Everlasting Kingdom: Unraveling the Bible’s Secrets

The Mysteries of New Jerusalem, Part 2

The Heavenly Bride Comes to Us!

New Jerusalem

Back Next Chapter 17, Part 2 Preview: How can New Jerusalem be adorned as a bride? What does New Jerusalem have to do with the Wedding Supper of the Lamb? Is New Jerusalem’s arrival removed by a thousand years from the most joyous event to ever take place on earth? Where is the Wedding Supper? Is it worth your trouble to consider the relative Biblical passages? If so, then I also recommend reading the sequel: New Jerusalem: A Place of Safety! Where Will You Be During the Great Tribulation? The objective of this chapter is to take a close look at what might seem to be a relatively obscure topic—New Jerusalem, and underscore its far-reaching role in the unfolding of all end time Bible prophecy.

Actually, even today, the Father and Son live in Jerusalem!

Galatians 4:25-26 Now Hagar represents Mount Sinai in Arabia, and corresponds to present day Jerusalem, and is serving in bondage, she and her children. 26 But the Jerusalem above, in the sky [1] represents the free woman. She is our motherland.

[1] A careful reading of vss. 22-27 shows that the slave woman “corresponds to present-day [first century] Jerusalem” and the original “old” covenant that was still operating within the Temple, while the free woman represents the coming New Jerusalem “above” and the coming New Covenant!

Yeshua (Jesus) will have had precisely 2,000 years since He began His Ministry to prepare “a place” for “His own”. Just as Elohim (God) will “renew the face of the earth”, He will have renewed Jerusalem. The word “place” literally means strictly a “limited space” but figuratively it can also imply an “opportunity” or even a “room”.

Revelation 22: All: He [the messenger] showed me a river of living water, clear as crystal, 'flowing' from the throne of Yehovah and the Lamb. 2 In the middle of its broad avenue, near the river on both sides are Tree/s of Life that produce twelve kinds of fruit, yielding a different type of fruit every month, and the leaves of the Tree/s are for the medicinal use [Gr. therapeia] of the human family. 3 There will never be any more blight [Gr. curse] and the throne of Yehovah and the Lamb will be there and His servants will serve Him. 4 They’ll see His face, and His name will be on their foreheads. 5 There will be no more night, and they’ll have no need for the light of a candle or of the light of the sun, because Yehovah enlightens them, and They will reign forever and ever.

6 He told me, “These words are faithful and true. And Yehovah, the Aloha of the spirit of the prophets has sent me, His messenger, to show to His servants the things that must of necessity come to pass SUDDENLY.

7 Look, I’ll come suddenly! Blessed is anyone who holds fast to the prophetic statements of this book.”

8 I, John, am the one who actually saw and heard these things. When I heard and saw them, I fell down to worship at the feet of the messenger who showed them to me. 9 But he told me, “Don’t do that! I serve the same Sovereign, I’m your brother, a friend of the Prophets and of those who obey the words of this book. Worship Yehovah.”

10 Then he told me, “Don’t seal the words of this book of prophecy, because the time is near. 11 Anyone who is unjust [1] will continue to be unjust, anyone who is filthy will continue to be filthy, anyone who is righteous will continue to practice righteousness, and anyone who is 'select' will continue to be 'select'.

12 I’ll come suddenly! My compensation is with Me to pay everyone according to what they’ve done. 13 I’m the Aleph and the Tau, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

14 Blessed are those who obey His Commandments [2]. They’ll have access to the Tree of Life and be permitted to enter thru the gates into the city. 15 Outside of the city are 'perverts', sorcerers, fornicators, murderers, idolaters and everyone who loves to tell lies.

16 I, Yeshua, have sent My messenger to testify these things to you for the assemblies. I’m The 'Descendant' of the family of David, the brilliant Morning Star [3].

17 The spirit and the Bride say, “Come.” Anyone who hears this should say, “Come.” And anyone who is thirsty should come, and anyone who seriously wants to can take the water of life as a gift.

18 I testify to everyone who hears the words of prophecy in this book: if anyone adds to them [4a], Yehovah will ADD to them the catastrophes [plagues] [5] that are described in this book. 19 If anyone removes words from the book containing this prophecy [4b], Yehovah will TAKE AWAY their destiny from the Tree of Life and from the 'cherished' city described in this book.

20 The One who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I will come suddenly.” Aw-main'. Come Sovereign Yeshua! 21 May the dignity of our Sovereign Yeshua Messiah be with all the 'chosen ones'. Aw-main'.

