Everlasting Kingdom: Unraveling the Bible’s Secrets

The Timing of Yeshua’s (Jesus’) First and Second Coming

An Unplanned “Sequel” to JUBILEE: 2027 AD

Star of Bethlehem
Star of Bethlehem

I recently learned to my great surprise that there is a great deal of evidence that Yeshua’s (Jesus’) was born on the first day of the first month of the Hebrew year (Aviv 1), rather than during the Fall Feast days. This caused me to re-evaluate the entire Jubilee time line I had created, and now I took into consideration Jubilee years all the way back to when Adam and Eve were booted out of Eden in 3974 BC, as I just discovered. I hadn’t gone back that far before. So immediately I did this web search: Adam Eve "3974 BC", and surprisingly came up with three results, and the oldest was dated Thursday, February 21, 2019! Evidently no one had ever considered this start of the 6000 years prior to this, other than Becke and Klassen whose ideas apparently haven’t been mentioned since the internet began. I really never expected to find anything at all from that search, and there were no articles prior to 2019, but unlike the three links below, I approached that date from an entirely different premise—direct statements in Daniel and Luke etc, rather than fascinating planetary alignments (not to be discounted).

IN ANY EVENT I NOW EXPECT THE FINAL EIGHT YEARS, INCLUDING THE SEVEN SHEMITAH YEARS FOLLOWED BY THE JUBILEE YEAR WHEN YESHUA RETURNS AND BEGINS RULING AFTER THE EIGHT YEARS TO BEGIN ON MARCH 26, 2020, with the end of this age being the Jubilee Year: Hebrew year 2027/2028, rather than 2028/2029. Daniel 9:27 will immediately be fulfilled with Daniel 11:31 to follow three and a half years later. When Yeshua returns He will join His Father here on earth: Daniel 7:8-14!

The new information, removing the possible extra year of this age makes the tiny two page original version that I just wrote last month a year off, as I had mentioned was still possible, but now very unlikely. I will also be subtracting a year from my much older JUBILEE: 2028 2027 AD

Here are the three links suggesting a 3974 BC beginning to the 6,000 years alotted to this age based on astronomy: ARCHBISHOP USSHER’S CHRONOLOGY RECONSIDERED —by the famous writer Steven Collins.

Major Geopolitical Changes Ahead: The Peace Plan, Brexit, & Chexit Search term “3974”.

We Might Be Closer Than You Think Search term “3974”.

[Ussher, of course, is the subject of much ridicule today, but Ussher’s work, the Annales veteris testamenti, a prima mundi origine deducti (Annals of the Old Testament, deduced from the first origins of the world), was a highly respected work of scholarship in its day. Ussher’s proposed date of 4004 BC differed little from other biblically-based estimates such as those of Bede (3952 BC) and Ussher’s near-contemporary, Scaliger (3949 BC), and such renowned scientists as Johannes Kepler (3992 BC) or Sir Isaac Newton (c. 4000 BC).]

So one of the two dates that many have considered to pinpoint the end date of the seventy weeks prophecy for very many years (27 AD or 28 AD) is exactly 4 millennial days—4000 years prior to the end date of that key end-time prophecy in the Bible as well as 2000 years after that same key date—a total of six millennial days—6,000 years between them, and 3974 BC shares an astronomically rare astronomical event in the heavens above with the night that the Magi found the One who would be anointed the Messiah when He turned 30—hmmm, which date? Oh, and all three dates I’m considering: 3974 BC, 27 AD, and 2027 AD are all what I can see are Jubilee Years based on what Yeshua Himself said in Luke 4, as linked in the next paragraph, with 3027 AD making 7,000 years as a bonus 140th Jubilee thrown in for good measure! And I just woke up at 1:30 AM to write this paragraph. Calculate for yourself here. Good night!

As mentioned, in 2006 I made a case for the date of Yeshua’s “Second Coming” entitled JUBILEE: 2028 AD, based on His own Testimony. It identifies the last year of this age—year 6000. In 2003 I wrote in essence a small book explaining what will be happening on each of the seven Biblical Feast Days that very year: Israel’s 7 Apocalyptic Days. Now, 16 years later I’m tackling the controversial date of His “First Coming”, the exact day of His birth, based on a collage of ideas that generate a unique perspective on the day of His birth by counting backward thirty years from those same Jubilee comments, as well as counting forward now from the Seventy Weeks Prophecy to His ministry (and backward three Passovers to His birth.

This latest chapter in my series is about Yeshua’s first coming: The day He was born, after that, the day the Magi came, and even what He did the day He turned thirty. This is sort of a “collaborative” effort (the others just don’t know about it). It’s based on connecting the dots that others found in a different way, other than the new aspect of the exit from Eden! You just need to follow the many “breadcrumb trails” (links). I never felt certain about any one particular presumed October Feast date as being His birthday, I just assumed that one of them had to be. Frankly, I didn’t think His birth date could even be proven outside of assigning symbolisms.

I did give up Christmas as a child, because like the Santa Claus myth, I had proved that the date and all of the customs originated in paganism (what kid reads the Encyclopedia Americana anyway?), tho my parents really didn’t tolerate my entirely boycotting Christmas.

This revision has a one year earlier “end date” than last month, since I’m virtually certain now that 3974 BC is the starting date for humanity after the “fall of Adam and Eve”. Originally I only held out as a possibility the next millennium beginning on Aviv (Nisan) 1, 2027 AD (Thursday, April 8), New Year’s Day, (not the end of “the world” or “time”). I now believe that the next millennium will be preceded by the last shemitah (seven year period: years 5993-5999th) beginning on Aviv 1, (Thursday, March 26, 2020) the Biblical New Year’s Day—“the beginning of sorrows” of Matthew 24. I determined this by counting forwards from the traditional 457 BC Edict to the immersion of the Messiah (27 AD), but not from his birth (3 BC) or death (30 AD), to see if there was sufficient evidence to clarify which year the Messiah is considered the Messiah—the Annointed:

Luke 4:18 The spirit of Yehovah [God] is on Me, because He has anointed Me to proclaim Good News to the poor.

With His birth now long eliminated from the end point of the seventy weeks by elapsed time (year 1998) and the numbers lining up astonishingly well with 27 AD—that must be when He began His ministry, His anointing—after all anointed is what the word Messiah means!

As is often the case I stumbled onto the late Ernest Martin’s website. He had looked into that and narrowed down the prospective years of Yeshua’s birth to either 3 BC or 2 BC by carefully reviewing all of the relevant historical data from the amazing writings of Josephus from the first century, and other sources. Ernest Martin’s entire book on the subject is in audio form on his website. But Earnest’s prospective birth month coincides with the more modern erroneous New Year’s day of the seventh month-Tishri—September 11, 3 BC—The Feast of Trumpets—rather than the actual New Year’s date of Nisan 1 (Aviv 1); a practice adopted during the Babylonian captivity from their calendar (the entire world was on 360 day lunar calendars then). So I wanted to check out the day and month elsewhere. Since the 1960’s I too believed that it had to be one of the fall Feast Days, likely Trumpets (I was even attending the same corporate circus church Ernest Martin was in for a while, before he quit.) There are proponents for most of the fall Feast days. Since April this year I had been thinking about the Tribulation period having to begin on the Aviv 1 of a Biblical year, similar to how Yeshua was buried precisely at sunset on Passover, so as to be in the grave for precisely three days and three nights. So I was intrigued with the two year range, but not his conclusion on the day or month! [From Ernest Martin’s website: Ussher or Thiele or Young]

But until December 2019 I never in my wildest dreams thought that Yeshua could have been born on the Biblical “New Year’s Day”, Aviv 1 (Nisan 1), until I watched this from Jonathan Cahn! It is essential to see it to get a running start on what I’m about to explain! (Later, you might also watch him here for even more details).

But Jonathan uses 6 BC as the year of His birth, based on a significant astronomical event that year. But after some checking I saw that his chosen date was very interesting from an astronomical perspective, but that it’s way too soon. And his Shemitah book was fascinating too, but the Jubilee year to follow that Shemitah, according to Jonathan was to be September 23, 2015. If you are fully expecting the Messiah to return triumphantly on a Jubilee riding a white horse as I do, then using his timetable for that Jubilee (and I would add the seventh Millennium) would begin no sooner than 2065!) I can’t help but suspect that the precise dates that Jonathan comes up with on the flawed modern (4th century Hillel 2) Jewish calendar are being used by Yehovah to get modern Judah’s attention about the coming second holocaust!

