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Population Bomb Takes Out Millennium?

Is the Millennial Kingdom Doomed?

Population Bomb?
Population Bomb?

Back Next Chapter 27 Preview: This is an examination of a mathematical quandary associated with the idyllic, yet oversimplified view of the “millennium”. Many assume that everyone will have large families in the Everlasting Kingdom. Especially knowing that there will be an absence of premature death from war and disease. So what size of a population might we expect? Will utopian conditions precipitate some unexpected consequences? The numbers prove that an unknown factor is mandatory for everything to work out. Colonization of space may not wait!

New Jerusalem

“The Millennium” is the term that people generally use to describe the seventh one thousand year period since Adam. The millennium is only mentioned in Revelation 20:4-6 “They lived and reigned with their Messiah during those thousand years”. While some believe that following this, the world will be destroyed, Scripture tells us that there will be an Everlasting Kingdom on earth (Psalms 145:13, Daniel 4:3, Daniel 7:27, 2 Peter 1:11). These Scriptures inspired the title of what is now my first book.


Elohim (God) has even covenanted with Israel for “a thousand generations”:

Deuteronomy 7:9 So remember that Yehovah your Elohim is the only Elohim, the faithful Elohim. He keeps His covenant with enduring love for a THOUSAND GENERATIONS of those who love Him and obey His Commandments.

[1] Surely if Yehovah had provided more details about the Covenant He had sworn (Hebrews 6:13-16) to a THOUSAND GENERATIONS, rather than just repeating that the Covenant was a sure thing (Psalm 105:8-11 & 1 Chronicles 16:15-18) people would believe He wasn’t kidding about the duration, right?

1 Chronicles 16:15-18 Remember His covenant forever, the words that He commanded to a THOUSAND GENERATIONS [1], 16 the covenant that He made with Abraham, His oath to Isaac. 17 He confirmed it with Jacob as a permanent rule, and to Israel as a never ending covenant, 18 saying, “I’ll give you the land of Canaan, the territory of your inheritance. (also Psalms 105:8).

1) The world’s population has doubled every 47 years on average over the last few doublings! The population November 2023 is over 8,071,642,882. Up to the second stats on this link.

Rate of population increase from Wikipedia

(updated stats)

Population (est.) 10,000 BC - 2000 AD. (OK, we know to ignore the flatline first 6,000 years here.)
Population (est.) 10,000 BC-2000 AD.

“The 20th century saw the biggest increase in the world’s population in human history. The following table shows estimates of when each billion milestone was met:

1 billion was reached in 1802.
2 billion was reached 125 years later in 1927.
3 billion was reached 34 years later in 1961.
4 billion was reached 13 years later in 1974.
5 billion was reached 13 years later in 1987.
6 billion was reached 12 years later in 1999.
[Updated: 8.07 billion was reached in November, 2023

Each doubling has taken roughly half as long as the previous doubling.

The UN estimated in 2000 that the world’s population was then growing at the rate of 1.14% (or about 75 million people) per year [1]. This growth rate has been generally decreasing from its peak at 2.19% in 1963.

2) At the present rate of doubling, the world’s population will double 21.27 times in a thousand years (1,000 divided by 47).

3) If, after the Day of Yehovah (the “Lord”), only one hundred million (100,000,000) survive, (that is, if only one person in 70 alive today, survives!) then with 21.27 doublings, the population of earth will be: 2,663,383,040,000,000. Many more people could survive if much of the third world is less affected by end time events. Had I begun doubling with a number still in the billions then there might not have been room for all of the zeros on the page!

4) So the world’s population at the end of the seventh millennium will be at least 443,897 TIMES LARGER THAN IT IS TODAY [2000], assuming that both the birth rate remains constant and death rate remains constant. (Yet, to make matters “worse”, we already know that in the seventh millennium, following an unimaginable bout of all kinds of deadly afflictions, the human race will start over WITHOUT ANY disease, warfare, starvation and premature death!)

5) It is possible that few if any of the righteous will die during the millennium! Without deaths to keep the population in check, the world’s population would soar much faster than on the conservative schedule below! Prior to about 1600 AD premature deaths due to disease, warfare, starvation and persecution, kept many people from living long enough to reproduce. The number of deaths essentially equaled the number of births, resulting in a stable population size. Since then, variable #1—the number of births has exceeded variable #2-the number of deaths. However if there were no deaths, and we began to exceed the anticipated 443,897 fold increase in world population, a panic could set in!

Then compounding the situation, if women begin living for centuries like before the flood, and get tired of having an empty nest after their first century, the population would escalate dramatically, even faster than this rosy scenario. Even farmland might feel the impact of urban sprawl, when people are stacked 50 feet deep!

A world population of well over 2 QUADRILLION, as calculated below, would be tiny if THE TWO VARIABLES in world population increased even slightly over time.

The Numbers Could Get ReallyBIG

6000:  100,000,000  People surviving “the Day of the Lord”
6047:  200,000,000
6094:  400,000,000
6 141:  800,000,000
6188:  1,600,000,000
6235:  3,200,000,000
6282:  6,400,000,000  Approximately the present world population
6329:  12,800,000,000
6376:  25,600,000,000
6423:  51,200,000,000
6470:  102,400,000,000
6517:  204,800,000,000
6564:  409,600,000,000
6611:  819,200,000,000
6658:  1,638,400,000,000
6705:  3,276,800,000,000
6752:  6,553,600,000,000
6799:  13,107,200,000,000
6846:  26,2 14,400,000,000
6893:  52,428,800,000,000
6940:  104,857,600,000,000
6987:  209,715,200,000,000
7000:  (n X 1.27) = 266,338,304,000,000

Addendum: Some people have asked me what I think about the coming population explosion. I believe that we will colonize outer space beginning in a few centuries at most. There will not be room to wait longer.

Isaiah 9:7 The expansion of His dominion and prosperity will never end, from David’s throne and over His kingdom, arranging it and maintaining it with justice and righteousness from that time on—forever. The zeal of the Word* of Commander Yehovah will make it happen.

Someone suggested to me that Yehovah could shrink us to the size of mice. OK, there are other possibilities, but the mouse thing probably has them beat, at least until exponential growth outdoes even that.

The End
Lonnie Martin, zech14@proton.me
Written December 2002

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