Everlasting Kingdom: Unraveling the Bible’s Secrets

Our Redeemer is our Creator!

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Back Next Chapter 29, Part 3 Preview: A controversy has raged for nearly two thousand years: “How can Yeshua (Jesus) be God”? Many theories have been proposed over the centuries concerning the “nature” of Yeshua. These ideas are at extreme variance with the Bible concerning His identity and they are quite dangerous. Bible prophecy says that heresy [literally: sectarianism] would be an unbridled problem. It is not just the cults that are a problem tho they do provide very convenient “whipping boys” for more traditional deceivers. This four part sequel to The Origin of Heresy explains the “Nature of God” directly from the Bible in a way that harmonizes the passages that have baffled heretics for nearly two millennia.

Mysteries of the Everlasting Kingdom

Here we see that Yehovah is our Redeemer. Because the word “redeemer” is not to be found in “the Testimony of Yeshua the Messiah” (the “New Testament”), but it is frequently found in the Hebrew Scriptures, some might assume that “Redeemer” refers to Elohim (God) the Father, but look at these job descriptions of the Redeemer:

Galatians 4:4-5 But when the right time came, Yehovah sent out His Son who was 'born' of a woman, who was herself subject to the Torah, 5 in order to purchase the freedom of all who were subject to the Torah, so that we could receive recognition as sons!—The Gabriel Bible

Titus 2:13-14 anticipating our blessed hope and the epiphany [Gr. epiphaneia] from heaven of the splendor of the great Aloha AND our Life Giver [1], Yeshua Messiah, 14 who gave Himself for us so that He could liberate us from our lawless condition and cleanse a new people [2] for Himself who are zealous for doing good works.

[1] As in the Aramaic, the KJV worded this correctly from the Greek, unlike most modern versions, to include both Father and Son returning to earth together! As in Daniel 7:9-14, tho it is hotly contested by commentators. [2] The Greek says “His own people” or “A peculiar people.”

Here is the Redeemer who “makes all things”—the Creator Elohim.

This brings to mind the plurality of the Creator in the literal Hebrew of the following verse:

Isaiah 54:5 Your MAKERS are your HUSBANDS [1], Commander Yehovah is His name, and the 'special' One of Israel is your Redeemer. He is called the Elohim of the entire earth.

[1] Yes, both are plural, but not a trinity. This site source has plenty of plurality verses that some call a Binity. But to read historical statements confirming the fact that Yehovah was recognized as a Binity until Constantine forced a “reconsideration”, see this link. Also, when last I checked, Wikipedia’s article on Binitarianism (a moving target) was an equally informative article that is as persuasive as it can be, while still maintaining the necessary air of neutrality required of an encyclopedia.

Colossians 1:15-17 He looks like the Aloha who is never seen, and is the firstborn of all living beings. [2] 16 He created everything [3] in the heavens and on earth, everything seen and everything unseen, including thrones, governments, rulers and authorities—everything was created thru Him and by [4] Him. 17 He existed before anything else, and thru Him everything came together.

[2] No one was “born again” before Him. [3] This describes the universe. [4] Some Greek to English translations say “for Him” here rather than “by Him” in a way that may imply the elimination of Yeshua’s role as Creator—making the verse self contradictory.

Isaiah 44:24 This is what Yehovah your Redeemer, and the one who formed you from the womb says, “I am Yehovah who made everything. I stretched out the heavens by Myself. Who was with Me when I fashioned the earth?

So we can see that this Redeemer is the One by whom “All things were made”—Yeshua.

John 1:1 In the beginning, the Word existed. The Word Herself was with Aloha, and Aloha was the Word Herself.

1st John 1:1-2 In the beginning, the Word existed. The Word was with Aloha, and Aloha was the Word Himself* [Aramaic]. 2 He was with Aloha in the beginning.

Yeshua, was in the wilderness with the sons of Israel! However, the “Most High Elohim” in this reference, is both the Father and a Redeemer.