I found someone who actually mentioned the dates I’m advocating! “Calculated Dates for the Births of John the Baptist and Jesus:

“In 4 BC (Jesus’ birth is assumed to be in 3 BC from other historical evidence as well as astronomical evidence...Of course, the other possibility is that the date that the angel struck Zechariah and caused him to lose his speech [during the Priestly Order of Abijah] was during Zechariah’s second service term in the second half of the year, rather than during the first term of service in the spring. However, this is unlikely, as it would have caused the birth of John the Baptist to be near mid-September. Consequently, Jesus’ birth would have been in March...”.]

(And only three inches of rain that month would have delighted the shepherds!)

The following ugly chart explains more than a thousand words. The bottom line is that if in the spring of 3974 BC is when Adam and Eve were booted from Eden then April 8, 2020 will start the final shemitah and Jubilee of this age—a horrific time. Column 1 lists BC Jubilee years all the way back to when Adam and Eve were forced out of Eden, and AD dates far out to the end of the first 7000 years. The lists are shortened to mostly Jubilee years that double as 70 year cycles just in case they are also relevant. They are mostly in 350 year increments. The first exception 457 BC, where I simply started with a benchmark known to everyone who has ever looked into much prophetic chronology and counted forwards to the year 27 AD. That works out to Jubilee #80, a benchmark Jubilee year based on the one Yeshua proclaimed Himself in Luke 4—the key to finding Yeshua’s first coming, also counting 30 years back to plot His Birth in 3 BC, and counting forward 2 millennial days to 2027 AD. All other years are divisible by 50 year Jubilees as well as by 70’s, keeping it all on one page. The columns primarily chart every seventh Jubilee. So the year 2027 AD is year 6000, Jubilee #120. Counting from 27 AD to 3974 BC is 4000 years. Counting forward from 27 AD is 2000 years. Twenty more Jubilees take you to 7000 AD.

Chart 7000
Chart 7000

While some Christian “scholars” doubt that there even was a census around 3 BC, Roman and Jewish sources describe it!

Another way to get the year wrong is calculating from the discredited year that Herod died. 4 BC had been the widely accepted date until Earnest Martin largely rattled the Christian world with evidence that Herod died in 1 BC. For brevity (something I’m short of) I’ll stop there.

OK, now I’m going to disagree with everyone’s chronology. Here is Luke 1, abridged to make one simple point:

Luke 1:5 In the time of Herod the king of Judea there was a priest named Zacharias, of the priestly order of the house of Abijah, and his wife was descended from the daughters of Aaron, and her name was Elisabeth...8 But while he was serving as priest during his scheduled order of ministry in Yehovah’s presence, 9 according to the custom of the priesthood, the lot fell to him to burn the incense. So he entered the inner portion of the temple of Yehovah... 13 Yehovah’s Messenger told him, “Don’t be afraid, Zechariah, because your prayer has been heard, and your wife Elisabeth will give you a son, and you’ll name him John...23 When the days of his service were finished, he went home. 24 Soon after this time, his wife Elisabeth became pregnant and remained in seclusion for five months...26 In the sixth month, Yehovah sent the Messenger Gabriel to a town in Galilee called Nazareth, 27 to a virgin engaged to a man named Joseph, a descendant of David. The virgin’s name was Mary. 28 Yehovah’s Messenger came to her and said, “Peace, favored one! Yehovah is with you. You are a very blessed woman.” 29 When she saw him, she was troubled by what he said, and she wondered what this visit meant. 30 The Messenger told her, “Don’t be afraid, Mary, because you have found favor with Yehovah. 31 You’ll conceive and give birth to a Son, and you will name Him Yeshua (Jesus)! —The Gabriel Bible

When does “the sixth month” not refer to a calendar month? When would any event be dated in reference to when someone else became pregnant? Can you think of this ever happening in history? Have you ever phrased anything in that way? At the very least, shouldn’t you at least consider that this is the sixth month of some year, like any other numbered month? Several modern versions (NIV, NLT, GNT, ISV, NET, GWT) actually stuff wording in verse 26 to make it agree with the common wishful assumption!

After seeing this point I decided to see if anyone else had reached the conclusion that “the sixth month” was a normal calendar month, and I found just one; it’s entitled THE SIXTH MONTH. Kenneth reasoned just like I did that this was a specific month, not a reference to a pregnancy. But from there he presumed that Luke was most likely referring to the Syro-Macedonian calendar (essentially the Babylonian Calendar), that approximates the modern Jewish calendar, but with other customized month names:

“There is a high probability that the Annunciation [conception: I had to look it up] in the sixth month is a reference to the sixth lunar month according to Luke’s Syro-Macedonian calendar. In 5 BCE the sixth lunar month of Xanthikos was from March 10 to April 7. The middle of that month was about March 25, 5 BCE, the traditional date for the Annunciation. This was also the day of the Vernal Equinox. The dates of the Vernal Equinox during this period occurred on March 22/23. See USNO link [if they put it back up]. Jerusalem time is 2 hours and 13 minutes earlier.—Conclusion: If Luke was referring to the sixth calendar month, then that month would likely have been the sixth month of his Syro-Macedonian calendar. That month was Xanthikos, and the middle of that month in 5 BCE was March 25. This was also the first day of spring.”

This quote ends up with Yeshua being born around December 25—not somewhere I was looking to go. Surely the Hebrew calendar would work right? August/September conception, May/June birth? No! So at this point, while rechecking everything, I pulled down my entire chapter and killed the links. I threw in the towel. I had lost over 100 hours of research and writing. Then I thought to pray for inspiration. It suddenly dawned on me: Most of the writings of the envoys (apostles) had been considered just personal letters, epistles. Why couldn’t the only non-Israelite Bible writer, other than Job, a Roman citizen writing to a friend named Theophilus, thought to be a Roman official, in all likelihood writing from Rome Italy itself, where his companion Paul, “the apostle to the gentiles” was in prison for two years, and unaware that he was “writing Bible” use a Roman date? [Did I just make a sentence that sounds like Paul?] Of course Paul, before he was executed, along with John eventually realized that a lot of time lay ahead and organized the letters into the book that John named “The Testimony of Yeshua”—not the New Testament, for posterity. John, in his original Aramaic “Book of Revelation” referred to Revelation as a polyglot (meaning he had it translated into multiple languages!) and pronounced a curse on anyone who would mess with the text of his culmination of the Bible (Revelation 22:18-19), ironically most grossly perpetrated in verse 14!

I’m really hesitant to use the Roman calendar: June conception, March birth, but that is the only way I can demonstrate an Aviv 1 birth. Every other scenario has bugs in them somewhere:

Let’s look at the other options: if in Luke 1:26, “the sixth month” is not a numbered month, like well over a hundred months are, but a redundant reference to Elizabeth’s pregnancy, then Luke failed to give Theophilus any clue about the month of the year when either John or Yeshua would be born, it could be any day of the year so far as any Roman was concerned, it would have added nothing relevant to Theophilus. If Luke was referring to the sixth month of the year on the modern Jewish calendar, with years beginning in September/October, (in use since the Jews went into Babylonian captivity and copied their method of starting the year in the seventh lunar month), then Elizabeth was six months pregnant in March/April, and John was born in June/July, and Yeshua would have been born six months later—about the time of the winter solstice, Saturnalia! If in the sixth month, when Yehovah sent the Messenger Gabriel to Mary, that “sixth month” was a reference to the original New Moon/Aviv Biblical calendar, March/April, the first month of spring, then Yeshua would have been born nine months later, around December/January. A leap month would have made it January/February. Note that Mary had immediately become pregnant after the Messenger left (Luke 1:38-42).

If Yeshua was really born on Aviv 1, as I contend, then John would have been born exactly six months earlier, Tishri 1, the Feast of Trumpets. How fitting for the man who was to announce the arrival of the Messiah in the first go around, the Messiah who would return at the blast of “the Great Shofar” (Isaiah 27:12-13) to save His people “one by one” on that same day in a year when “no one knows the day or hour” [minus any “year” comment].

[The “day or hour” reference is a thinly disguised reference to the Feast of Trumpets that begins each year on “The Day That No Man Knows” immediately after the thin crescent of the New Moon is seen in Jerusalem, with the exact “day and hour” annually in question. A select few still anticipate it annually!]

