verse 16 tells the survivors of this massive end time holocaust that the massacre of their children will be nothing to cry about! It says not to shed tears because their good works will be compensated (people of bad works will have died in the Tribulation). Twice it says in verses 16 & 17 that these dead children would be returned from the land of their enemies! This is not the only Scriptural reference to this wonderful benefit for signing on to the New Covenant! There is more about this in Judgment Day—The Last Day Part 2, under the subheading . This account describes these once dead children being returned to the territory of Israel to their parents “from the land of the ENEMY”!


Now that we have read the details about the good news of the New Covenant we should fall back and focus on the political and religious circumstances that will change Israel forever. Ironically, the aggressive behavior of the nations surrounding the Promised Land are the catalyst of change for Israel’s Everlasting Covenant!

In order to understand who the “players” are in the battle between the King of the North and the King of the South, the entire story must be read. This should matter to you because the captives of Israel will be at “ground zero”. You would be advised to begin reading in the book of Daniel. Daniel 11 tells us about the Beast Power at the time of the end. Notice that the Beast will spare Edom, Moab and Ammon when he invades the soon-to-be Promised Land. The reason that these wicked people are spared at this time is because they are the betrayers of the Descendants of Israel. They will gain the favor of the Beast, and that is why Yehovah will single these three groups out for destruction later on! Notice:

Daniel 11:5-6 The King of the South will become strong, but one of his commanders will become even stronger, and he’ll rule a vast empire.

6 After a number of years they’ll form an alliance, and the daughter of the Kingdom of the South will come to the Kingdom of the North to smooth things out, but she won’t retain her power, and he won’t retain his power, but she’ll be given up, as will those who supported her, as well as her father, and the one who empowered her at the time.

Continuing in Daniel 11:

Daniel 11:29-45 At the specified time he’ll return, and invade the south, but this time it won’t turn out the way it did before. 30 Ships from Kittim will come against him; he’ll be discouraged and turn back, venting his anger against the 'cherished' covenant and take action. He’ll even return and collaborate with those who abandon the 'cherished' covenant.

31 Armed forces will rise up and defile the 'Temple' refuge and put a stop to the daily burnt zebakim [sacrifices], and they’ll set up an appalling detestable idol [KJV, abomination of desolation]. 32 With slick talk he [Antiochus] will corrupt [win over] the wicked who violate the covenant [“with many”]. But the people who know their Elohim will be strong and take action.

33 Their wise people will share their understanding with many, yet they’ll be defeated by swords and flames. They’ll be captured and plundered for many days. 34 When they fall, they’ll be given a little help, but many who become allies with them will not be sincere. 35 Some of the wise will fall away to refine them and to purify them and make them white all the way to the end time, but it will still happen at the appointed time. 36 ““The king [Antimessiah] will do whatever he wants to, he’ll exalt himself and claim to be superior to every god, and say astonishing things against the El [God] of elim [elohim], and he’ll succeed until the wrath is finished, because what has been determined must be done. [Which king do you think he is?] 37 He will show no regard for the god of his ancestors, or a god favored by women, or regard any god at all, because he’ll exalt himself above them all. 38 Instead of these he’ll honor the god of fortresses, and he’ll honor a god that his ancestors never knew, honoring him with gold, silver, precious stones and costly gifts. 39 He’ll deal with the most defensive fortresses with the help of an alien god [3], greatly honoring those who acknowledge him. He’ll have them rule over many people, and distribute land for 'a price'.”

40 “At the time of the end the King of the South will wage war with him, and the King of the North [Antimessiah] will storm against him with chariots, cavalry, and many ships, and he’ll invade many countries, and overwhelm them like a flood and pass thru their land. 41 [The Antimessiah] will also invade the Beautiful Land [Israel], and many countries will be overthrown, but these will be spared from his grasp: Edom, Moab and most of the descendants of AMMON [4]. [home of Petra!] 42 He’ll 'conquer many' countries. The land of Egypt won’t escape. 43 He’ll take control of the treasures of gold and silver and all the treasures of Egypt, and the Libyans and the Nubians will also be in submission. 44 But then news from the EAST and the NORTH will quickly alarm him, and he [Antimessiah] will leave in a great rage to destroy and completely exterminate many.