Psalm 78:35 They remembered that Elohim was their Rock, and that the Most Supreme Elohim was their Redeemer.

First, notice that the Rock was Messiah:

1 Corinthians 10:1-4 Friends, I want you to know that all of our ancestors were under the cloud and they all passed thru the sea, 2 and they were all immersed by Moses in the cloud and in the sea, 3 and they all ate the same spiritual food, 4 and they all drank the same spiritual drink because they drank from the spiritual Rock that attended them, and that Rock was the Messiah.

How did Paul know that the pre incarnate Messiah was in the wilderness with Israel?

Exodus 23:20-23 “I’m going to send a Messenger ahead of you to protect you along the way, and to bring you to the place that I’ve prepared! 21 Pay close attention to Him and do what He says. Don’t defy Him, because He won’t pardon your disobedience since My name resides in Him. 22 But if you pay close attention to Him and do everything I say, then I’ll be an enemy of your enemies, and an adversary of your adversaries. 23 My Messenger will go ahead of you, and bring you into the land of the Amorites, the Hittites, the Perizzites, the Canaanites, the Hivites and the Jebusites, and I’ll wipe them out.

Now look at Psalms 78:35 again. The “Most High Elohim” is “their Redeemer”. So is there a way to distinguish precisely which Elohim Being is the Most High Elohim, so as to prove that the Father is indeed a Redeemer as well? Absolutely! Check out the next three verses:

Mark 5:7-8 He called out with a shrill voice, “What do you want with me, Yeshua, Son of the Highest Aloha? I beg You in Yehovah’s name not to torment me.” 8 He had already told him, “Unclean spirit, come out of the man.”

Luke 8:28 When he saw Yeshua, he cried out and fell down in front of Him and said in a loud voice, “What do we have to do with You, Yeshua, Son of the exalted Yehovah? I beg You not to torture me.

Hebrews 6:20-7:3 where Yeshua has entered as our Forerunner for us, and has become a Priest forever who resembles [Aramaic] Melchizedek. Hebrews 7:1-3 This Melchizedek was King of Salem and Priest of the Highest Aloha. He met Abraham as he was returning from the slaughter of the kings and blessed him. 2 Abraham gave Melchizedek a tenth of everything that he had with him. First of all, 'Melchizedek’s name means “King of Righteousness”, and secondly, He is called Malek-Sholem, that is, “King of Peace.” 3 He had no father and mother written in the genealogies, no beginning of days and no end of life, resembling Aloha’s Son, 'Melchizedek's’ priesthood remains forever.

The “Most High Yehovah” in the Greek means precisely the same thing as it does in the Hebrew. “Most High” indicates that the Father has the ultimate authority, similar to the way a marriage, or even a business or government should work. Someone needs to have the final say. The Son is not quite so “High”.

Here is another verse that says that the Father is a “Redeemer”.

Isaiah 63:16 You are our Father, even tho Abraham doesn’t know us, and Israel doesn’t recognize us. You, Yehovah, have been called our Father and our Redeemer from ancient times.

The other “US” that comes to mind is:

Genesis 1:26 Then Elohim said, “We should make mankind to resemble Us, similar to Us, and give them dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds in the sky, and the domestic animals all over the EARTH, and over every creature that walks and moves the earth.”

So the Father can be our “redeemer” and Yeshua can be the “Everlasting Father”!

Isaiah 9:6-7 A Child will be born for us, a Son is given to us. The government will rest on His shoulders. He’ll be named Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty Elohim, Everlasting Father, Peaceful Leader. 7 The expansion of His dominion and prosperity will never end, from David’s throne and over His kingdom, arranging it and maintaining it with justice and righteousness from that time on—forever. The zeal of the Word* of Commander Yehovah will make it happen.

Who is the “Mighty One”?