[1] There are three other Greek words that imply a worse degree of wickedness than unjust. The others seem to be a permanent condition. [2] The Wescott & Hort versions of Revelation (most modern versions) inexcusably substitute “wash your robes” for “obey the Commandments”, unlike the Peshitta and the Majority text versions (the KJV “family”). See Matthew 19:16-19. [3] You need to know what the “Morning Star” has to do with “Lucifer”! [4a,b] The fact that this warning was made indicates that people could and would alter parts of the Bible. Fortunately it’s possible to backtrack and spot the alterations. [5] They’ll actually experience the Day of Yehovah! (the Day of the Lord)

Consider the following Texts concerning the New Heavens:

Isaiah 65:17 [1] “I’m going to create a New Heavens and a New Earth, and the previous ones won’t be remembered or come to mind! [This is in the context of burning the wicked and blessing the world’s better survivors at the end of the age as they live out their lives.]

[1] In verses: 17-19: A common misconception is that somehow, without notice or reason, the timeline jumps to a time after the millennium! Yet there is no justification in postponing the crowning events in this eight chapter long finale of human and satanic rule that began in chapter 59!

Isaiah 66:22 As the New Heavens and the New Earth that I’ll make will endure in My presence”, declares Yehovah, “So your descendants and your name will endure.

Revelation 21:1 I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth, because the first heaven and the first earth were gone [1], and there was no more sea [2].

[1] This is the equivalent of the new earth that appeared after Yehovah sent a great flood “to destroy the earth” in Genesis 9:11. [2] Which sea? Isaiah 11:14-16; Isaiah 51:10-11. The seas, plural, are well represented in the Everlasting Kingdom: Psalm 72:7-9; Isaiah 5:30; Isaiah 24:14-15; Isaiah 60:5; Jeremiah 31:35-36; Ezekiel 26:5 and 47:10,15; Habakkuk 2:14; Zephaniah 2:6-7 and Zechariah 14:8. Unfortunately many people believe that the New Heavens and New Earth don’t even arrive until after the thousand years! (See the time frame in Isaiah chapters 65 & 66.)

The complete renovation of the New Heavens and the New Earth will occur during the Day of Yehovah (the “Lord”), (frightenly simply referred to as “the Day”, as in Ezekiel 7):

2 Peter 3:10-13 Yet the Day of Yehovah will come like a thieving false minister in a time of moral stupidity and darkness [2], when the Heavens will suddenly pass by [3] with a great noise, and the former things will be dissolved by being set on fire, and the surface of the earth and the things being done on it won’t be found [4]. 11 Since all these things will be dissolved [5], what kind of people should we be in sincere conduct, and reverence, 12 anticipating and desiring the coming of the Day of Yehovah, when the heavens being tried in the fire will be dissolved [or unfastened, set free], and the former things being ignited will melt? 13 But we’re looking forward to a New Heavens and a New Earth as He promised, where the righteous live.

[2] Perhaps too much is being read into the figurative explanation of this “thief in the night” passage, but who doesn’t equate the darkness of night with evil? [3] “Parerchomai” could also refer to when the New Heavens will “come near, come forward, arrive.” [4] The Greek manuscripts say that the earth (land) “will be burned up” instead of “won’t be found.” Revelation describes widespread environmental damage, but not utter destruction. Malachi 4:5-6 predicts that Elijah will come and prevent the earth’s being “annihilated.” Matthew 24:29 describes the same type of cosmic events described here as following the Tribulation, and that is precisely when the Day of Yehovah begins. Isaiah 51 closely parallels this. [5] Very destructive, seemingly “end of the world” sounding language, including the earth being “dissolved” is also found in Isaiah 24:19-23: “The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly. 20 The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard...” (KJV), during the Day of Yehovah (the “lord”)—just before the “millennium.”

Elements melting would likely include volcanic activity. That would account for the “great earthquake” and it would explain why “the sun will be darkened, the moon will not give its light”.

While the Hebrew references to “New Heavens” are plural, they all refer to the same sky. This is a one time event. Isaiah Chapters 65 & 66 describes the seventh thousand years and probably the time beyond that. The earth will not be entirely destroyed during the Day of Yehovah as many teach and there is no indication that it will be destroyed a thousand years after that. If there are to literally be “a thousand generations” then there is far more time for humankind. That phrase is always associated with the word “covenant”—but perhaps Elohim is just kidding us.

Deuteronomy 7:9 So remember that Yehovah your Elohim is the only Elohim, the faithful Elohim. He keeps His covenant with enduring love for a THOUSAND GENERATIONS [1] of those who love Him and obey His Commandments.

For emphasis, this covenant repeated in 1 Chronicles 16:15 and Psalm 105:8!