45 He’ll pitch his palatial tents between the sea and the beautiful 'special' mountain, yet he’ll come to his end, and no one will help him.

Isaiah 2 tells us about the time following these events, when Yehovah will abolish warfare:

Isaiah 2:1-5 The message that Amoz’s son Isaiah envisioned concerning Judah and Jerusalem: 2 In the future, at the end of the 'age', Yehovah’s mountainous 'Temple' [1] will be established on the summits of the mountains and be borne above the hills, and all nations will beam [or flow] into it. 3 People from many nations will come and say, “Come, let’s go up to the mountain of Yehovah, to the House of Jacob’s Elohim. He’ll teach us His path to life and we’ll 'live' His way.” The Torah will go out from Zion and the Word of Yehovah from Jerusalem.” 4 He’ll govern the nations and 'settle the feuds' of many nations, and they’ll beat their swords into harrows and their spears into pruning hooks. Nations won’t raise swords against other nations and they won’t learn how to wage war any more. 5 Come, House of Jacob, let’s 'live' in the light of Yehovah.

This is one of the two Scriptures that apply the term “latter days” to the Everlasting Kingdom; the other has to do with the period including all of the now historic World Empires. The other twelve or so prophetic uses of the phrase describe the Great Tribulation and the Day of Yehovah. When “even the former dominion will come” the twelve tribed Kingdom will be restored. Actually it is destined to be far larger than it used to be.

Micah 4:1-8 In the last days the mountain of Yehovah’s 'Temple' [New Jerusalem] will be established on the summits of the mountains, and will be borne above the hills. All nations will beam [or flow] into it. 2 Many nations will come and say,

“Come, let’s go up to the mountain of Yehovah, to the Elohim of Jacob’s house, and He’ll teach us of His ways, and we can follow in His 'steps'.” The Torah [instruction] will go out from Zion, and the Word of Yehovah from Jerusalem. 3 He’ll govern the nations and 'settle the feuds' of many far off nations. They’ll beat their swords into plowshares [actually harrows] [1], and their spears into pruning hooks. Nations won’t raise their swords against other nations, and they won’t learn warfare any more. 4 Everyone will sit under their own grapevines and fig trees, and no one frighten them,” Commander Yehovah has declared this aloud. 5 The other nations 'live' by the names of their gods, but we’ll 'live' by the name of Yehovah our Elohim forever and ever.

6 “When That Day Comes*,” Yehovah declares, “I’ll gather the lame; and bring together those who were driven away, as well as those I’ve injured, 7 and I’ll convert those who were lame survivors, and those who were exiles into a strong nation, and Yehovah will reign over them on Mount Zion from that time on and forever. 8 And you, watchtower for the flock, stronghold of the maiden Zion, the former dominion will be restored to you; the kingdom of the maiden Jerusalem.


Why are the Edomites going to be so severely punished?

The Edomites have been an enemy of Israel for millennia. During the Exodus, Israel sought safe passage thru their land, promising to take nothing, but Edom wanted to destroy them then and there (Numbers 20). It hasn’t gotten any better, in fact during the next captivity of the tribes of Israel, Edomites will be there to orchestrate their enslavement!

Amos 1:6-11 This is what Yehovah says: “Because of three crimes of Gaza, and now four, I won’t revoke its punishment, because they carried the whole assembly away captive and handed them over to Edom. 7 So I’ll send fire on the walls of Gaza that will burn down her strongholds. 8 I’ll eliminate the inhabitants of Ashdod, and the 'guy' who holds the scepter from Ashkelon, and I’ll turn My hand against Ekron and the rest of the Philistines will die,” declares the Sovereign Yehovah [“Yeshua”].