So going back to Jonathan’s prospective year, I looked around to find out what other planetary conjunctions were happening in the nearby time span and found the one in 6 BC, but there were an astonishing eight more related “star events” during 3 BC with the big one on September 11, 3 BC and six more in 2 BC. I happen to believe that the Magi had retained what Daniel had taught them about astronomy and knew where the “star” (planetary alignment) was about to take place, and when, before it even started becoming obvious, and like Ezra, they also knew about the four month journey to Jerusalem (Ezra 7:8-9).

It’s not often that I consider the consensus of early church “fathers” on anything, many of whom were first and second century writers who pointed to 2 BC or 3 BC as Yeshua’s birth year, according to author and historian Cassiodorus Senator (3 BC specifically). Others cite both years: St. Irenaeus of Lyon, St. Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian of Carthage, Julius Africanus, St. Hippolytus of Rome, “Hippolytus of Thebes”, Origen of Alexandria, Eusebius of Caesarea, Epiphanius of Salamis and Orosius. How long have Christians merged the birth date with the day that the Magi showed up? It looks to me like the confusion may have come early on considering how prevalent the notion is. Utilizing both 2 BC and 3 BC as relative satisfies both positions. Yeshua was born in 3 BC on New Year’s day in Bethlehem. Bethlehem is the very place where the Passover lambs were raised for Passover zebakim (sacrifices). And there is only one time of year when shepherds are out with their sheep at night—while sheep are birthing lambs; working as “midwives” around the clock—Passover season. (To be offered at one year of age the next spring.)

I believe that I know why so many Catholic fathers hedged their bets by mentioning two different years as contenders for being Yeshua’s birth year. I surmise they counted backwards 30 years from the end of the 69th week (Yeshua’s immersion) to arrive at Yeshua’s birthday, but there has apparently been a long controversy as to whether or not the starting point might have been 458 BC instead of again 457 BC. Counting from Aviv 1, 457 BC (a 70 year period not on the 70 cycle, Daniel 9:2) terminates in an Aviv 1, 27 AD immersion/baptism date (BC/AD calculator), because there was no 0 year. Counting from 458 BC terminates in a 28 BC immersion/baptism date. The two year spread on the front resulted in a two year spread on the back. But 458 BC would have resulted in a 2019 start for the final eight years. (No zero year is really strange. If Yeshua had really been born in 1 BC, He would have been born before He was born, and if He had been born in 1 AD, He would have been born a year after He was born!)

Counting from Aviv, 27 AD to Aviv 2027 = 2000 years; works for me (don’t count 27 AD again going backward).

It doesn’t seem like it would have been that difficult to determine when Yeshua was born in the first and second century. When I was quite young I remember having religious conversations with both of my grandfathers, and I usually only saw them once a year. I also befriended a WW1 veteran. I asked him about the war, but I could have asked him about his grandfather in the Civil War, about some particular major event to see if he could narrow the date down to two years—basically early or late in the war. If not,surely I could have asked around to find someone who had a sense of history. The same with Yeshua, certainly someone had asked an older relative when the most important person to have ever lived was born and when they died! And I would think they could do better than a two year span.

According to Studies in the Word of God, the invisible conjunction (molad) of the Jewish year 3758 (3 BC) was Saturday, March 16; hour 1909 Roman time. And the (actual) New Year was the next Day, Sunday March 17.

But the absolute only thing online about this date is John the Immerser’s (Baptist’s) birth date! Of course, people don’t often know that a Biblical year (Exodus 12:1-3) starts in Aviv (Nisan), six months earlier rather than in the seventh Hebrew month! (Common knowledge is that John was born six months before Yeshua.)

Incidentally, Yeshua would have been two weeks old at His first Passover. Passover is calculated to be March 29 in 3 BC by the 4th century method, tho the year 3 AD automatically adds a leap month (retroactively figured using adopted Greek calculations) regardless of the state of the barley harvest that requires aviv (ripe) barley to complete the wave sheaf offering, and selects modads (calculated New Moons) without a New Moon necessarily being present; being within a day or two of reality. This would make Him 32 years and 2 weeks old when He was killed, on whatever date Passover actually was. While His ministry spanned three Passovers, spring 27 AD-spring 30 AD, He did not live to see 33 years of age, (now that I know that He was born in the spring). Judaism is actually waiting for the Messiah to return, identify and reestablish the actual New Moon, or for a more reliable Sanhedrin: “Rabbis now know that Hillel's calculations were/are off, sometimes as much as two days, which means the festivals are not celebrated on the correct day. But they have decided to wait until a Sanhedrin is established again to change it.”

Why is it that so many people believe that He was to live exactly thirty three and a half years?

Daniel 9:27 He [the desolator] will make a firm [or strengthen or confirm a] contract [covenant] with many for one septad time period. Then in the middle of the period of seven he [the desolator: Daniel 12:11] will stop the zebakim [sacrifices] and the offerings. The desolator will introduce abominations [or idols] thru a wing of the Temple until the predetermined end time when wrath will be poured out on the awestruck.”

The meaning seems rather obvious to me. This is where the first half of the seven years concept originates, as is commonly accepted, but Yeshua is not going to “introduce abominations”, this is speaking about the Antichrist who will stop the third Temple zebakim [sacrifices] to fulfill the contract (covenant) that he will make with the enemy of the Jews in the spring of 2020, if I have it right, despite all of the balderdash dished out by almost every commentary I’ve seen—until today!

Yet here is an explanation that I just found from a source that I don’t believe I’ve used before, that at least doesn’t confuse Yeshua with the Antichrist; Antiochus is much closer to the mark, the propotype bad guy.

Daniel 9:27 And he shall make a firm covenant with many for one week] Lit. make mighty a covenant. The expression is a peculiar one; but apparently (the Heb. being late) make mighty is used in the weakened sense of make strong or confirm; cf. Psalm 103:11; Psalm 117:2 (where ‘is great’ ought rather to be is mighty: the word is also sometimes rendered prevail, as Genesis 49:26, Psalm 65:3). The subject is naturally the ‘prince’ just named (Daniel 9:26). If the text be sound, the allusion will be to the manner in which Antiochus found apostate Jews ready to cooperate with him in his efforts to extirpate their religion: see on Daniel 11:30; and cf. 1Ma 1:11-15, where, conversely, the Hellenizing Jews say, ‘Let us go and make a covenant with the nations that are round about us.’ and for half of the week he shall cause sacrifice and meal-offering to cease] alluding to the suspension of the Temple services by Antiochus from the 15th of Chisleu, b.c. 168, to the 25th of Chisleu, b.c. 165 (1Ma 1:54; 1Ma 4:52 f: see the note on ch. Daniel 8:14). The ‘half-week’ does not seem to coincide exactly with the three and a half years of Daniel 7:25 and Daniel 12:7; for Daniel 12:11 appears to shew that the suspension of the legitimate services did not precede the erection of the heathen altar on the 15th of Chisleu, b.c. 168; as the reckoning here is by weeks, the half-week is in all probability meant merely as a round fraction for what was strictly a little more than three-sevenths of a ‘week,’ three years and ten days. ‘Sacrifice’ and ‘meal-offering’ are mentioned as representing sacrifices generally: cf. 1 Samuel 2:29; 1 Samuel 3:14, Amos 5:25, Isaiah 19:21. The ‘meal-offering’ (min?âh) was properly the accompaniment of the burnt-offering, and, as such, offered daily: see Exodus 29:40-41. The word might, however, be used in its more general sense, and signify ‘offering’ or ‘oblation’ generally (1 Samuel 2:17; 1 Samuel 26:19). and upon the wing of abominations (shall be) a desolator] or better (cf. on Daniel 8:13 and Daniel 11:31) one that causeth appalment: in contrast to Jehovah, who rides upon the cherub (Psalm 18:10), the heathen foe will come against the sanctuary, riding upon a winged creature, which is the personification of the forces and practices of heathenism[340]. ‘Abomination’ (shi??û?) is often used as a contemptuous designation of a heathen god or idol, or an object connected with idolatrous rites: see e.g. Deuteronomy 29:17; 1 Kings 11:5; 1 Kings 11:7; Jeremiah 7:30. It would be better rendered—for the sake of distinction from tô‘çbâh, also ‘abomination’—detestation or detestable thing (as it is actually rendered in A.V. when it occurs by the side of tô‘çbâh, Ezekiel 5:11; Ezekiel 7:20; Ezekiel 11:18; Ezekiel 11:21); but ‘abomination’ is, through the N.T. (Matthew 24:15; Mark 13:14), so inseparably connected with the Book of Daniel, that the time-honoured rendering may be left undisturbed. —Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges

Same idea—different villain. But Cambridge readily acknowledges that the scenario “does not seem to coincide exactly with the three and a half years of Daniel 7:25...”. Why is that: Because Antiochus was only the prototype of the Abominator very soon to come, likely on Aviv 1, 2020!