At the time of the “New Heaven” and the “New Earth”, “ALL FLESH” will “worship before Me” (Isaiah 66:22-23). There are, of course, three heavens (Deuteronomy 10:14). The term “first” is “protos” in Greek, it means: “foremost in time, place, order of importance, best, chief”. The protos heaven—the sky—has always been a part of the earth. The second heaven is the heaven of the night sky; the stars, the planets, comets etc. The “third heaven” is Elohim’s home. Paul called it “paradise” (2 Corinthians 12:2-4). I believe it to also be where the New Jerusalem is presently. It is the “foremost heaven” that is being renovated, just as the “Earth” will be “New”; literally meaning “refreshed” or “renewed”. Earth’s atmosphere, the first heaven will be purified, and the gaseous ratios corrected, and the breath of fresh air will be great. Perhaps few would argue that earth’s heaven will be our primary immediate concern. The New heaven (or sky) will occupy the same one that “rolled up like a scroll”.

Revelation 6:14 The sky recoiled like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island was 'shaken' out of place.

A cosmic catastrophe appears to accompany the Day of Yehovah, and Elohim likely has a rearrangement in mind for the heavens (Revelation 12:7-11). I strongly expect for mankind to need to colonize space in a few centuries. See why in Population Bomb takes out Millennium!

It is the singular “New Heaven” that John “saw” that is of paramount concern to us. Just as the earth will be renewed, so will earth’s “heaven” be renewed. However, the great news is that the third heaven, probably beyond the physical universe, will not be abandoned as space junk, it will become our new home. Elohim has spent 2000 years preparing it for His people! It will be presented to us, along with our “New Earth”. HEAVEN COMES TO US!

Does the term New Heaven mean that Yehovah just pulled it out of a box and discarded the Styrofoam peanuts? The Greek term “kainos” (Strong’s #2537) does mean “New” but “freshness” is the implied meaning. Strong’s indicates that another word, # 3501, is the word that has to do with newness in strict terms of age. Acts 3:19 indicates that “times of refreshing will come to you”. Indeed they will.

Acts 3:19 So amend your ways and turn to Yehovah so that your sins will be wiped away, and times of transformation will come to you [2][3] 'from' Yehovah,

[2] Both Murdock and Etheridge include the words ‘to you”. This clarifies that the ‘times of transformation” aren’t aren’t dependent on you, but your being included is! The Greek lacks this. [3] This is one of those places where different Greek translations put different verse numbers, purely a modern glitch. Murdock almost always used the historic verse numbers tho, of course, there were no verses in the originals. Etheridge created a new numbering system that someone else mercifully fixed. But v.19 & v.20 vary, depending on the version you have. The Gabriel Bible defaults to the KJV for numbering.

Psalm 132:13-16 Because Yehovah has chosen Zion. He wants it for His home. 14 “This is My resting place forever.” I’ll live here because I really want to. 15 I’ll bless her with abundant provisions. I’ll satisfy her poor with food. 16 I’ll clothe her priests with deliverance. Her 'special' ones will sing for joy.

More details on beaming:

Isaiah 2:2-5 In the future, at the end of the 'age', Yehovah’s mountainous 'Temple' [1] will be established on the summits of the mountains and be borne above the hills, and all nations will beam [or flow] into it. 3 People from many nations will come and say, “Come, let’s go up to the mountain of Yehovah, to the House of Jacob’s Elohim. He’ll teach us His path to life and we’ll 'live' His way.” The Torah will go out from Zion and the Word of Yehovah from Jerusalem.” 4 He’ll govern the nations and 'settle the feuds' of many nations, and they’ll beat their swords into harrows and their spears into pruning hooks. Nations won’t raise swords against other nations and they won’t learn how to wage war any more. 5 Come, House of Jacob, let’s 'live' in the light of Yehovah.

[1] There is no distinct word for Temple in Hebrew. House is the literal word.

As we saw in Isaiah 4, this “Tabernacle” in the sky blocks out the light of the sun, storms and rain!

During the Day of Yehovah, the “firstborn” of Israel will “take refuge in” “Zion”. Zion will be a “refuge”, a place of “safety”, at the same time that “slaying” and “killing” is going on for her enemies. “Founded” is used here in the same way that it is used in Proverbs 3:19: “By wisdom Yehovah founded the earth ...”

Isaiah 14:25,30-32I’ll crush the Assyrian in My land, and I’ll trample him under foot on My mountains. Then his yoke will be removed from them and his burden removed from their shoulders... 30 The 'poorest' of the poor will eat, and the needy will lie down in safety. But I’ll destroy your root with famine, and your survivors will be killed. 31 Wail, you gates! Cry out, city! Melt in fear, Philistia, because a dust cloud is coming from the north. There are no stragglers. Everyone is in their appointed place. 32 What should we tell the ambassadors of the nations? Tell them, “Yehovah has founded Zion, and in her the afflicted of His people WILL TAKE REFUGE.”

