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Mysteries of the Everlasting Kingdom

Back Next Chapter 4, Part 2 Preview: Was the primary meaning of the Day of Pentecost fulfilled on the day when the special (holy) spirit breathed new life into The Assembly (Ekklesia) that Yeshua (Jesus) promised He would “rebuild” [Strong’s 3618, OBGL], or does Pentecost have more to do with events taking place “BEFORE the coming of the great and awesome DAY OF THE LORD”? This chapter is not focused on the first century Pentecost, it is about the prophesied events necessary to fulfill the essence of Pentecost’s meaning—that Peter thought was going to happen right then and there. Peter actually jumped the gun on Pentecost in 31 AD, thinking that “the Day of Yehovah” (the LORD) was beginning. Why did he think that “the Day of Yehovah” was beginning then—and why should you believe that it is imminent now?

This chapter is really about what was NOT fulfilled on Pentecost of 31 AD! For an explanation on the near future fulfillment of Pentecost see: Israel’s 7 Apocalyptic Days, Part 2.

Meanwhile, up in the clouds...

“Then, we who are still alive, having survived, will...meet our Master in the expanse.”

There could not be a more affirmative statement that the envoys (apostles) thought that their generation would live to see the return of Yeshua.

1 Thessalonians 4:15-17We declare this to you by the Word of Aloha’s own authority, that we who survive and are alive when our Sovereign returns will by no means precede those who have fallen asleep [into the Kingdom]. 16 Our Sovereign will 'personally' come down from Heaven with a mandate, and with a voice like the chief Messenger and with Yehovah’s shofar, and the dead who 'belong to' the Messiah will rise first! 17 Then, we who are still alive, having survived, will be carried away together with them into the clouds to meet our Sovereign in the expanse. And we will be with our Sovereign forever.—The Gabriel Version

The envoys continued to ask Yeshua when He was going to restore the Kingdom to Israel but He wouldn’t tell them:

Acts 1:6-8 When they assembled they asked Him, “Sovereign, are You about to restore the Kingdom of Israel to its former state?” [1] 7 He replied, “You aren’t going to understand the time periods and the specified times of crisis that Yehovah has set by His own authority. 8 But when the 'special' spirit descends on you, you’ll receive power, and you’ll be My witnesses in Jerusalem, thruout Judea and Samaria and in the remotest parts of the earth.

[1] Not to be overlooked is the fact that a literal Kingdom isn’t an “if”, but a “when” (Luke 22:30) Also see these comments!

There was very good reason for the disciples to ask if Yeshua were going to restore the Kingdom of Israel. They had come to believe that He was the Messiah and were longing for Him to bring about the political changes described in the entire 49th chapter of Isaiah:

Isaiah 49:5-6 Yehovah formed Me in the womb to be His Servant to bring Jacob back to Him so that Israel could be regathered to Him. Yehovah will honor Me and I am honored in Yehovah’s sight, and My Elohim is My strength. 6 He is saying: “It isn’t enough for You [just] be My Servant [Yeshua] to to reestablish the tribes of Jacob, and to bring back the Israelites who were 'spared.' I will also make You a light to the nations, so that You can bring My message of deliverance to the 'remotest parts' of the earth!”

It was simply inconceivable to them for the Messiah to come, but then not fulfill all of the Messianic promises in their generation. (For that matter, John the Immerser, the Elijah to come of Matthew 11:13-14, didn’t fulfill much of his mission either, as prophesied in Malachi 4:5-6. See Does Elohim Travel in Time?

There was another extremely compelling reason that the envoys expected that they would see the Kingdom restored. They knew for certain, in hindsight, that the mysterious seventy “weeks” prophecy of Daniel 9 was a timetable for their time.

Daniel 9:26 After the sixty-two septad time periods the Anointed One [Messiah] will be cut off [2], and will have nothing [3], and the 'cohorts' of the coming [evil] prince [4] will destroy the city and the 'Cherished' Place [70 AD] and its end will be with a flood, and all the way to the end there will be war; desolation is determined.

[2] The wording Messiah being 'cut off' or killed (key words: “cut, or make a covenant”) is the word used in Hebrew for cutting or making a covenant. The Messiah’s death made a New Covenant possible, as the prophet Jeremiah explained in Jeremiah 31: The New Covenant—Coming Soon!Also, this is fascinating!—except that 360 day years were in effect before 700 BC, and apply again at the end of the age. [3] There is a Talmudic curse on anyone (like me) who dares to inquire into this Messianic prophecy. Perhaps the book of Daniel was relocated to the writings section because of this. [4] I expect King Charles 3 to fulfill a great deal of this (also see here), and he has a stake in Transylvania! Is Israel even specifially the focal point of the the verse 27 deal? Could the deal be the Great Reset?