Interestingly, could that 3 years and 10 days have a parallel to anything concerning Yeshua and His being the Lamb? After all, that is the topic:

Exodus 12:3 Announce to the entire congregation of Israel: On the tenth day of this month [the first month], every man must select a lamb, within theirtribal’ households, a lamb for each [often extended] household.

In 30 AD, on the 10th day of Aviv (Nisan), as evidenced by the Jewish Babylonian Talmud!, Yeshua triumphantly rode into Jerusalem—He was the Lamb to be killed as the Passover! This was 3 years and 10 days into His ministry! Now skip down three verses:

Exodus 12:6 You must keep him until the fourteenth day of this month, when the entire congregation of the congregation of Israel will kill him in the 'afternoon' [ie between the evenings].

The Bottom Line

So here is a time line that seems to meet all of the relevant criteria: I suggest a year from Daniel’s countdown that works—3 BC, and a day that seems right for His birth, Aviv 1, and I happen to surmise that His birth was punctual to the minute; that He was the firstborn of the year 3 BC! Keep in mind that Yeshua was born long before the Magi showed up to visit the young child, no longer an infant:

Matthew 2:7-8 Then Herod privately called for the Magi and determined from them precisely when the star had appeared to them. 8 Then he sent them to Bethlehem, adding, “Go and search carefully for the Child, and when you have found Him, come and tell me so that I can also come and pay Him homage.”

So why couldn’t Yeshua have been born a year later, on Aviv 1, 2 BC, Biblical New Year’s Day? For one thing, Yeshua would be a year shy of 30 when He started His ministry in 27 AD.

The Magi were aware of the coming planetary alignment and the very year it would happen, and the coming astronomical events soon to be visible in Babylon, and were called in to inform Herod. Who better to have explained the prophecy in Daniel 9 long before to an earlier generation of Magi than Daniel, during the 70 years of exile in Babylon? For all practical purposes he was the king of Babylon!

Of course the Magi never went home to their despot to inform him.

That Feast of Trumpets is when Yeshua was first recognized by the Magi—highly influential individuals in the ancient world. They presented the Child king with gold, frankincense and myrrh. When King Yeshua returns to Jerusalem (on yet another Feast of Trumpets) and makes it His world capitol, the Israelite residents will be given the gold and frankincense, and the Israelites will be recognized as His first nation! So if Yeshua uses His calendar (and He’s not waiting for someone else to return) He may be distributing your “gold and frankincense”. Here are some of the the things that will become apparent:

Isaiah 60:6-21 Vast caravans of camels will cover your land, the dromedaries of Midian and Ephah. All the people from Sheba will come bringing gold and frankincense and proclaiming the praises of Yehovah...11 Your gates will always be open, they’ll never be shut, day or night, so people can bring you the wealth of the nations, with their kings being led in procession...12 Any nation and kingdom that won’t serve you will be destroyed; those nations will be completely wasted...14 The descendants of those who oppressed you will come bowing to you, and everyone who despised you will bow down at your feet, and they’ll call you ‘The City of Yehovah’ and ‘The Zion of the Kadosh One of Israel’”...20 Your sun will no longer set, and your moon will no longer wane, because you will have Yehovah as your everlasting light, and the days of your mourning will be over. 21 Your people will all be righteous, they’ll inherit the land forever, a shoot that I planted, the work of My hands bringing about My splendor.

This was just a tiny sample of what will happen when the real restoration of Israel occurs; don’t believe all of the 1948 explanations! How Much Prophecy Was Really Fulfilled in 1948?

I just happened to order some frankincense about a week ago for my wife’s arthritis. I’m an amateur herbalist. You’re probably wondering “OK, gold and frankincense, so where’s the myrrh?” “Myrrh is a pungent/astringent aromatic herb...Myrrh symbolizes suffering and was one of the three gifts offered to the baby Jesus by the three wise men (Matthew 2:11)...Myrrh comes from a spiny deciduous thorny tree or shrub which grows as thickets to the height of 15 feet in desert regions... Jesus was offered “wine mingled with myrrh” when he was crucified—perhaps as a kindness to ease the pain, though it was done in a mocking manner (Mark 15:23.) Myrrh and aloes (which is actually in the Coral Bell family) were brought by Nicodemus from Jesus’ burial (John 19:39)”

So we can scratch the myrrh from any future celebrations.

In this unique scenario the Magi showed up in time to see the grand finale ‘star event’: “3 BC September 11: Jupiter joined Regulus, chief star in the constellation of Leo, the Lion – Royal Planet and Royal Star. Regulus is situated between the feet of Leo. The Sun was in Virgo (Virgin Constellation) and the New Moon in the Royal Constellation Leo (Judah). First day of Jewish New Year (Tishri 1) [The Feast of Trumpets]. After this 1st conjunction Jupiter continued on its normal course in the heavens. In Jerusalem on September 11, 3 BC, sunset was at 6:18 pm and moonset at 7:39 pm... [This was visible for an] 81 minute span of time between 6:18 pm and 7:39 pm. In Gematria 81 = Holy Angels.”

The Feast of Trumpets, the first day of the seventh Biblical month, always exactly six months after the new year, is a very significant event on Yehovah’s calendar. In the end, Yeshua will show up during the Jubilee year on this very date to be seen, not by visiting Magi, but by the entire world.

So let’s contrast the Feast of Trumpets when the Magi showed up to the next prophetically significant Feast of Trumpets—when Yeshua returns to Earth:

Zechariah 14:3-4,16 Then Yehovah [the Son!] will go out and wage war against those nations, as He previously fought in battle! 4 And when this day arrives, His [Yeshua’s (Jesus’s)] feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem. And the Mount of Olives will be split in two from east to west, forming a very large valley, [His Father is on Mt. Zion, Isaiah 10:12] so that half of the mountain will move toward the north and the other half toward the south...16 Then everyone who is left behind [survivors] from all the nations that came against Jerusalem will go up from year to year to worship Commander Yehovah and celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles.

The 70 Weeks Prophecy

Anyone familiar with the 70 weeks prophecy is familiar with a proclamation given by Artaxerxes starting a 490 year long countdown to the first coming of the Messiah. While some people might advocate that the relevant date for the prophecy is one of Artaxerxes other proclamation dates, most people running the numbers rightfully see The Beginning of the 490 years: 457 BC, the Hebrew year spanning about March/April 457 BC to March/April 458 BC, Roman time. (BC/AD calculator) As this link explains “The beginning point for the ‘seventy weeks’, according to the historical-Messianic interpretation, is the ‘going forth of the word to restore and to build Jerusalem’ (Daniel 9:25). The [first] 69 weeks or 483 years, takes us to the anointing of Messiah the Prince, at His baptism in 27 A.D. in the 15th year of the Roman emperor Tiberius (Luke 3:5).”

Why 70 weeks? I stumbled onto this. David used to by my pastor about 40 years ago.

While this edict for Jerusalem is easily established as the countdown to the Messiah, and most commentators see it, the arithmetic people use going from this date forward needs to be a little more wonky! The famous Isaac Newton, who spent more time with the Bible than he did with falling apples was perhaps the first person known to simply try to chart out the weeks. He tried using 360 day long years, a fascinating topic, but it didn’t work to determine the date when the Messiah would first appear publicly, or when He would die (Newton’s assumed end point) that he believed the prophecy was meant to do. So Isaac figured it was ballpark-right and attempted to pick a nearby year when Passover was on a Friday as the solution, but that only eliminated the correct year because Yeshua was actually crucified on a Wednesday. (Newton also theorized a 4.5 year ministry, trying to end the 70th year.) He and others also have tried to determine which Passover He was killed on by using the fourth century mathematically calculated Hillel 2 calendar retroactively. But in the first century the Jews were sighting the actual New Moon and checking for the necessary new crop of barley for the associated Wave sheaf Day for their “calendar”, to determine when the year was to start. That is easily proven in the Encyclopedia Judaica.