New Jerusalem will outshine the sun and the moon so that the Kodesh Land will not need their light. Like the stars in the daylight, they are still there, but not easily discernible. Yet there will still be New Moons visible from above the city.

Isaiah 66:23 Then, from one New Moon to the next New Moon [every month!], and from one Sabbath to the next Sabbath [every week!], all of humanity will come to worship before Me”, declares Yehovah.

Ezekiel 46:1 The Sovereign Yehovah says: The gate of the inner courtyard facing east must be closed during the six working days, but it will be opened on the Sabbath day and opened on New Moon day.

Isaiah has a great deal to say about the future of Jerusalem and Yehovah’s people Israel.

Seems to me that Isaiah 60-62 is earthly Jerusalem and Revelation 21-22 is “Jerusalem above”...“in the clouds”!

Psalm 68:33-34 Sing to the One who rides across the ancient heavens. His voice resounds, His powerful voice. 34 Proclaim Elohim’s power! His majesty is over Israel, His power is in the clouds.

The vast majority of “Bible believing churches” teach that an immense assemblage of prophetic Scriptures deal with the establishment of the nation of “Israel” in 1948. With scores of pages of earth bound prophecy conveniently relegated to the past, they can far more easily preach about people flying off to heaven when they die! Yet when you read virtually ANY of the verses that they quote in context it is quite easy to see that nothing resembling these prophecies has ever remotely come to pass, tho a Jewish presence in Jerusalem was prophesied for the end of THIS age. This Jewish presence, occupying a small part of what will be a much larger Kingdom of Israel in the future, in no way fulfills any of the promises concerning the Everlasting Kingdom! A quick Google search of the terms “Israel 1948 prophecy” more than adequately demonstrates how Christianity “cuts and pastes” Bible prophecy. Hundreds of verses describe a coming Utopia—not in heaven—but on earth!

Notice how the other 11 tribes of Israel are totally missing from a very typical site’s commentary:

Jeremiah 31:10, the prophet said that God would one day gather the Jews back to Israel and that He would watch over them like a shepherd.”

But here is the context:

Jeremiah 31:27 & 31 In days to come,” Yehovah says, “I’ll repopulate [sow] the House of Israel [the “Lost” 10 Tribes] AND the House of Judah with people and animals... 31 Yehovah says: “The time is coming [1], when I’ll make a New [marriage] Covenant with the House of Israel and the House of Judah.

Isaiah 60-62 is actually a parallel account to the Revelation 21-22 account. Israel will be abundantly blessed. Don’t be tempted to force the “church” into this prophecy. Notice that there are 60 “You” and “Your” references in chapter 60 alone! These remain focused on all 12 tribes of Israel thruout the entire narrative!

Isaiah 60: “Arise and shine! Your light has come, and the splendor of Yehovah has risen over you. 2 Darkness will cover the earth, and thick darkness the people, but Yehovah will shine on you, and His splendor will appear over you! 3 Nations will come to your light, and kings will come to the brightness of your rising.

4 “'Take a look' all around. They all gather together, they come to you. Your sons will come from 'distant lands', and your daughters will be carried in their arms. 5 Then you’ll look around and be radiant, and you’ll be 'overcome with joy' because the wealth of the seas will be brought to you, and the wealth of the nations will come to you. 6 Vast caravans of camels will cover your land, the dromedaries of Midian and Ephah. All the people from Sheba will come bringing gold and frankincense and proclaiming the praises of Yehovah. 7 All the flocks of Kedar will be brought to you, the rams of Nebaioth will serve you, they’ll be accepted on My altar, and I’ll decorate My beautiful 'Temple'.”

8 Who are these that fly along like clouds, like doves to their homes? 9 Without doubt people from the maritime regions will wait for Me, and the ships from Tarshish will arrive first, bringing your sons from 'distant lands', along with their silver and their gold for the 'honor' of Yehovah your Elohim and for the 'special' One of Israel, because He has clothed you with splendor. 10 “Foreigners will rebuild your walls, and their kings will serve you. I struck you in anger, but in My reconciliation I will have compassion on you. 11 Your gates will always be open, they’ll never be shut day or night so the nations can bring their wealth to you, with their kings being led in procession. 12 Any nation and kingdom that won’t serve you will be destroyed; those nations will be completely wasted.

13 “The splendor of Lebanon will come to you: fir trees, pines, and cypresses, to beautify the place of My 'Temple', and I’ll make the place of My feet splendid. 14 The descendants of those who oppressed you will come bowing to you, and everyone who despised you will bow down at your feet, and they’ll call you ‘The City of Yehovah’ and ‘The Zion of the 'special' One of Israel.’”