The Mighty One divorced Israel:

Isaiah 49:26...50:1 I’ll feed your oppressors their own flesh, and they’ll get drunk on their own blood as if it were new wine. Then all of 'humanity' will know that I, Yehovah, am your Deliverer, and your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob... 50:1 This is what Yehovah says: “Where is your mother’s divorce certificate that I used to send her away? Or which of My creditors did I sell you to? You were sold for your sins, and your mother [Targum interprets as “assembly”] was sent away because of your rebellion.

Isaiah 19:20 It will become a sign and a witness to Commander Yehovah in Egypt. When they cry out to Yehovah because of their oppressors, He’ll send them a Liberator [The Son] and Champion [Mighty One] who will rescue them.

“The Mighty One of Jacob” is the Savior who was sent!

How many Saviors are there, and who might they be?

How is Yehovah’s above mentioned divorce going to be resolved? Notice that the answer is only three verses further down. Here is a rather obscure text that describes the zebakal [sacrificial] nature of our Redeemer to the letter. “Hidden” in the text of Isaiah are clues about the sacrifice of Yeshua. Yeshua died for his future wife—Israel!

Isaiah 50:4-11 The Sovereign Yehovah [“Yeshua”] has given Me gifted speech, so that I know what to say to comfort the weary. Morning by morning He awakens Me and opens My understanding as a disciple. [1] 5 The Sovereign Yehovah has opened My heart. I have not rebelled or turned away. 6 I offered My back to those who scourged Me, and My cheeks to those who pulled out My beard. I didn’t 'turn' My face from insults and spitting. 7 The Sovereign Yehovah helps Me, so I’m not humiliated. I set My face like a flint, and I know that I won’t be put to shame.

8 The One who vindicates Me is near. Who dares bring charges against Me? Let’s confront each other! Where are My accusers? They should confront Me! 9 The Sovereign Yehovah will help Me! Who will find Me guilty? All of them will decay like old moth eaten clothes! 10 Who among you fears Yehovah and obeys the voice of His Servant? Anyone walking in the dark without a light should trust in the name of Yehovah and rely on their Elohim. 11 But watch out, all of you who start a fire and encircle yourselves with flaming 'torches', walking in the firelight, and among the brands that you’ve lit. This is what you’ll get from Me: you’ll lie down in torment.

[1] While checking the references to Adonai (the Sovereign) Yehovah, this one seems peculiar: “Yeshua talking to Himself”. This entire chapter is a very lengthy testimony from Yeshua—written before He was born. But it seems that the first verse of another entire chapter written by the One who became Yeshua Messiah, Isaiah 61 seemingly explains it—His own spirit (“God’s spirit”) gave Him “gifted speech” (v.4) and opened His mind (v.5).

To make a long story short—Yeshua is One Elohim with His Father. If Yeshua is a bridegroom, then so is His Father! They are both: Saviors, Fathers and Redeemers.

John 10:30 I and My Father are One.

John 14:8-11 Philip said, “Sovereign, show us the Father, and it will be enough for us.” 9 Yeshua replied, “Philip, have I been with you all this time, and you still don’t know Me? Whoever has seen Me has seen the Father, so why would you say, ‘Show us the Father’? 10 Don’t you believe that I am in My Father, and that My Father is in Me? The words that I’m telling you aren’t of My own initiative. My Father who lives in Me is doing the work! 11 Believe Me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me. But if not, at least believe because of the works themselves.

Another glaring omission from venerated “heavenly marriage ceremony” discussions is the fact that there are to be guests present, “both bad and good”!

Matthew 22:8-10 Then he said to his servants, ‘The banquet is ready, but those who were invited were unworthy. 9 Now go to the main street intersections and invite everyone you find to the banquet.’ 10 So the servants went out into the streets and brought in everyone they could find, both bad and good, and the banquet hall was filled with 'guests'.