Following Yeshua’s being “cut off”, they may have thought that the seven year run of the Beast would follow on the heels of the crucifixion:

Daniel 9:27 Then he [the desolator] will force a strong 'contract' on many for one septad time period. Then in the middle of the period of seven [shemitah cycle] he [the desolator] will stop the zebakim [sacrifices] and the offerings: [Daniel 12:11] And the winged one of abomination will cause desolation, until the predetermined destruction is poured out on the desolator.” [During the Jubilee year: Isaiah 34:1-8]

Daniel elaborated more on the Abominator who would cause the zebachim to cease in chapter 11.

Daniel 11:30-31 Ships from Kittim will come against him; he’ll be discouraged and turn back, venting his anger against the 'cherished' covenant and take action. He’ll even return and collaborate with those who abandon the 'cherished' covenant. 31 Armed forces will rise up and defile the 'Temple' refuge and put a stop to the daily burnt zebakim [sacrifices], and they’ll set up an appalling detestable idol [KJV, abomination of desolation].

Balaam’s Prophecy

There is another little considered prophecy about the Messiah that would have had a tremendous impact upon anyone living at that time who understood it. It is known as Balaam’s prophecy:

Numbers 24:17-23 I see him, but not now. I see him, but not near. A star will come out of Jacob. A scepter will emerge from Israel [Yeshua], and crush thru the forehead of Moab, and destroy all the sons of buttocks. 18 Edom will become your possession. Seir, his enemy, will also be conquered, while Israel performs valiantly. 19 Someone from Jacob will gain dominion and destroy the survivors of the city.”

20 He looked at Amalek, and stated a parable: “Amalek was the greatest of nations, but in the end he will be destroyed forever.” 21 He looked at the Kenite, and stated another proverb: “Your dwelling place is strong. Your nest is built into a cliff. 22 But Kain will be wasted when Asshur carries you away captive.” 23 He told another parable: “Oh, who will live when Elohim does this?

Father inspired Balaam’s prophecy. It shows that Father can even inspire an ass. (Numbers 22:28) This prophecy associates Yeshua’s birth with a Star and also explains in more detail that the Star would eventually destroy the wicked kingdoms. It will be such a traumatic time that it’s no wonder that Balaam said “Oye, who will live when Elohim does this?” Indeed uncountable people will die then.

There is a very credible account of how the Magi located Yeshua entitled When They Saw the Star, by Henry M. Morris. No other explanation I’ve seen even comes close to the one given here. Certainly the envoys (apostles) would have been aware of the virgin birth and the signs associated with His birth, such as the star. It took some time but they came around:

John 6:69 We have believed and known for certain that you are the Messiah, the Son of the living Aloha.

Between the signs of His birth and their typically late understanding that came with His death, as foretold in the (Hebrew) Scriptures, much of what they witnessed with their own eyes, the envoys would have staked their lives on their belief that all of prophecy was about to be fulfilled by their Messiah. Yet time and circumstances proved them wrong. However they were still unquestionably certain that the Messiah had come to their “generation”.

Jewish Expectations

All of the Jews of that time also believed that Daniel’s prophecy was for their own time. In fact Josephus in his book Wars of the Jews, chapter 6, said that the “oracle” was driving them to “madness”:

“... while at the same time they had it written in their sacred oracles [Daniel 9], ‘That then should their city be taken, as well as their holy house, when once their temple should become four-square.’ But now, what did the most elevate them in undertaking this war, was an ambiguous oracle that was also found in their sacred writings, how,’ about that time, one from their country should become governor of the habitable earth.’ The Jews took this prediction to belong to themselves in particular, and many of the wise men were thereby deceived in their determination .... However, it is not possible for men to avoid fate, although they see it beforehand. But these men interpreted some of these signals according to their own pleasure, and some of them they utterly despised, until their madness was demonstrated, both by the taking of their city and their own destruction.”

The Jewish culture was saturated with imminent Messianic expectations.