15 “Instead of being forsaken and hated with no one traveling thru you, I’ll make you an everlasting excellency, the joy of all generations. 16 You’ll nurse on the milk of the nations, being nursed from royal breasts, and then you’ll know [after They return] that I, Yehovah, am your Life Giver, your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob. 17 Instead of bronze I’ll bring you gold, and instead of iron I’ll bring you silver, instead of wood, bronze, instead of stones, iron. I’ll make peace your overseers, and righteousness your taskmasters/oppressors. 18 Violence will no longer be heard of in your land, and desolation and destruction won’t exist within your borders, but you’ll call your walls ‘Deliverance’, and your gates ‘Praise.’ 19 You will no longer need the sun to shine by day, or the moonlight to provide your light, because Yehovah will be your everlasting light, and your Elohim your splendor. 20 Your sun will no longer set, and your moon will no longer wane, because you will have Yehovah as your everlasting light, and the days of your mourning will be over. 21 Your people will all be righteous, they’ll inherit the land forever, a shoot that I planted, the work of My hands bringing about My splendor. 22 The least of you will become a thousand, and the smallest one a mighty nation. I, Yehovah, will do it quickly when it’s time.”

Heaven comes to us! The closing statements, particularly in regard to the sun and the moon, should prove beyond any doubt that this is describing the same New Heaven/Earth as is described in Revelation 21:

Revelation 21:23 The city didn’t need the sun or the moon for enlightenment [9] because Yehovah’s brightness enlightens it, and the Lamb is its lamp.

[9] Again, the Greek ‘Theos’ and Aramaic ‘Aloha’ were substituted for ‘Yehovah’ in quoting Isaiah 60:20... Not that the sun or moon will disappear. In fact Aloha swore that they wouldn’t disappear: Psalm 72:5 and Jeremiah 31:35-37. At a fair distance from the city it will come in handy.

Chapter 61 begins with Yeshua’s mission statement of Luke 4:16-20. Everything we could ever hope for in life will eventually come to earth! Amazingly, many Christians believe that at the “second coming” the earth will be turned into an eternal ash heap! Here is that New Earth under that New Heaven:

Isaiah 61: All The Sovereign Yehovah’s spirit overlooks Me, because Yehovah has anointed Me to bring Good News to the afflicted. He has sent Me to relieve the grief stricken, to proclaim liberty to the captives, recovery of sight for the blind [1] and to set the oppressed free; 2 to proclaim the Acceptable Year of Yehovah [Jubilee] [Yeshua stopped quoting here. the rest is yet to happen], AND THE DAY OF VENGEANCE of our Elohim, [Jubilee, 2031/2032 AD!] and to comfort everyone who mourns [due to the end time calamity]; 3 to provide for those who mourn in Zion, to give to them crowns instead of ashes on their heads, the oil of joy instead of mourning, clothing of praise instead of a spirit of weakness, so that they can be called ‘terebinth trees of righteousness’, ‘a cluster planted by Yehovah’, so that they can display His splendor.

4 They’ll rebuild places desolate since antiquity, they’ll rebuild the ancestral places and places now wasted and deserted, and they’ll restore cities parched from heat, and places deserted for many generations. 5 Foreigners will tend your flocks; they’ll farm your land and work your vineyards. 6 And you’ll be called the priests of Yehovah, people will call you the ministers of our Elohim. You’ll savor the wealth of the nations. You’ll change places with them. 7 Your shame will be replaced with a double inheritance, and instead of humiliation you’ll shout for joy over your territory. So in your land you’ll own twice as much as the other nations. You’ll have everlasting joy.

8 “Because I, Yehovah, love justice. I hate robbery and injustice. I’ll certainly give you your compensation, and I’ll make an EVERLASTING COVENANT [i.e. The New Covenant] with you. 9 Your descendants will be revealed [2] among the nations, and their descendants among all ethnicities. Everyone who sees them will acknowledge that they are the descendants of the people who Yehovah has blessed.” [Today His people are scorned by the nations].”

10 I will greatly rejoice in Yehovah, I’ll be joyful in my Elohim, because He has clothed me with the clothing of deliverance, He has covered me with a robe of righteousness like a bridegroom [3] serving as a priest wearing a crown, and like a bride [“your descendants”] adorns herself with her jewels. 11 Like the soil pushing up sprouts, and like a garden enabling things that are sown in it to spring up, so the Sovereign Yehovah [“Yeshua”] will cause righteousness and praise to spring up before all the nations.