This alludes to an earthly wedding—a wedding where there are wicked people present who will be cast from the wedding into “outer darkness”! At this wedding “there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth”. (Matthew 22:13) So the Marriage Supper is the same as the separation of the sheep from the goats—Judgment Day!

The wedding supper does not sound very appetizing either, unless you understand that at this time the nations of Israel have just been freed from their captors. The captors are destroyed and Elohim’s relationship with His chosen people will now commence. It’s the knight slaying the dragon and marrying the princess scenario again, leaving the dragon’s (in this case, the Beast’s body!) for the buzzards.

Might it be better to meet the Master as He returns FROM the Wedding Supper than to be at the Wedding?

Luke 12:36-37 Be like people who expect their master to return, so that when he returns from the wedding festivity [1], and he comes and knocks, they’ll open the door for him immediately. 37 The master’s servants will be blessed when he comes, and he finds them still awake. It’s certain he’ll dress himself for service, but have them lean back at the table, and ‘he’ll’ come over and serve them!

[1] Gamos is “A wedding or marriage festival, a wedding banquet, a wedding feast.” Contrast these wedding servants, awake and prepared with their lamps burning, to the ten sleeping virgins of Matthew 25!

Revelation 19:7,17-18 Let’s rejoice and be exuberant and praise Him, because the Marriage Banquet of the Lamb has come, and His bride has made herself ready... 17 I saw a messenger standing in front of the sun, and he shouted to all the birds flying in midair, “Come, gather for the great supper of Yehovah, 18 so that you can eat the flesh of kings and the flesh of captains of thousands, the flesh of valiant men, the flesh of horses and their riders, the flesh of everyone both free and slave, those of little status and the highly esteemed.

I surmise that the reason for the emphasis on the Lamb being married in “the Testimony of Yeshua” (the so called “New Testament”), is to illustrate that the well documented marriage covenant with the Elohim of the Hebrew Scriptures was actually referring to the prior marriage that the One who became the Messiah had with Israel.

While Israel numbered perhaps three million people at the time that the Ten Commandments were given, only “thousands” of them were to be blessed—as illustrated from the very text of the Ten Commandments!

Exodus 20:6 but showing faithful love to thousands of generations of those who love Me and obey My Commandments [2]

[2] The Ten Commandments are not suggestions, mere “words”. Yeshua made an offer you can’t refuse: If you want to live, keep the Commandments! Matthew 19:16-19; Mark 10:17-22; Luke 18:18-23; Revelation 22:14. This will “get your foot in the door”, but you can do even better.

Whose Commandments are “My Commandments” anyway?

John 14:15 “If you love Me, obey My Commandments! (Also John 14:21 and 15:10)

So it will be with the next Marriage of Israel. The bride will be composed of multiple millions, yet only “thousands” of humans have faithfully kept the Ten simple Commandments of Yehovah in the letter and the spirit.

Revelation 3:5 Anyone who is victorious will wear white clothing, and I will never blot their names from the Book of Life. I’ll acknowledge their names before My Father and before His messengers.

Revelation 14:12 'This calls for' patient endurance by the 'chosen ones', who preserve [obey, guard] the Commandments of Yehovah AND the faith of Yeshua.

So if we are not to be part of the Bride; might we be a part of the Bridegroom? Could we share that responsibility with Yeshua?

Revelation 3:21 Anyone who is victorious I’ll allow to sit with Me on My throne [7], even as I was victorious and sat down with My Father on His throne.

[7] For most of history kings literally ruled from their thrones, yet Yehovah’s Kingdom will be administered by a multiplicity of kings ruling in complete harmony, Revelation 5:10

The “Second Coming”?

With so many accounts of “Yeshua” coming to earth before He was born as a flesh and blood human, it makes the idea of His “Second Coming” a bit silly. Perhaps the phrase “Second Coming” should be amended to include “Second visible Coming”—to be seen by ‘the world’.

John 14:18-19I won’t leave you orphans, because I will come to you in a little while. 19 The world won’t see Me, but you’ll see Me, and because I live, you’ll also live.