Here is an example of the thought of the day from The Testament of Judah:

“24. And after these things shall a Star arise to you”... from Jacob in peace, and a Man shall rise from my seed, like the Sun of righteousness, walking with the sons of men in meekness and righteousness, and no sin shall be found in Him. And the heavens shall be opened above Him, to shed forth the blessing of the Spirit from the Holy Father; and He shall shed forth a spirit of grace upon you, and ye shall be unto Him sons in truth, and ye shall walk in His commandments, the first and the last. This is the Branch of God Most High, and this the Well-spring unto life for all flesh. Then shall the sceptre of my kingdom shine forth, and from your root shall arise a stem; and in it shall arise a rod of righteousness to the Gentiles, to judge and to save all that call upon the Lord.”

(The Testament of Judah is an apocryphal document supposedly comprising the dying commands of the twelve sons of Jacob. “The testaments were written in Hebrew in the later years of John Hyrcanus, in all probability after his final victory over the Syrian power and before his breach with the Pharisees, in other words, between 109 BC and 106 BC”.)

The Roman’s were also aware of Daniel’s prophecy:

“There had spread over all the Orient an old and established belief, that it was fated at that time for men coming from Judaea to rule the world. This prediction, referring to the emperor of Rome [from the Roman perspective], as afterward appeared from the event, the people of Judaea took to themselves; accordingly they revolted and after killing their governor, they routed the consular ruler of Syria as well, when he came to the rescue, and took one of his eagles. Since to put down this rebellion required a considerable army with a leader of no little enterprise, yet one to whom so great power could be entrusted without risk, Vespasian) was chosen for the task”.


Emperor Tacitus) also said that: “The majority of the Jewish people were very impressed with the belief that it was contained in ancient writings of the priests that it would come to pass that at that very time, the East would renew its strength and they that should go forth from Judaea should be rulers of the world”. (Tacitus, History, v. 13).

And Emperor Nero was advised by at least one astrologer to move his capital city to Jerusalem because it is prophesied to become the capital of the world —Suetonius, Nero, 40

In Chapter 32: The Mysterious Seventy “Weeks” Prophecy of Daniel I elaborated on why the Everlasting Kingdom was not set up in 31 AD. Under different circumstances I believe that it could have been set up then. What circumstances? I simply believe that Father didn’t predestine or cause the Messiah to be rejected and murdered by His own people. That is an issue of free moral agency that was built into the plan. This appears to explain why even Yeshua did not know for certain, until the last minute, whether or not He would be spared from being the ultimate Passover Lamb when it is recorded that:

Mark 14:35-36 He went on a little farther, and fell to the ground and prayed that if it were possible the hour could pass from Him. 36 He said, “O Elohim, My Elohim! You can do anything. Cause this cup to pass from Me. Yet not My will, but Yours.”

The root word for “possible” is “dunamai”, Strong’s. It means “to be able, have power whether by virtue of one’s own ability and resources, or of a state of mind, or through favourable circumstances, or by permission of law or custom”.

It is simply no wonder that so many Jewish people thought that the Seventy Weeks prophecy would be fulfilled immediately. When the prophecy wasn’t fulfilled, tho it could have been, the Jews began to question their interpretation of Daniel, and came up with various alternative explanations. This accounts for Josephus’ statement about “an ambiguous oracle”.

So after Pentecost the envoys continued to state that the arrival of the Kingdom of Father was imminent until a few years prior to the fall of Jerusalem. But as the years went by and as they saw that the geopolitical trends were not becoming conducive to fulfilling the prophecies, Peter and Paul apparently fell back on the millennial week concept. They began to teach that the Everlasting Kingdom was off in the future!

Notice this change in their thinking. Here is what they said when they thought that the Great Tribulation was imminent. They cautioned:

1 Corinthians 7:25-31 Concerning virginity, I have no instruction from Yehovah, but I’ll give my counsel as a man who has obtained mercy from Yehovah and is trustworthy. 26 I think it is best, because of the impending crisiss, for a person to remain as they are. 27 Are you bound to your wife? Don’t try to be divorced. Are you divorced from a wife? Don’t seek a wife. 28 If you marry, you don’t sin. And if a marriageable woman is given in marriage to a husband, she isn’t sinning. But those in these circumstances will suffer physical tribulation [1b], and I would spare you.

29 Friends, I tell you that time is running out, so those who have wives should live as if they had none, 30 and those who are mourning as if they weren’t mourning, and those who celebrate as if they weren’t celebrating, and those who buy as if they hadn’t acquired, 31 and those preoccupied with this world, not becoming dependent on it, because the sensations of this world are disappearing.