At this point I’d like to recommend that if you aren’t well acquainted with the Daniel 9 prophecy that you begin by listening to a terrific and popular story teller, Jonathan Cahn on the very important topic of the Seventy Weeks. It directly relates to the exact date when Yeshua began His ministry, the exact date He was crucified, the exact date when He will return again, and it’s a benchmark in plotting dates for other end time events including when the everlasting kingdom begins! Jonathan makes a lot of important points, seldom if ever heard. Even tho I disagree with a lot of his conclusions, he is still absolutely inspiring!

I would like to make some disclaimer remarks tho, in advance. Jonathan believes that 2015/16 [or 2016/17?] was a Jubilee year. I very strongly believe that the actual Jubilee year, the 120th since Adam (120 X 50=6,000 years) will be the most significant year in world history. Yeshua died in order to effectuate an everlasting kingdom and be able to resurrect His followers into it, within the New Jerusalem and on the New Earth. So we disagree on when a months starts, when a year starts, when the shemitah starts, when the Jubilee year starts... century and millennium. But I do agree with the Karaite Jew Nehemia Gordon on days and months; I learned about the fine points of it from him.

I also disagree with Jonathan Cahn on the tradition that the western (wailing) wall is any part of the Temple:

Matthew 24:1-2 As Yeshua left the Temple and was going on His way, His disciples approached Him and acknowledged the wonder of the Temple buildings. 2 He told them, “Do you see all of these? I assure you not one stone here will be left on another that isn’t demolished.

That wall is actually part of the Roman Fort Antonia that was used to “monitor” the Jews! So the Dome of the Rock is not in the way of the coming Temple. I expect it to still be there when the zebakim [sacrifices] begin their three and a half year stint, kicking off the postponed seventieth week (final seven shemitah years) of Daniel 9 on a New Years day (likely 2020 AD).

Some people teach that Yeshua fulfilled half of week seventy during His earthly ministry. They don’t see two three and a half years periods back to back forming the final shemitah cycle before the Jubilee.

[To see absolute concrete proof from ancient Jewish records that the calendar in use in the time of Yeshua was not being determined by calculations, and that it can not be counted on to work retroactively, see Frank Nelte’s extensive evidence. (Note that he does not factor in the 457 BC decree, because he assumes that 6,000 years counting from Yeshua’s BIRTH {not His immersion/baptism} puts us past any usable information.) I met Frank at a mutual friend’s house in Dayton Ohio shortly after he wrote this bombshell article in 1998. (Since then he also has opted for equinox determinations rarher than barley.) It was apparent even then that Yeshua’s birth date did not work with the 70 weeks prophecy.]

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, had the Jews accepted Yeshua, the seventieth week of the seventy would not have been postponed and things could have worked out far differently. The Jews had a real opportunity to accept Yeshua, it’s called free moral agency, and Yeshua was deeply disappointed that they refused Him. Had it been a sure tragedy all along He wouldn’t have bothered sending all of those prophets!

Matthew 23:37 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who murder the prophets and stone those who have been sent to you. How often I wanted to gather your children like a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you refused! 38 Now your house [the temple] is left abandoned! 39 I assure you that you won’t see Me again until you say, ‘Blessed is the One who comes in the name of Yehovah.’” [5]

[5] By the time the Great Tribulation is over, the Jews will be ready to greet Yeshua! Zechariah 12:9-12

Also Jonathan teaches that Yeshua was born in 6 BC, but that He was crucified in 30 AD, which would make Him 32 years old when He began His ministry, rather than in His 30th year. (Luke 3:23) which would make Him 35 years old when He died. A point I don’t think he would try to defend.

The modern Jewish calendar that He uses puts year 6000 AD out into the future over two centuries. Have you seen any real news lately? And it uses the seventh month of the year as New years Day—a tradition they picked up in Babylon in captivity. But surprisingly Jonathan INDIRECTLY convinced me that Yeshua was born on the real first day of the year: Aviv 1 (Nisan 1, 3 BC the pagan name), that resulted in my writing all of this. That worked out to be March 16th in 3 BC, tho the real Biblical New Year date differs from the Roman date every year.

Let’s double check Yeshua’s 32 year lifespan, based on retro-calculating the fourth century Jewish calendar (since actual visible sighted New Moon dates may not even be available), that quite often has a different leap month (not a leap year as on the Roman calendar) than the Aviv/visible New Moon calendar used before the fourth century calculated calendar. So in verifying we can expect a likely one month difference and change between the calendars. A March 17, 3 BC (calculated) New Years day thru a (calculated) Passover of 30 AD, on this Online Calculator results in Him being about 32 years old on the roman calendar.

Now let’s double check Yeshua’s Aviv 1 (New Years Day) ministry (beginning with Satan challenging Him in Luke 4) counting from the March 17, 457 BC (New Years Day: Ezra 7:9-13) Edict. April 25, 27 AD is the calculated Passover Date. Counting backward 14 days from Passover we arrive at the New Years Date of April 11, 27 AD. To fulfill the 69 “weeks” that virtually everyone acknowledges, we need it to be approximately 483 years plus maybe that leap month. When the historical records are accurate it should never vary much more than a month (on the Roman calendar when a leap month might be added) and very frequently the calendars arrive at the same day (differing only by the difference between the estimated/calculated New Moon and the actual sighted New Moon, and of course their trumped up date postponements for convenience). Using the BC/AD calculator puts it at 483 years one month and 8 days. Nuff said.

The order of events just Prior to the day Yeshua’s ministry began: Yeshua is immersed (baptized) Matthew 3:13-17; Yeshua is tempted by Satan: Matthew 4:1-11; Yeshua begins His ministry: Matthew 4:12-17. If He began His ministry at exactly 30 years of age, and why wouldn’t He have, it would be New Years Day.

With these considerations in mind, I searched the entire Bible for the other first day of the year verses, “New Year’s Day” events, and found out that it’s “a thing”. I’m pretty sure that special events are more likely to happen on Biblical New Year’s Day than any Feast Day:

Genesis 8:13 Then in the six hundred first year, in the first month, the first day of the month, the water was dried up from the earth. Noah removed the covering of the ark, and looked. He saw that the surface of the ground was dried.

Exodus 40:2 “On the first day of the month [New Moon day] of the new year you are to set up the Tabernacle (the Tabernacle of the Congregation).

Exodus 40:17 Then on the first month of the second year, on the first day of the month, the Tabernacle was raised up.

Ezekiel 26:1 In the eleventh year [of Jehoiachin’s captivity?], on the first day of the month, [1] the Word of Yehovah came to me. He said:

[1] “Here the number of the month is not given in the Hebrew or the Vulgate, while the LXX. inserts the ‘first month.’ In Ezekiel 32:17 we have a like omission, and in both cases it is natural to assume an error of transcription.—Pulpit Commentary

This one is interesting because the last nine chapters of Ezekiel concern the millennial Temple:

Ezekiel 45:18-19 The Sovereign Yehovah says: On the first day of the first month you must take a young unblemished bull and purify the Kadosh Place. 19 The priest will take some of the blood from the sin offering and put it on the doorposts of the 'Temple', on the four corners of the ledge of the altar and on the gateposts of the inner courtyard.

This Date is Very Important

Without necessarily converting this date into a dying generic Roman calendar day, note that when Ezra got his hands on the edict he headed for Jerusalem on New Years Day! How fast do you suppose he was making tracks once he got his copy of the sealed document giving him legal possession of Jerusalem? While Abraham waited all the way until early in the morning upon instruction to offer up his son—horrible news, I’m sure Ezra and company had bug-out-wagons ready to go on a moments notice, after all he was anticipating that trip! The ink was still wet!

Ezra 7:9-11 Now after these things, during the reign of Artaxerxes king of Persia, Ezra son of Seraiah... 9 He had arranged to leave Babylon and on the first day of the first month, [Aviv 1, 457 BC], and he arrived in Jerusalem on the first day of the fifth month, because the good hand of his Elohim was on him. 10 Ezra was determined to seek the Torah of Yehovah, and to practice it, and to teach statutes and ordinances in Israel. 11 Now this is the copy of the letter that King Artaxerxes gave to Ezra the priest, a scribe with a thoro knowledge in matters of the Commandments of Yehovah, and His statutes for Israel...