Yeshua has been here repeatedly since His crucifixion. He was here on numerous times shortly after His death, as seen by many witnesses. Those incidences are well known but apparently they don’t count as “comings”.

It appears that Yeshua spent three years personally teaching Paul in Arabia:

Galatians 1:12,16-18 I didn’t accept it or learn it from others, but I got it by a revelation from Yeshua Messiah.... 16 to reveal His Son by me, so that I could proclaim Him to the nations, I didn’t immediately consult with any human being, 17 nor did I go to Jerusalem to those who were envoys before me, but I went to Arabia before returning to Damascus.

18 After three years I went to Jerusalem to see Cephas, and I remained with him fifteen days.

About thirty years later Yeshua literally stood next to Paul:

Acts 23:10-11 When the situation started becoming violent, the high commander was afraid that they might tear Paul to pieces, so he sent Romans to take him away from them by force and bring him into the fortress. 11 The following night our Sovereign appeared to Paul and told him, “Be strong because just as you have been witnessing for Me in Jerusalem, you must be My witness in Rome.”

Don’t suppose that John was given the book of Revelation telepathically!

Revelation 1:17-19 When I saw Him, I fell at His feet as tho dead. He laid His right hand on me and said “Don’t be afraid, I am the First and the Last, 18 the living One. I was dead, but look, I’m alive forevermore! Aw-main. And I have the keys of death and Sheol. 19 So record what you have already seen, the things that presently are, and the things that are going to happen in the future.

Today Yeshua literally walks among His Seven “Churches” (Revelation 2-3) that are also word pictured as Seven Menoras!

Revelation 2:1 Write this to the messenger of the assembly in Ephesus: “This is the message of the One who holds everything, including the seven stars in His right hand, the One who walks among the seven gold menorahs, says:

I doubt that you will have recognized Yeshua in your local Assemblies or at a Feast. He was the lone guy with the “strange ideas” who may have been told to leave. Laodiceans actually leave Him outside knocking at the door! Some day He will tell us about His visits among us. As you read about these Assemblies it is quite apparent that He is very upset with most of them. But Yehovah is not an invisible man. While He can appear into our realm and disappear from it in an instant, He does not sneak around invisibly. He is not omnipresent—a pagan concept. He occupies one place at a time, tho He can inhabit that given place at any time in eternity (Isaiah 57:15)!

Isaiah 57:15-16 The High and exalted One who inhabits eternity, whose name is 'Special' says: “I live in the high and 'Cherished' Place [New Jerusalem], along with the One who is to be destroyed [root word crushed or broken] and humiliated in spirit, who will be returning to life the spirits of the crushed, and returning to life the consciousnesses of the crushed [U], 16 because I won’t strive with you forever, or remain angry, because spirits are overwhelmed in My presence, the spirits I created.

In a sense Yehovah is always with the “contrite and humble” because they are the “souls” that Yehovah will “revive” for keeps in the resurrection.

Does Yeshua Still Need to Mediate?

1 Timothy 2:5 Yehovah is One [1], and there is one Mediator between Yehovah and humanity, namely the man Yeshua Messiah,

In 1 Timothy 2 :5 The term “man” (anthropos) is clearly a reference to the role of Mediator that Yeshua played while in the flesh. Yeshua is the firstborn of many friends so many other friends will be born into the same realm as He is—and they will no longer be people!

[1] The Aramaic explains the relationship between Yeshua and His Father. The Greek says “one Theos”, rather than “one.”

Is Yeshua presently a Mediator? Is He telling our Father to take it easy on us mere humans, because, after all, He knows what it is like being human? Three of the six references to “Mediator” are in the context of the time when the future “New Covenant” with Judah and Israel will be fulfilled (listed below). Hebrews 9:15 says that the mediation was performed “by means of death”. So the Mediator role was performed by the flesh and blood Yeshua, not the resurrected One. When the New Covenant is actually fulfilled by “Yehovah and His Messiah” (“the Lord and His Christ”), no further mediation will have been needed!