[1a,b] Some of the advice of the next few chapters was given strictly because the persecution of the Great Tribulation was thought to be imminent, as mentioned here and in 10:11, and persecution had certainly begun. But later, after the envoys realized that they were mistaken about the timing, they reversed their advice: (1 Timothy 5:14).

Once they realized that the end of the age was not to be in their time, their judgment was the exact opposite:

1 Timothy 5:14 I would like to see the younger women get married and have children and manage their homes, rather than allow the adversary any opportunity to ridicule them.

There was still the belief that the Old Covenant was nearly ready to vanish away, and that the “New Covenant” with Judah and Israel was about to replace the old one:

Hebrews 8:13 When He [Yeshua] mentioned the New Covenant, He was 'declaring' that the first one was obsolete and about to be repealed, and what was obsolete and failing will soon disappear.

The Greek word for “about” above is “eggus”. When it refers to time it means “imminent”.

A New Covenant for New Israel

The Old Covenant certainly took a hiatus with the destruction of the temple in 70 AD. Yet the New Covenant—that will be the Constitution of the restored Kingdom of Israel—was not implemented when it was anticipated:

Hebrews 8:10-12 But this is the covenant that I’ll make with the household of Israel after that time, says Yehovah, I’ll put My Torah in their minds—inscribing it on their innermost being. I’ll be their Aloha [God] and they’ll be My people. 11 No one [in Israel] will teach doctrine to their fellow citizens [evangelize] or ask a brother, “Do you know Yehovah” [no witnessing to anyone], because they’ll all know Me, from the youngest of them to the oldest [1], 12 because I’ll be merciful regarding their unrighteousness and I won’t call their sins to mind.

[1] People love to force fit one condition of Israel’s New Covenant into the here and now, citing verse 33 about the “new heart”, pretending that at least this one verse from Jeremiah 31 has been fulfilled—without considering the many simultaneous terms of the New Covenant, such as quoted in verse 11 above. But all of the fine print of the New Covenant is detailed in Jeremiah chapters 30-31. Every other reference to the New Covenant in the Bible references the detailed specifications in Jeremiah.

[1] See why this refers to “cords” rather than “pains.” Keyword “cords.”

Jeremiah foretold the time when Father WILL REMEMBER the sins of Israel and that He would bring war, famine and disease. It is the survivors of the Tribulation who will have their sins forgiven!

Jeremiah 14:7-12 Tho our wickedness testifies against us, do something for Your name’s sake, Yehovah, because we have turned back repeatedly, we have sinned against You. 8 You are the hope of Israel, its Deliverer in the time of trouble, why should You be like a foreigner in the land, or like a traveling man only staying for a night? 9 Why should you be like a man taken by surprise, like a mighty warrior unable to save? Yehovah You are among us, and we’re called by Your name, don’t leave us.

10 This is what Yehovah says to these people, “You loved to wander, you haven’t restrained your feet, so I, Yehovah don’t accept you, now I’ll remember your wickedness and punish your sins.” 11 Yehovah told me, “Don’t pray for the welfare of these people. 12 When they fast, I won’t listen to their cry, and when they offer burnt offering and grain offering, I won’t accept them, but I’ll consume them by 'warfare, famine and plagues.”

Hosea also indicated that there would not be a free ride. It will definitely be a while before Father will “never again remember their sins.”—an indispensable prerequisite of the New Covenant.

Hosea 9:7-9 The days of accountability have come. The days of compensation have come. Israel will know that their prophets are fools and their 'inspirational men' are insane, because of the vast number of your sins and the great hatred. 8 Prophets were Elohims watchmen over Ephraim. Yet a fowler’s snares await their every path, and hostility in the house of his Elohim. 9 They’ve deeply corrupted themselves, as in the days of Gibeah. He’ll remember their wickedness. He’ll punish them for their sins.

Yet even Moses prophesied that “in the latter days”, during a time of Great Tribulation those seeking Father with all their mind and with all their being would receive mercy, because Father will renew His Covenant with them.

Deuteronomy 4:29-31 But Yehoshua told the people, “You are not able to serve Yehovah, because He is a 'cherished' Elohim. He is a jealous Elohim. He won’t forgive your rebellion or your sins. 20 If you forsake Yehovah and serve foreign gods, then He’ll turn against you, bring disaster and exterminate you after having done good for you.”

Here is the current condition of Israel:

Joshua 24:19-20 Joshua told the people, “You can’t serve Yehovah, because He is a 'special' Elohim. He is a jealous Elohim. He won’t forgive your rebellion or your sins. 20 If you forsake Yehovah, and serve foreign gods, then He’ll turn against you, and harm you, and exterminate you, after He has been so good to you.”