Such date specificity is indicative of valuable information!

So the edict was signed on New Years Day, and thanks to Jonathan Cahn, I know that Yeshua entered the world on New Years Day, and Yeshua obviously didn’t waste a day initiating what He was born to do the very day He was of legal age, 30 years old in 27 AD.

Knowing that there is a final 70th “week”, with seven years left following the first 69 weeks of years already accounted for in 27 AD, and knowing that Yeshua was cut-off before He could fulfill any of the week—postponing the final seven years; and understanding that there is a 7,000 year long “week” of creation; putting all of the pieces together, it should be apparent that we are dangerously close to the end of this age. But really, all you need to do is watch what not so civil-ization is up to estimate closely and know that nothing can stop the snowball that’s rolling down the mountain now. Satan can’t manage to exterminate all of humanity in seven years, and tho he would like to have a little more time, Yehoval will “cut short” (limit) his time to seven years

Counting forward from the real New Year’s Day—457 with the clock starting in 457 BC, and and adding 2,000 years (2 millennial days) from the day Yeshua turned 30 in 27 AD; brings us to the final Jubilee year of this millennium that starts on Thursday, 4-8-2027 (possibly the next day: difficult moon sighting) and ends on Monday, 3-27-2028. So the sixth millennium ends at sundown Monday, 3-27-2028 and the 7th millennium, the millennial Sabbath, begins Tuesday, 3-28-2028, with all of the end of the age prophecy fulfilled! (Again using today’s Roman calenday.) Oh and the epic Feast of Trumpets would be Saturday, October 2, 2027, or is it the day before?

But there are two more important dates that I’d like to pinpoint and explain how I determined them: First, when does the 70th week start; the 7 year span that includes both 3 1/2 year periods; the beginning of sorrows (Matthew 24:1-14) and the Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:15-51) By subtracting the 7th 7 year shemitah cycle lasting from Thursday, 3-26-2020, and ending on Wednesday, 4-7-2027, and subtracting what I call “The Year of Payback” (Isaiah 34): Thursday, 4-8-2027 (or the next day with a difficult moon to spot) thru Tuesday 3-28-2028, the Day of the Lord Yehovah (and Jubilee), lands us at New Years Day Aviv 1, Thursday, 3-26-2020. I expect that this will be a very bad day; a day that virtually no one will be aware of in advance! It is day #1 of an exact Biblical seven years—Week!

There is one more date that needs to be mentioned. It’s the day when Yeshua returns to the Mount of Olives. But I’m not exactly sure which date it is because, No one knows when that day or hour will come—not the angels in heaven, not the Son, but only the Father (Mark 13:32—ISV). You see, the The United States Naval Observatory (USNO) can usually determine within about a minute when an actual New Moon can be sighted in Israel, but in 2027 it’s too close to call! It could be Sabbath, 9-2-2027, but it might be the next day, because it will be a difficult New Moon to see that month. The uninformed think Yeshua was hiding the time of His return, when in reality He was saying that He was returning on the Feast of Trumpets! It’s the only Feast of the seven that can sneek up on us, and in this century, thanks to the USNO, He even eliminated many prospective years because they are no longer in question!

If you are unfamiliar with the exact 7,000 year long plan for humanity (6,000 + 1,000), I would encourage you to investigate it. I just now entered “6,000 year week millennium” into my favorite search engine: duckduckgo.com, and read many of the results. I found a lot of good information, but none I would really endorse due to there being too many various related conclusions and rabbit trails that I spend time denouncing on this site! When I got to Does God Have a 6,000 Year Plan? I looked no further, after all “better the preacher you know, than the preacher you don’t”. While this article doesn’t advocate any particular date for beginning of the next millennium, it does consider a lot of theories. However the evidence for am extremely long lived and endorsed history of the subject is made very compelling on this link, and without a lot of rabbit trails. My topical searches do take me to this site frequently, but not by design. The cogwriter is quite prolific. He and I spent many years in the same corporate organization before it collapsed under the heavy weight of Nicolaitan hierarchy late in the last century. He now has his own splinter version of Herbert Armstrong’s legacy, a legacy I love and hate. It is an improvement, one of the better of many splinter groups, but I am assuredly not welcome in any of them. There is one quote I particularly liked:

“However, it should also be mentioned that in the 21st century, Dr. Hoeh told someone I was consulting with (the late R.C. Meredith) that he felt that because of the overlap of reigns of the kings, the 6000 years may not be up until 2028.”

Great quote! I knew them both, particularly Rod Meredith. I even started a “franchise” under him in 1993, and was welcome in that corporate circus church for seven years, until news leaked that I held a different viewpoint about the Jewish calendar.

Switching gears: of the thousands of outgoing links on my website I have only linked to a Seventh Day Adventist’s perspective once before. But Angel Manuel Rodríguez convincingly explained the 457 BC starting point. Yet surprisingly the punch line is missing—what to do with the weeks? So I pulled up another Adventist’s conclusion and just read his:


“When the correct procedures described above are carried out, it can be seen that the prophecy of the 69 weeks, or the 483 full historical years of Daniel 9, culminates in A.D. 27. The final question of this study is, What do the words “unto Messiah the Prince” mean? They should indicate the time for the coming of the Messiah. It should be noted carefully what a Messiah is. According to its verbal root, Messiah means an anointed one. Thus the Messiah is one who is anointed. Before that anointing the person involved was not fully the Messiah yet. Thus we are not talking here about the time of the Messiah’s birth or the time of His death; we are talking about the time when He would appear as the Messiah. There is one person and one only who fulfills this requirement, and that is the one who was anointed as the Messiah in A.D. 27—Jesus of Nazareth. His anointing at the Jordan River, by both John the Baptist and His heavenly Father, took place in the fifteenth year of Tiberius Caesar according to Luke 3:1, 21, 22. While there are other possible ways of reckoning this regnal year of Tiberius,[24] it certainly is a reasonable and standard procedure accepted by many commentators, chronographers, and historians to reckon it from A.D. 12 [?]. Utilizing that procedure and starting from the beginning point established above in 457 B.C. leads us to one specific individual as the Messiah of this prophecy-Jesus Christ. In other words, the establishment of 457 B.C. as the starting point of the 70-week prophecy of Daniel 9 is one of the strongest indicators among the Messianic prophecies of the Old Testament that Jesus truly was all that He claimed to be.”

I have been struggling with a possible one year error in the historical data for a long time. We are down to the wire on the end time events. And as I now see it, considering my findings on the year 3974 BC, I believe that “the beginning of sorrows” described in Matthew 24 will kick in on Aviv 1, (Thursday, March 26, 2020) New Year’s Day in just over 2 months from the time I’m updating this chapter! It just so happens that in both 2027 and 2028, the Feast of Trumpets could come as a thief in the night, unlike 2026, 2029 and 2030. And I was leaning toward the next presidential election precipitating a global economic and political tailspin starting in March of 2021. But after day and night reconsideration for the last few weeks I don’t see having that extra year. But relax, I believe we have another couple of months :)

[1-13-2020: I was talking with a friend who I have spoken with more than any friend this century a couple of hours ago, tho we’ve never lived anywhere very close. He asked me how old I thought Adam and Eve were when they got booted from Eden. I told him that I figured that they would have been 30 years old before they were tested by Satan, just like Yeshua was. He said that they had an edge because they personally knew Yehovah and learned from Him and didn’t need 30 years. I should have replied that they didn’t have an edge over Yeshua and He waited 30 years. There are several other 30 year benchmarks in the Bible. This was the first list on my search just now. We didn’t agree. So after we hung up I thought to myself what would 30 years do to 3974 BC? At first I counted to 30 the wrong way, oops. Then I counted by 10’s backwards to 4004 BC! (Steven Collins) That is exactly the year that James Ussher had come up with for creation week in the 17th century, (tho he figured it happened in the seventh month). I was surprised since genealogies have nothing to do with what I am looking into, and everything to do with what James had calculated. Of course he had assumed that 6000 years from 4004 BC would be the time of Yeshua’s birth and by extension the end of the age in 1997 AD. But the time in Eden was not part of the count, or the count would be over. So as a double check, I again checked with the BC to AD calculator. 4004 BC thru 27 AD using March 26th as the day and month (as a random example of the Biblical New Years Day, as in 2020), and it came out as 4,030 years +0 months +0 days: four millennial days plus the 30 years before the time clock started. Add 2000 years: Jubilee 2027. Neat! The first “man Adam” and the second “man Adam” both came of age at 30! (1 Corinthians 15:45]

Frank Nelte, mentioned above, thinks the data about the 70th week could be off by one year, and I haven’t been willing to rule that out entirely (until last month), but I do see a problem with the astronomical calculations that seemingly affects dates up to at least a few days. Here is how I viewed the year that Yeshua was crucified until last month. I believed that Yeshua had to have been crucified in 31 AD because that year appears to prove the Wednesday crucifixion (and I still believe it was a Wednesday, but it’s cheating to use Hillel 2’s 4th century calendar for determining 1st century dates anyway) but I can’t see advancing a whole year beyond what TWO SPECIFIC signs of His coming were:

Matthew 12:40 Just as Jonah was in the belly of the great fish for three days and three nights, in the same manner, the Human Son will be in the inner part of the earth for three days and three nights.