The following verse explains to us that Yeshua mediated between all of us and our Father. Prior to the time when Yeshua mediated for us there was only the written word of the Torah (Law); a substitute for the Word of Elohim who became flesh. Moses’ Torah served as the prototypical mediator until “the Seed” came.

Galatians 3:19-20 So why the Torah? It was to accompany [see root word] the promises in order to define violations, until the Descendant came, the One who the promise voluntarily involved. And the Torah was given by spirit messengers thru a Mediator. 20 Now a mediator isn’t necessary for one person, but Yehovah is only one.

A common alternative rendering of verse 20 reads as follows: “Now a mediator does not mediate for one only, but [Elohim] is one.” NKJV This rendering with the lower case “m” is seemingly gibberish to me. I think that the meaning of verse 20 is that Yeshua, the Mediator, of necessity intervened (mediated) on behalf of humanity (past, present and future) suffering our death penalty. He did not mediate for “one only”, Himself, but rather He was actually mediating for the one Elohim, Yehovah. The second thought is that He accomplished this while still being One with the Father: (John 10:30). Yeshua’s blood works retroactively for the patriarchs who knew little of Yeshua and certainly could not have called on His name to be saved.

Acts 4:10-12 then you should know, and everyone in Israel, that in the name of Yeshua Messiah the Nazarene, who you crucified, and who Yehovah has raised from the dead—because of Him this man is standing before you fully recovered. 11 This is the Stone that you builders rejected, but He has become the Cornerstone. 12 There is no salvation by any other man. There is no other name under Heaven given to humanity that leads to [eternal] life.

To say that Yeshua still needs to mediate is tantamount to saying that He needs to be crucified again! Deviating too far from the teachings of Elohim brings shame on Yeshua—the topic of Hebrews 6:

Hebrews 6:6 and then fell away [2] can’t be renewed a second time to a changed mind. That is like PERSONALLY crucifying Aloha’s Son all over again, and exposing Him to open shame.

[2] Falling away “means apostasy. It doesn’t take place suddenly & unexpectedly. Rather, it is part of a gradual process, a decline that leads from unbelief, to disobedience, to apostasy”, (frequently quoted online). This does not apply to falling away from false religion!

Hebrews 8:6 But now, Yeshua (Jesus) Messiah has been given a superior ministry since He is also the Mediator of a better covenant, one that was founded on better promises than the former.

Hebrews 9:15 This is the reason He became the Mediator of the New Covenant—so that by means of death He could become the ransom payment for those who are breaking [1] the first [original] covenant, so that those who are called to the eternal inheritance can receive the promise.

[1] Most of this description, including the first covenant comment and comments in chapter 10 were written in present tense (despite modern translations), because there were Temple services until 70 AD, and the Jeremiah 31 covenant is still future!

Hebrews 12:24-25 and to Yeshua, the Mediator of the New Covenant, and to the sprinkling of His blood that reveals better things than 'the blood' of Abel. 25 See to it that you don’t reject the One who speaks with you. If those who ignored the one who spoke with them on earth didn’t escape, how much less will we if we ignore the One who speaks to us from Heaven,

1) Yeshua was a man.

2) Yeshua was a mediator whose selflessness allowed the coming New Covenant to become a reality.

3) Yeshua returned to His throne in heaven.

Here is a verse that unitarians use to ‘disprove’ that Yeshua is Elohim:

1 Corinthians 8:5-6 Tho there are what are called elohee [Heb: elohim, gods] in the expanse of the sky and on earth, (as there are many false Aloha and masters), 6 yet for us there is one Aloha the Father. Everything exists by Him, and we exist for Him, and one Sovereign, Yeshua Messiah. Everything, including we ourselves exists because of Him.