The “New Covenant” is by no means fulfilled by individuals being converted at this time. Spiritual conversion simply does not fulfill the detailed prophecy concerning the New Covenant that is explained in painstaking detail in all of Jeremiah 31.

The First 7,000 Year “WEEK”

There are two perspectives that I have encountered regarding “one day is with the Lord as a thousand years”. Either people are aware of the ancient 6,000 year deadline (that is reaching critical mass right now) or else they think that Father inspired His envoys to think that time is totally irrelevant! Those who understand the permanence of the Sabbath generally understand the plan. This often goes over the head of those who believe that the Sabbath was done away with. Was it?

Hebrews 4:9-10 So it is established that the people of Yehovah are to celebrate the Sabbath [2]. 10 Anyone who entered His rest ceased from their own undertakings [works], as Yehovah did from His.

[2] The Aramaic says “Celebravit diem sabbathi”, and the Greek says “Apoleipo sabbatismos.” Check the honesty of your English translations here. Years ago, when people might have cared, the older versions tried to sweep this under the carpet and deleted the “rest”!

Isaiah 66:22-23 As the New Heavens and the New Earth that I’ll make will endure in My presence”, declares Yehovah, “So your descendants and your name will endure. 23 “Then, from one New Moon to the next New Moon [every month!], and from one Sabbath to the next Sabbath [every week!], all of humanity will come to worship before Me”, declares Yehovah.

Peter did need to mention that Father hadn’t delayed His coming! Some were giving up. But by now Peter was referring to the last days as futuristic. He said that when the last days came that the skeptics would denounce the faithful. Listeners of his day readily understood what Peter meant about the day/millennia statement. He didn’t need to elaborate. It was only for a while that they thought that Father would cut short His 7,000 year long plan—the plan that they had been taught from childhood.

2 Peter 3:3-9 As you know, skeptics will come in the last days mocking the truth, only governed by their own evil desires, 4 asking, ”'What happened to' the promise of His coming? Ever since our ancestors fell asleep, everything remains just like it was from the beginning of creation.” 5 They deliberately ignore that the Heavens have existed since antiquity, and that the continents rose up from the water, and are sustained by water, by the Word of Aloha, 6 and that by means of this same water, the previous world was covered again and destroyed. 7 The Heavens and the earth that now exist are preserved by His Word, and awaiting the fire of Judgment Day, and the destruction of the wicked.

8 But dear friends, don’t forget this one thing: A day to Yehovah is like a thousand years, and a thousand years is like a day [1]. 9 Yehovah won’t delay in keeping His promises, as some leaders delay theirs. No, He is being patient for your sake, because He doesn’t want anyone to be destroyed, but that everyone should have a change of heart.

[1] This is an obvious clue referring to the 6,000 year plan (that likely ends in the year 2031/2032)!

There is a lot of history concerning the knowledge of the 7,000 Year Plan). The article linked here quotes many writers who were aware of the concept centuries and even millennia ago. The commentary of the second half is good too.

I looked up online one of the quotes from the above link and added a bit of context. This quote is from Irenaeus (150 AD.) who was taught by Polycarp, who was taught by John. I do suspect that translators—the very heretics he was blasting, altered some of the things attributed to Irenaeus!

“And he shall order an image of the beast to be made, and he shall give breath to the image, so that the image shall speak; and he shall cause those to be slain who will not adore it.” He says also: “And he will cause a mark [to be put] in the forehead and in the right hand, that no one may be able to buy or sell, unless he who has the mark of the name of the beast or the number of his name; and the number is six hundred and sixty-six,” (5) that is, six times a hundred, six times ten, and six units. [He gives this] as a summing up of the whole of that apostasy which ‘has’ [will have] taken place during six thousand years.

“3. For in as many days as this world was made, in so many thousand years shall it be concluded. And for this reason the Scripture says: “Thus the heaven and the earth were finished, and all their adornment. And God brought to a conclusion upon the sixth day the works that He had made; and God rested upon the seventh day from all His works.” (6) This is an account of the things formerly created, as also it is a prophecy of what is to come. For the day of the Lord is as a thousand years; (7) and in six days created things were completed: it is evident, therefore, that they will come to an end at the sixth thousand year. —IRENAEUS AGAINST HERESIES BOOK 5.