Friday evening to Sunday morning can’t possibly fit that criteria.

AND the 457 BC decree that was specifically given to pinpoint Yeshua’s coming. So I won’t let even a retro figured astronomical date override one of these Biblical benchmarks.

In Daniel 9:21 The Messenger (Angel) Gabriel showed up in person to aid Daniel with precise end-time chronology about Messiah’s coming, and in Daniel 10:13 the Messenger Michael did essentially the same thing!

Here is how another Church of God figures the chronology in exacting detail in a large two part article. It would be better if they understood that Yeshua didn’t eat that last Passover—He was the Passover, and of paramount importance, His Last Supper was done on Preparation Day to prepare His disciples for the fatal event that even they just couldn’t comprehend until they saw it. Nor do many of the Churches of God realize that the Passover was killed on the 14th of Aviv (Nisan), but eaten on Aviv 15.

So here is how Frank Nelte explained the paradox in 1998:

This creates a conflict situation. The historical evidence points to a specific year, while the astronomical evidence points to a specific day. If the astronomical data is correct, then it implies that the historical evidence, coming from different sources, is in some way flawed. But if the historical evidence is correct, then it implies that the astronomical evidence is flawed.

I understand that the astronomical data is supposed to be above question. But it also is based on certain assumptions, the main one being that present conditions can be extrapolated backwards for 2000 years without any danger of making mistakes, because nothing has supposedly changed during that period of time.

I am convinced that there were major changes, from the viewpoint of astronomy, between the time of Moses and the time of the destruction of Jerusalem almost 900 years later. Those changes astronomers are not really able to pinpoint. While I have no evidence of any kind for this, I see no reason why there could not also have been some changes in the heavens in the almost 2000 years now since the time of Christ’s ministry. It is not that I wish to imply such changes, not at all. But at the same time I believe I should be open to the possibility of God perhaps also having intervened in the movements of the heavenly bodies during these past 2000 years? If that were the case, then it would imply that our extrapolated New Moon data for 2000 years ago is also incorrect.

[New Link: Here are 100+ quotes from “Worlds in Collision by Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky” (not an endorsement of the entire article) about those “major changes” in astronomy and exactly 30 day long months.]

At the same time I am also open to the possibility of some flaw in the historical data I have examined, and the astronomical data being correct. So while I tend to feel that the historical data, from different sources, all points to a 30 A.D. crucifixion date, that may be incorrect, and 31 A.D. may turn out to have been the year of the crucifixion?

I can see the possibility that I could join the long list of people who have miscalculated the end. Often their predictions have been based on the weirdest of reasonings, like when their church came into existence or even how they could make some quick money. But I don’t belong to a church and I’m not asking for money. I’d rather chance looking silly than chance not sounding a shofar (Ezekiel 33:3-6). At the very least I am convinced that some tweeking of the facts presented here will prove valuable. And I am not letting this dramatically affect the timing of my life choices.

But Catholics can relax, if Jerome had it right, my count will be two years early on the coming Jubilee:

The indicated jubilee chronology (as diagrammed above) generally agrees with records left by the earliest among the Christian historians. In example, a passage from 'The Chronicle of St. Jerome' does show that a "jubilee according to the Hebrews" was acknowledged in the 2nd year of Probus (when Anatolius was bishop of Laodicea). This specific reference points to the possibility that a jubilee year was then specially memorialized among at least a segment of period Christians and Hebrews (those contempory with the 3rd century CE)”:

A 71st Hebrew Jubilee is listed (572 BCE)
An 81st Hebrew Jubilee is listed (29 CE)
An 86th Hebrew Jubilee is listed (279 CE) [Jumping ahead 35 Jubilees (1,750 years) = 2029 AD]

(Paragraph clarified 1-10-20) If we are to have literal 360 day years in these final years, then I would expect another “Worlds in Collision” event, like the one seven centuries BC to occur on March 26th, 2020. Your Roman calendar wouldn’t really be much good after that; those days would be ballpark. What a sign in the sky that would be. (For Daniel’s 1260, 1290 and 1335 day counts to work, months will have to be exactly 30 days. But if using present day years, three and a half years later, after the passage of 42 months (Revelation 11:2), the transition from the “Beginning of Sorrows” to the “Great Tribulation” would take place, and the “two witnesses” will prophesy for about 1,260 days (verse 3). 42 months later would put us at about Saturday, September 16, 2023; but it might be around Sunday, September 17, 2023 since for at least now the first crescent New Moon is slated to be difficult to predict. But whenever that New moon shows up it will be the first day of the seventh month—The Feast of Trumpets! Another “no man knows the day or hour” year. (For the numbers to really work out right I think we need that 360 day year to start almost immediately.) Otherwise exactly three and a half (Roman) years later would be New Years Day, Aviv 1, Tuesday, April 8, 2027, but it might be Wednesday, you know the drill. But few people will be celebrating this New Years Day, because it will begin the Year long Day of the Lord Yehovah, an amazing Jubilee:

Amos 5:18-20 It will be dreadful for those who long for the Day of Yehovah! Why would you want to bring on the Day of Yehovah? It is darkness, not light. 19 It’s as if a man runs from a lion only to meet up with a bear, or he goes home and rests his hand against a wall and a snake bites him. 20 Won’t the Day of Yehovah be darkness, not light? Pitch dark with no trace of light?

Isaiah 34:8 Yehovah has a Time of Vengeance, a Year of Payback settling the dispute over Zion.

1-21-2020: I expect a marked increase in Matthew 24:1-12 type events beginning on March 26, 2020. Not seemingly the of the “Man of Sin”, “Lawless One”, “Little Horn”, “King of the North”, “Coming Prince”“COMMENT” “Man of Sin”, “Lawless One”, “Little Horn”, “King of the North”, “Coming Prince”“the Beast”and at first, but a hero making a “contract with many” (Daniel 9:27, Revelation 17:12-17), that includes a “middle east peace” deal allowing the Jews to begin their long awaited zebakim [sacrifices]; not WW3 right away; but maybe a stock market crash worse than 1929 and civil wars. But after another 3.5 years we should expect WW3 or an EMP, natural or otherwise, and expect this newest king in Europe (the latest Antichrist) by the first day of the seventh Biblical New Moon of 2023 (Scroll to “SECOND EDITION”) to fully show his intents, but not as a peacemaker; another war to end all wars! And I don’t expect for the USA to survive this as a super power. The counterfeit Messiah will be so convincing that he will perhaps be able to “mislead even the select” (commandment keepers)! (Matthew 24:24)

More thoughts on “No man knows the day or hour”. It’s almost a riddle. Yeshua pinpointed His return to be on the Feast of Trumpets within two days, rather than hiding the day. Under normal circumstances, at this point in history, we can determine to the very minute when the sun sets (and the new day begins) for any given day in the future anywhere on earth with a little work. But if you believe in a 6,000 year plan and Daniel and Revelation, then it shouldn’t be much trouble to establish the year of Yeshua’s return at least by three years in advance, the day within a day, as well as any hour within minutes:

Revelation 11:2 But don’t measure the courtyard outside of the Temple. Leave it out, because it has been given to the heathens, and they’ll trample the kadosh city underfoot for forty-two months. 3 I’ll commission My Two Witnesses. They’ll prophesy for 1,260 days, wearing sackcloth... 7 When they have finished witnessing, the predatory beast [Aramaic “A beast of the tooth”] that came up from the abyss will wage war against them and kill them. 8 Their dead bodies will be in the open street of the great city that is spiritually called Sodom and Egypt, where their Master was crucified... 15 The seventh messenger blew his shofar, and there were voices [the Greek adds “in heaven”] and thunder that said, “The kingdoms of the world have become the kingdom of Yehovah and of His Messiah, and They [Daniel 7:13] will reign forever and ever.” 16 The twenty-four Elders who are in the presence of Yehovah’s throne who sit on their own thrones fell face down and worshiped Yehovah, 17 and said, “We praise you, Yehovah Aloha the Sovereign, who is, and was, because You’ve assumed Your great power and have begun to reign. 18 The nations were angry, but Your anger has come, and it’s time for the dead to be judged, and for You to compensate Your servants the prophets, and the kadishea and those who fear Your name, both small and great, and to destroy those who have destroyed the earth.