[1] The phrase about blindness that Yeshua quoted in Luke 4:18 was deleted by the Masorites. [2] Today most of even Judah needs the “lost” tribes of Israel to be revealed to them! [3] At the end of the age, His people will either be figuratively part of Yeshua’s bride or part of the Bridegroom Himself—part of the “one new man”, part of the figurative male “body of Messiah.” There is no word “a” in Hebrew, they are all added in English contextually.

Isaiah, because he had so much of Yehovah’s 'special' [holy] spirit, will be preeminent in the Everlasting Kingdom. He said that he was “clothed” in fairness comparable to the elaborate clothing worn by a “Bridegroom” and a “Bride”!

Chapter 62 is actually describing the New Jerusalem above! Compare the texts. It compares the establishment of the Kingdom of Elohim to a wedding ceremony—which is the figurative fulfillment! Israel, the nation that Elohim will liberate from a death sentence, will soon be called a “dedicated people”, and just as a house is not a home without people in it—so Israel “will be called Sought out, a city not forsaken”. The people of Israel will make New Jerusalem a “City”!

Continuing into Isaiah 62: For Zion’s sake I won’t remain silent, and for Jerusalem’s sake I won’t remain quiet until her righteousness shines like the dawn, and her deliverance like a burning torch. 2 The nations will see your righteousness, and every king your splendor. You’ll be called by a new name that Yehovah will announce. 3 You’ll be a beautiful crown in Yehovah’s hand, and a royal diadem in Elohim’s hand. 4 You’ll never again be called ‘Forsaken’, and your land will never be called ‘Desolate’ again, instead, you’ll be called ‘Hephzibah’ [Literally, “My delight is in her”], and your land ‘Beulah’ [Literally, to marry], because Yehovah delights in you, and your land will be married. 5 Just like a young man marrying a virgin, your sons will marry you [1], and like a bridegroom rejoicing over his bride, that’s how your Elohim will rejoice over you.

6 Jerusalem, I’ve posted watchmen on your walls who will never be silent day or night. You who call on Yehovah should never rest, 7 and give Him no rest until He establishes Jerusalem and makes her praiseworthy thruout the earth. 8 Yehovah has sworn by His right hand, and by the arm of His strength, “I’ll never again give your grain away to feed your enemies, and foreigners won’t drink the new wine that you’ve labored for.” 9 Those who harvest it will eat it and praise Yehovah, and those who harvest the vintage will drink it [during feasts] in the courts surrounding My 'Temple'.”

10 Go thru, go thru the gates! Clear the way for the people! Build up! Build up the highway! Clear away the stones! Raise a flag [or banner] for the people. 11 Yehovah has proclaimed to the 'far reaches' of the earth, “Tell the maiden Zion, ‘Your Rescuer is coming, and His compensation accompanies Him!’” 12 You’ll be called “The 'special' People” and “The Redeemed of Yehovah”, and you’ll be known as “Sought After”, and “The City No Longer Deserted.”

[1] In the Second Exodus, the surviving Israelites, having returned to the Promised Land will become the Bride again!

The bride will say to the non-Israelite world: “Come” into the 'special' “city” where “the water of life” is “freely” available.

If, beginning in the latter days, Yehovah is going to stay “in Mount Zion” “forever”, (Zechariah 1:16) then how could one reconcile the theory that Yehovah will return with the New Jerusalem in 1000 years, but in the mean time continue His “quarantine” by living “way out there” in New Jerusalem, while at the same time “Yehovah” stays in Mount Zion—forever, as some teach?

There are two beautiful chapters in the Bible that describe the time when the “wolf will live with the lamb”, as well as mentioning the “lion” the “ox” the “viper” and “My special mountain”.

Isaiah 11: All Then a shoot will sprout from the stump of Jesse, and a BRANCH from his roots will take root. 2 'Yehovah’s spirit' will rest on Him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and power, the spirit of knowledge and of the reverence of Yehovah. 3 He’ll delight in reverencing Yehovah.

He won’t judge by appearances, or make judgments based on hearsay. 4 He’ll judge the poor with righteousness, making decisions with equality for the poor of the earth. He’ll strike the earth with the scepter of His mouth, and with a breath from His lips He’ll destroy the wicked. 5 Righteousness will be the belt around His waist, and faithfulness the belt around His hips.

6 When That Day Comes, wolves will live with lambs, and leopards will lie down with young goats. Calves, young lions and fattened calves grazing together, and little children will lead them. 7 Cows and bears will graze together, and their young ones will lie down together. Lions will eat straw like oxen. 8 Babies will play with dragons, and young children will reach into cockatrice dens. 9 They won’t hurt or destroy on all [1] My 'special' mountain, because the land [eretz: region, vs 10-11] will be as filled with the knowledge of Yehovah as the water covering the sea. [2]

10 When That Day Comes* the nations will seek the root of Jesse, who stands as a rallying banner for the nations. His resting place will be majestic. 11 When That Day Comes, Yehovah will extend His hand a second time to recover the survivors of His people from Assyria [Iraq/Turkey], Egypt, Pathros [Upper Egypt], Cush [Ethiopia], Elam [SW Iran], Shinar [Babylon], Hamath [Upper Syria] and from the islands of the sea.