9 This is what Yehovah says: “Because of three crimes of Tyre, and now four, I won’t revoke its punishment, because they handed over the whole assembly to Edom, and didn’t remember the covenant with their brothers. 10 So I’ll send fire on the walls of Tyre, and it will burn down its strongholds.” 11 This is what Yehovah says: “Because of three crimes of Edom, and now four, I won’t revoke its punishment, because he pursued his brother with swords, abandoning all compassion. His anger raged continually, and he maintained his fury forever.

Edom’s conquest is due to their perpetual hatred and betrayal of their brother nation Israel: Here is the end time fate of Israel’s oldest enemy:

Isaiah 34:1-8 Come near you nations and listen. Pay attention you people! The earth and everything on it should hear, the world and every living thing. 2 Yehovah is angry with all the nations and furious with their armies. He has devoted them to destruction. He has doomed them to slaughter. 3 Their slain will be thrown out, and the stench of their dead bodies will rise. The mountains will be drenched with their blood. 4 The entire array of stars will disappear [1]. The sky will roll down like a scroll, and all of its stars will fall [1] like withered leaves falling from a grapevine or a fig tree.

5 When My sword is drenched with blood in the sky, it will descend on Edom, a nation I have doomed for destruction. 6 Yehovah’s sword is drenched with blood. It’s covered with fat and with the blood of lambs and goats, with fat from the kidneys of rams. Yehovah 'will receive' a zebak in Bozrah, a great slaughter in the land of Edom. 7 Men as strong as a monoclonius [KJV unicorn] will fall next to them, young bulls with strong ones. Their land will be saturated with blood and their soil will be greasy with fat. 8 It is the Day of Yehovah’s Vengeance, a Year of Payback settling the dispute (retribution) over Zion!

The homeland of Edom is in modern day nation of Jordan. It comprises roughly the territories formerly known as “Edom”, “Moab” and “Ammon”. The capitol city of Jordan is still named Ammon. It has been the capitol since ancient times and is one of the oldest continuously occupied cities known, but Yehovah has a plan to put an end to it:

Ezekiel 25:8-14 The Sovereign Yehovah says: Because Moab and Seir say, “The House of Judah is like all the other nations”, 9 I’ll open the flank of Moab from its frontier cities, the splendor of the country, Beth Jeshimoth, Baal Meon and Kiriathaim, 10 and I’ll hand it over as a possession along with the descendants of Ammon to the people of the EAST, so that the descendants of Ammon won’t be remembered among the nations. 11 I’ll bring judgments on Moab. Then they’ll realize that I am Yehovah.

12 “This is what the Sovereign Yehovah says: Edom has taken action against the house of Judah by taking vengeance. They’ve committed a serious offense by taking vengeance against them. 13 So the Sovereign Yehovah says: I’ll 'raise My fist' against Edom, and eliminate man and beast from it. I’ll make it desolate. They will die in battle from Teman all the way to Dedan. 14 I’ll lay My vengeance on Edom by the hand of My people Israel, and they’ll deal with Edom according to My anger and according to My wrath, and they’ll know My vengeance, declares the Sovereign Yehovah.

Jordan is the last place in the world that an Israelite will want to be for safety sake in the end time! On the other hand tho the Beast will avoid Edom as he plunders the region! Did you notice that the Beast will spare Edom, Moab and Ammon mentioned above?

Daniel 11:41 [The Antimessiah] will also invade the Beautiful Land [Israel], and many countries will be overthrown, but these will be spared from his grasp: Edom, Moab and most of the descendants of AMMON [4]. [home of Petra!]