So with 42 months to figure it out, how could the exact hour be a mystery at the end (even tho the day is 24 hours in question)? Well under normal circumstances it would not be, but the end time will be anything but normal! According to the historical accounts in Worlds in Collision, after the last astronomical disaster, years were totally skewed—very short years were followed by very long years, for decades! People didn’t even know from day to day when the sun would rise or set! What could have caused that? Polar shifts are no fringe theory, or maybe planet X is more to your liking; so many links to that.

Here is another clue as to the nature of what is going to happen:

Matthew 24:29-30 Immediately after the time of Tribulation, the sun will be darkened and the moon won’t shed her light and stars will fall from the sky, and the miraculous power of the skies will be shaken. 30 Then the miraculous sign of the Human Son will be seen in the sky, and then all the nations on earth will mourn when they see the Human Son coming on the clouds in the sky with great power and splendor.

Revelation 6:12 I watched as He broke open the sixth seal, and there was a huge earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of hair, and the full moon turned blood red.

I have wondered how the more specific details in Revelation could be accomplished. When the sunlight is totally blocked off there would be no trace of the blood red moon (the only one mentioned in the Bible), unless the moon was to the right or left of the earth and an obstruction was between the earth and the sun; perhaps a dust “cloud” from a collision of comets, meteors or whatever, sort of like even a thin layer of clouds can totally make the sun appear to vanish any day of the year, only clouds just diffuse the light but dust turns it back. And as I've pointed out elsewhere, in a fast moving polar shift, the stars would appear to be falling sideways and then vanishing, sort of like with a time lapse camera:

Ezekiel 32:7-8 When I extinguish you, I’ll cover the heavens and darken the stars. I’ll cover the sun with a CLOUD, and the moon won’t shine. [1] 8 I’ll darken all the bright lights in the sky above you and bring darkness on your land,’ declares the Sovereign Yehovah.

[1] Don’t rule out the dark blood red moon!

Many Bible commentaries are hesitant to take miraculous events literally. Denying the unmistakable signs in the skies at the end of the age as just figurative nonsense. One commentary that doesn’t deny them is Bengel’s; such as in particular regarding Matthew 24:29 “Immediately after the time of Tribulation, the sun will be darkened and the moon won’t shed...” It carefully explains how the word “Immediately” actually refers to the very next amazing event after the Tribulation, rather than to Yeshua returning on day number one of “the Day of Yehovah”. Trumpets is dead center of the Jubilee year. But a most interesting thing about that day is that there will be the blood red moon at a time when there would normally be a New Moon, a practically invisible moon! How is that possible? It would require the earth to be slightly shaken out of alignment; “shaken out of its place!”.

Isaiah 13:13 So I’ll make the heavens tremble and the earth will be shaken out of its place at the wrath of Commander Yehovah during the Day of His fierce anger.”

Isaiah 24:19 The earth is broken up. The earth is split apart. The earth is shaken violently. 20 The earth will reel like a drunkard and sway back and forth like a portable shelter. Its rebellion weighs heavy on it. It [rebellion, comp v.23] will fall and never rise again. 21 When that day comes Yehovah will punish the army of angels in the heavenly heights, and the kings of the earth, on earth. 22 (They’ll be rounded up like prisoners in a dungeon. They be confined in the prison, and after many days they’ll be punished.) 23 Then the moon will be humiliated and the sun ashamed, because Commander Yehovah will reign on Mount Zion, He’ll display His splendor in the presence of His elders.

What time of day will this long day begin? Sunset!

Zechariah 14:6-7 When that day comes there won’t be [sun]light, cold or frost [because the sun is blocked]. 7 It will be the unique day that Yehovah 'makes Himself known' {niphal}, not day or night, but then when evening comes [sunset!] it will be light! [3]

[3] While this is a unique day, there was a very similar day, the one mentioned in verse 5, in king Uzziah’s reign. It also had an enormous earthquake that was remembered for centuries!

Now we have run full circle. It’s time for Yeshua to finish the verse He only began in Luke 4:18-19.

Isaiah 61:1-2 The spirit of the Sovereign Yehovah is with Me, because Yehovah has anointed Me to bring Good News to the afflicted. He has sent me to relieve the grief stricken, to proclaim liberty to the captives, recovery of sight for the blind [1] and to set the oppressed free; 2 to proclaim the Acceptable Year of Yehovah [Jubilee] [Yeshua stopped quoting here], AND the Day of Vengeance [Jubilee, 2027 AD!] of our Elohim, and to comfort everyone who mourns [due to the end time calamity].

[1] The phrase about blindness that Yeshua quoted in Luke 4:18 was deleted by the Masorites.

1-22-2020: Another comment about misleading “even the select”: (Matthew 1John 12:50; John 14:15, 21; Matthew 15:10) What is it, besides false miracles that could make the Beast, the False Prophet and Satan dangerous enough to deceive you? Weaponising truth! Disinformation has been a very effective tool of deception—putting out so many conflicting opinions purporting to be “truth”, fake news (2nd Peter 3:1-4; Matthew 24:23-25) and will continue for a while. But the best way to top that would be to reveal an alluring collection of truth! For Satan to do an abrupt but limited presentation of truth that could be backed up Biblically could make even the select (the elect) think that the Antichrist was actually the Messiah!

Satan could reveal a lot of truth, knocking out so much competition—so long as some key components of salvation are left out. Satan is called the Lawless one (Torahless one) for a reason—he must deny, to at least an extent, the validity of the Torah.

1st John 3:4-8 Everyone who practices sin is violating the Torah, because all sin is violating the Torah. 5 You know that He came to take away our sins, and He is totally sinless. 6 No one who stays with Him keeps on sinning, and anyone who sins hasn’t seen Him or known Him. 7 New converts, don’t let anyone deceive you. Anyone who lives righteously is righteous, just as the Messiah is righteous. 8 Anyone who practices sin belongs to Satan, because Satan was a sinner from the beginning. Because of this, Yehovah’s Son came so that He could destroy everything Satan has done.

2 Corinthians 11:14-15 It’s no wonder, because if Satan impersonates a Messenger of light, 15 it is no great surprise if his “deacons” impersonate servants of righteousness, whose end state is a consequence of their works [which they deny].

And we have another sure indicator that a person is a fake, by definition:

2nd John 1:7 Many deceivers have gone out into the world who don’t confess that Yeshua Messiah came in the flesh. 'Such a person' is a deceiver and antichrist.

Many variations of that theme arose shortly after Yeshua ascended to heaven. Look for an encore!

What Happened on the Ninth of Av?

“The 9th of Av, Tisha b'Av, commemorates a list of catastrophes so severe it's clearly a day set aside by G-d for suffering. Learn seven historical events that took place on Tisha b'Av, the Jewish day of mourning.”

Both the first Temple and the second Temple were destroyed AND both World War 1 and World War 2 began on that day! Could World War 3 begin on the 9th of Av AND a third Temple be destroyed on the 9th of Av, 2023? If it does, the starting time would be sundown Wednesday, July 26th, but zebakim [sacrifices] would have to continue on for a few weeks to make three and a half years; less time of course if years are reduced to 360 days: 3.5 X 360 = 1,260 days.

Lon Martin
Written 12-15-19
Dates revised earlier one year 1-5-20



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