Above we have a clear explanation from an early source that the 'special' ones (saints) understood the time frame of prophecy. I don’t have a Greek copy of Irenaeus’ book, but I strongly suspect that the “end” spoken of is the word “telos”, and that the intent of the word is: “the last in any succession or series” or “that by which a thing is finished, its close, issue” or “the end to which all things relate, the aim, purpose”. Another place where “telos” is poorly rendered is in Romans:

Romans 10:4 For Christ is the ‘end’ [aim] of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth. KJV

Yeshua was the very aim and purpose of the Torah (Law).

Romans 3:31 Then do we abolish the Torah by faith? Absolutely not. On the contrary, we uphold or sustain the authority of the Torah. [3].

[3] Commentaries about the benefit of being “in the realm of” the Torah.

No Need to be Overtaken as by a Thief in the Night

Most people I talk to expect that Yeshua will return to them like a thief in the night—and I believe them, but I do not plan on being surprised! There are simply too many specific warnings to have an excuse!

1 Thessalonians 5:1-6 But friends, concerning the time periods and the specified times of crisis, it is unnecessary for me write to you, 2 because you know for certain that the Day of Yehovah will come like a thieving false “minister” in the time of moral stupidity and darkness [1]. 3 When people are saying, “Peace and security” [2], then suddenly destruction will overtake them like the labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they won’t escape.

4 But you, friends, aren’t in darkness. That Day won’t catch you off guard like a thieving false “minister”, 5 because you are all sons of the light, and sons of the day. You aren’t sons of the night or sons of darkness. 6 So let’s not sleep like everyone else does, but let’s stay awake and be sober.

[1] or “like a thief in the night” [2] This would be due to the Antimessiah’s peace deal.

Father also warned the end time Sardis Assembly to repent:

Revelation 3:3 Remember the way you received and heard, and obey those teachings and make amends. If you don’t wake up, I WILL COME TO YOU like a thieving false 'minister' and you won’t know which annual time [1] I’ll come to you.

[1] While this word can be translated as simply “day” or hour”, the first meaning of hora is a certain definite time or season fixed by natural law and returning with the revolving year.” This is also how the Scriptural calendar, anchored by the spring barley harvest and visible New Moons is determined. The most important historical events (such as Passover and Pentecost) have occurred on these “annual times”, just as the prophetic events will occur on Israel’s 7 Apocalyptic Days!

Pay Attention!

So we are sternly warned to “pay attention”. Since we are to be watching for the end time events, here is a big one to watch for, and it is apparently television being implied.

Matthew 24:15-16 When you see the sign of the detestable desolation mentioned by the prophet Daniel, standing in the Cherished Place—may the reader discern![2] [3]. 16 then those of you who are in Judea should escape to the mountain/s!

[2] This is reminiscent of Matthew 28:16. [3] See my All Sources Disclaimer.

Don’t let anyone tell you that the special (holy) Place” is the “church”, because there are a couple of dozen references to it being the temple in Jerusalem. Perhaps the abomination will take place under the very wings of the cherubim that will be inside that end time Third Temple. That is where the ark used to be kept!

1 Kings 8:6 The priests brought Yehovah’s Ark of the Covenant to the innermost part of the 'Cherished' Place of the 'Temple', to the Most 'Cherished' Place, under the wings of the cherubim.

I expect for the ark of the covenant to come out of hiding and be revered again, at least until the Old Covenant is really about to be repealed”, and is actually replaced with the New Covenant.

If you aren’t watching prophecy now, at least watch out while the third temple is being rebuilt. Maybe even be there!

Watch for that!

So the envoys continued to state that Yeshua’s “second coming” was imminent until a few years prior to the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD. So even Yeshua’s very envoys were mistaken about prophetic chronology!

The “New Covenant” is by no means fulfilled by individuals being converted at this time. Spiritual conversion simply does not fulfill the detailed prophecy concerning the New Covenant that is explained in painstaking detail thruout all of Jeremiah 30-31. In fact the entire book of Jeremiah concerns the need for the New Covenant. The dire prophecies began to be written “in the fourth year of Jehoiakim’s reign in 605 B.C. (see 36:1-2)...and was completed sometime AFTER the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC.” —NKJV Nelson Study Bible. Ancient Israel ceased to exist, yet Jeremiah kept on prophesying about it. So while the prophecies applied to ancient Judah, they also apply to all 12 tribes of Israel (Jeremiah 31:31) and Jerusalem in the end time. The surviving Israelites who come out of the Great Tribulation will live under the New Covenant!

The End
Lonnie Martin, zech14@proton.me
October, 2002

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