[4] See Zephaniah 2:8-10 and Ezekiel 25

Ironically, because Jordan will be delivered from the cruel hands of the Beast, some assume that Jordan and particularly the ancient city of Petra is favored by Yehovah, and several churches want to go there and be spared from the Beasts plundering:

There are some who say there is no place of safety. Others, such as the Worldwide Church, had their eye on Petra. Many churches are looking to that area of the world as a possible place of safety site. And with good reason, because the Scriptures seem to indicate that there is a place of safety

There actually is a place of safety in Zion for “the elect”, but it’s not in Petra.

Jordan is spared from the Beast because they are working with the Beast! It is for this reason that Yehovah will decimate Jordan. Israel itself will be a weapon in the hands of Yehovah in the Day of Yehovah against Edom, Moab and Ammon.

Numbers 24 contains an unusual end time prophecy that Yehovah inspired thru Balaam—of all people. This is another statement that Israel will fight during the Day of Yehovah. The only alliance that Yehovah ever wanted for Israel to make is the one between Himself and them, as will ultimately occur when Israel sees Yehovah saving them!

Numbers 24:17-19 I see him, but not now. I see him, but not near. A star will come out of Jacob. A scepter will emerge from Israel [Yeshua], and crush thru the forehead of Moab, and destroy all the sons of buttocks. 18 Edom will become your possession. Seir, his enemy, will also be conquered, while Israel performs valiantly. 19 Someone from Jacob will gain dominion and destroy the survivors of the city.


Many of those who understand the national identities of the modern day Nations of Israel have taught that Gog and Magog would wage a mighty attack against the nations of the children of Israel at the end of the millennium. But how could that be true? They also freely acknowledge that:

Isaiah 2:4 He’ll govern the nations and 'settle the feuds' of many nations, and they’ll beat their swords into harrows and their spears into pruning hooks. Nations won’t raise swords against other nations and they won’t learn how to wage war any more.

There is a fascinating explanation to this question. Ezekiel 38 and 39 are two more entire chapters of Scripture that describe the one year period of time, following the Great Tribulation and just prior to the Everlasting Kingdom. These Scriptures concern the now scattered Nations of Israel, following their rescue from modern day captivity, when they are safely dwelling in their own land. After much anguish, Yehovah will finally intervene in Israel’s favor as promised. Israel will even help fight against their enemies and win, in a manner unlike anything that has happened in the history of the world. And they may not use any weapons larger than the jawbone of an ass! Here is a familiar end time passage of prophecy, but look at the concluding statement about the supernatural strength that Israel will have:

Zechariah 12:1-8 A revelation [not oracle] about Israel from Yehovah: “Yehovah, who stretched out the heavens, laid the foundation of the earth and formed the spirit of man within him, says: 2 ‘I’ll make Jerusalem like an intoxicating cup that sends all the surrounding nations reeling. Judah will be blockaded as well as Jerusalem! 3 When That Day Comes* I’ll make Jerusalem a heavy stone for every nation. Anyone who attempts to heave it away will be severely injured. And every nation on earth will be gathered to fight against it.

4 Yehovah declares, “When That Day Comes I’ll strike every horse with panic and every rider with madness. I’ll 'watch' over the house of Judah, but strike all the horses of the nations with blindness. 5 The families of Judah will say to themselves, ‘The residents of Jerusalem have strong support thru Commander Yehovah, their Elohim.’ 6 “When that day comes I’ll make the leaders of Judah like a firepot in a woodpile, like a burning torch among sheaves. They’ll burn up all the surrounding nations right and left, while the people of Jerusalem will once again be secure. 7 “Yehovah will save Judah’s tents first so that the honor of David’s family and the honor of the residents of Jerusalem won’t exceed [the rest of] Judah. 8 When that day comes, Yehovah will defend the residents of Jerusalem so that the weakest of them will be like David, and David’s descendants will be like Elohim, like the Messenger of Yehovah going before them.

From this point in time on, the world’s nations will no longer be allowed to hurt Israel.

Lonnie Martin, zech14@proton.me

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