12 He’ll raise a banner 'among' the nations and gather the exiles of Israel, AND gather together the scattered people of Judah from the four corners of the earth.

13 Ephraim’s jealousy will vanish, and those who harass Judah will be cut down. Ephraim won’t envy Judah, and Judah won’t show hostility toward Ephraim. 14 They’ll swoop down on the slopes of the Philistines on the west, and together they’ll plunder the nations to the east. They’ll take possession of Edom and Moab, and the Ammonites will be subject to them. 15 Yehovah will completely 'dry up' the 'gulf' of the Sea of Egypt [Red Sea] with His scorching wind. He’ll wave His hand over the Euphrates River, and split it into seven streams so that people can across in sandals. 16 There will be a highway for the survivors of His people from Assyria like there was for Israel during the day when they came out of Egypt. [1] Of the 30 places where 'special (holy) mountain' appears, almost every reference is to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, but a few apparently include all of Jerusalem. [2] Notice that the “knowledge of Yehovah” fills the Land of Israel (not really the earth) (v.9) completely before making much of a dent beyond Israel. Verses 10-11 make it abundantly clear that Israel must be fixed before the neighbors begin to “recover”.


Continuing in Isaiah 11: 12-16 He’ll raise a banner 'among' the nations and gather the exiles of Israel, AND gather together the scattered people of Judah from the four corners of the earth. 13 Ephraim’s jealousy will vanish, and those who harass Judah will be cut down. Ephraim won’t envy Judah, and Judah won’t show hostility toward Ephraim. 14 They’ll swoop down on the slopes of the Philistines on the west, and together they’ll plunder the nations to the east. They’ll take possession of Edom and Moab, and the Ammonites will be subject to them. 15 Yehovah will completely 'dry up' the 'gulf' of the Sea of Egypt [Red Sea] with His scorching wind. He’ll wave His hand over the Euphrates River, and split it into seven streams so that people can across in sandals. 16 There will be a highway for the survivors of His people from Assyria like there was for Israel during the day when they came out of Egypt.

Here is the second very inspiring account that describes the “Everlasting Kingdom” with those poetic yet realistic words about “The wolf and the lamb”. Notice here that the context definitely includes the “New Heavens and a New Earth” and the “New Jerusalem”! THE CONTEXT IS STILL DESCRIBING THE SECOND EXODUS!

Isaiah 65:17-25 [2] “I’m going to create a New Heavens and a New Earth, and the previous ones won’t be remembered or come to mind! [This is in the context of burning the wicked and blessing the world’s better survivors at the end of the age as they live out their lives.] 18 Be glad and rejoice forever in what I’m going to create, because I’m creating [a New] Jerusalem for rejoicing, and her people a joy. [1] 19 I [Yehovah] will celebrate in Jerusalem and take delight in My people. Screaming and crying will never again be heard in the city.

20 “Never again will there be an infant who lives for only a few days, or an old man who hasn’t lived out his days. A son who only lives to be a hundred years old will die young, because a young man who dies at one hundred years of age will be considered cursed. [Only indecisive people live to 100, but then their shelf life expires.] 21 They’ll build houses to live in and eat fruit from the vineyards they plant. 22 They won’t build homes for others to live in, and they won’t plant for others to harvest. My people will live as long as the trees [sometimes centuries], and My select will long enjoy the work of their hands. 23 They won’t work for nothing or have children doomed to misfortune, because they are the 'people' blessed by Yehovah, along with their children. 24 Before they call, I’ll answer. While they are still asking, I’ll hear. 25 Wolves and lambs will feed together, and lions will eat straw like oxen. But dust will be the serpent’s food. No one will hurt or destroy anything on My entire 'special' mountain,” says Yehovah.”

There is no justification in the theory postponing this prophecy of paradise to a time after “the millennium”: This is within the very soon coming millennium! Isaiah Chapter 66 continues to describe this wonderful “age to come”: (Ignore the chapter break.)

ISAIAH 66 All: 1 This is what Yehovah says:

Heaven is My throne, and the earth is My footstool. What kind of Temple [1] could you build for Me? And where could I rest? 2 All of these things were hand made by Me. That’s how all these things came into being”, says Yehovah.

“I’ll look favorably toward those who have a humble and contrite spirit, and who tremble at My Word. 3 Someone who slaughters a bull is like someone who kills a man, someone who offers a lamb is like someone who breaks a dog’s neck; someone who offers a grain offering is like someone who offers swine’s blood, someone who burns frankincense is like someone who blesses an idol. They’ve chosen their own ways, and they delight in their highly detestable things! 4 So I’ll choose their punishment and bring on them what they dread, because when I called, no one answered, when I spoke, they didn’t listen. They did evil in My sight, and chose what doesn’t please Me.”

5 Hear the Word of Yehovah, you who tremble at His words. “Your relatives who hate you and refuse to associate with you because of My name, say, ‘May Yehovah be clothed with splendor’, but He’ll appear to your joy, and they’ll be ashamed. 6 The sound of an uproar from the city, and noise from the 'Temple'. It’s the sound of Yehovah paying back His enemies.

7 “Before she has any labor pains, before any pain, she will give birth to a son! 8 Who has heard of such a thing? Who has ever seen such a thing? Can a country be born in one day? Can a nation be born instantly? Yet as soon as Zion has labor pains, she’ll give birth to her children! 9 Would I bring to the moment of birth and not bring about the delivery?” Asks Yehovah, “Would I, the One who brings about births shut the womb?” Asks your Elohim.

10 “Celebrate with Jerusalem and be happy for her. Everyone who mourns over her should be extremely delighted. 11 You can nurse and be satisfied with her comforting breasts. You can drink deeply and be delighted with her overflowing splendor.”

12 Yehovah says: “I’ll extend peace to her like a river, and the splendor of the nations like an overflowing stream. You’ll nurse and be carried on her side, and bounced on her knees! 13 As a mother comforts her child, that’s how I’ll comfort you, and you’ll be comforted in Jerusalem.

14 When you see it, you’ll feel like celebrating, and your bones will flourish like tender grass, and the hand of Yehovah will be apparent to His servants, but He’ll be angry with His enemies. 15 Yehovah will come with fire, and His chariots will be like a whirlwind! He’ll return with fierce anger and punish them with flames of fire. 16 Yehovah will execute judgment by fire and with His sword on all 'humanity', and many will be killed by Yehovah.”

17 “Those who sanctify themselves and purify themselves in the idol groves, following the one [priest] in the middle, eating swine’s flesh and detestable things like mice will be terminated all at once,” says Yehovah. [2]

18 “Because I know about their behavior and their thoughts, the time is coming when I’ll gather all people of every language. They’ll come and see My splendor. 19 I’ll set up signs among them and send [some] survivors to the nations—to Tarshish, Put and Lud, Meshech, Rosh, Tubal, Javan and to the distant lands beyond the oceans who haven’t heard of My fame or seen My splendor. They’ll announce My splendor among the nations. 20 They’ll bring all of your relatives from all the nations as an offering to Yehovah [Second Exodus], on horses, on chariots, on litters, on mules and on dromedaries to My 'special' mountain Jerusalem,” Yehovah says, “like the Israelites bring their offering in a ceremonially clean vessel into Yehovah’s 'Temple'. 21 I’ll also appoint some of them to be priests and Levites [Ezekiel 44:6-15],” says Yehovah.

22 “As the New Heavens and the New Earth that I’ll make will endure in My presence”, declares Yehovah, “So your descendants and your name will endure. 23 “Then, from one New Moon to the next New Moon [every month!], and from one Sabbath to the next Sabbath [every week!], all of humanity will come to worship before Me”, declares Yehovah. 24 They’ll go out and see the carcasses of the people who rebelled against Me, because the maggots devouring them won’t die off. The fire that’s burning them won’t go out. They’ll be abhorrent to everyone.” [3]

[1] In Hebrew there is no exclusive word for Temple. Very often what we think of as the Temple is simply translated as “house”. (Greek is specific). Several modern translations are correcting the confusion concerning the word bayith in 2 Chronicles 2:5-6. Unfortunately, of the common translations, only the New Living Bible does the same justice to bayith in Isaiah 66:1. [2] This is descriptive of the activities taking place in the notorious Bohemian Grove in California. [3] Unfortunately, there will be a steady stream of wicked people being thrown into the fire every ‘moonth’ all thru the time of the “New Heavens and the New Earth.” Whatever the fire does not dispose of will keep the maggots well fed. Gehenna was the city dump of Jerusalem, where the bodies of criminals kept th maggots fed continually.

Psalm 36:7-8 How precious is Your faithful love, Elohim! Adam’s descendants take refuge under the shadow of Your wings. 8 They feast on the bounty of Your house [earth]. You’ll have them drink from the rivers of Edens [U][1]!

[1] Many Edens will be here! Compare with Luke 23:43.

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November, 2003

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