The problem here is that people simply aren’t acquainted with the Greek terms used. When it says one “God”, the Greek literally means “the Supreme Divinity”, unfortunately, the origin of this title is unknown. When it says one “Lord”, the Greek word is “kurios”. Kurios means “supremacy”. As the Online Bible Greek Lexicon says: “This title is given to: Elohim, the Messiah”.

A more literal translation would say:

1 Corinthians 8:5-6 Tho there are what are called elohee [Heb: elohim, gods] in the expanse of the sky and on earth, (as there are many false Aloha and masters), 6 yet for us there is one Aloha the Father. Everything exists by Him, and we exist for Him, and one Sovereign, Yeshua Messiah. Everything, including we ourselves exists because of Him.

Here is another example of where unitarians say that Yeshua is not Supreme Being

2 Corinthians 11:31 May Yehovah, the Father of our Sovereign Yeshua Messiah be blessed forever and ever. He knows that I’m not lying.

Again, if we understand that the word “Elohim”. means “the Supreme One”, then we can see that the idea being conveyed is that the Father is the higher authority of the Two. Yeshua had no problem with the Father being the “greater” authority, do you?

John 14:28 You heard Me say, ‘I must go away, and come again to you.’ If you really loved Me, you would have been delighted that I am going to the Father, since the Father is greater than I am.

Here are a couple more verses that are clarified as relating to the degree of authority.

Ephestians 1:3-5,10 Blessed is Yehovah, the Father of our Sovereign Yeshua Messiah who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing of the spirit in the Heavenly realm by the Messiah. 4 He chose us before He laid the foundation of the world [1], so that we could become 'pure' and without blemish before Him. In love 5 He predetermined that we would belong to Him, making us sons [2] thru Yeshua Messiah, anticipating what He has determined will be done:... 10 He is managing the affairs of His household until the time comes when everything is fulfilled, then everything can be unified again by the Messiah—things in Heaven and things on earth.

[1] He chose to call some, but there is no evidence that He had specific individuals in mind. This is called “free moral agency.” This is comparable to Ezekiel 20:5, where Yehovah said “on the day when I CHOSE Israel...and made Myself known to them in the land of Egypt...” Yet this was over four centuries after He chose to bless the descendants of Israel. The individuals were being chosen in “real time.” [2] You aren’t adopted into Yehovah’s family, you must be “born again” into the family as sons! “Adoption” is the “presumed compound”—based solely on tradition.

John 17:1-3 After Yeshua said these things, He looked up toward Heaven and said, “Father, the hour has come. Bring renown to Your Son so that Your Son can bring renown to You, 2 just as You have given Him authority over all humanity, so that He can give eternal life to everyone You’ve given Him. 3 This is eternal life—for them to know You, the Aloha of truth, and Yeshua Messiah, the One You sent.

Again, it seems that Yeshua is more renowned, but has less authority. The Father “delegated” His Son to rule over “every mortal” and to even “give eternal Life to as many as You have given Him”.

Mistranslations & Figurative Speech

Most of the verses that prove that the Messiah and the Father are distinct individuals have come under attack. Some are making claims about dozens of Scriptures describing them as an enormous conspiracy on the part of Bible translators. While a couple of feeble corruptions were made in support of the Trinity, no such conspiracy is underway to cause people to believe that Yeshua is Elohim. That Yeshua is Elohim is the backbone of “the Way which they call a sect” (Acts 24:14). People who constantly say about a verse that, “That is a mistranslation”, when it is not, or “That is only figurative” when it is not are flirting with coming under the curse of Revelation 22!

Revelation 22:18-19I testify to everyone who hears the words of prophecy in this book: if anyone adds to them [4a], Yehovah will ADD to them the scourges [5] that are described in this book. 19 If anyone removes words from the book containing this prophecy [4b], Yehovah will TAKE AWAY their destiny from the Tree of Life and from the 'cherished' city described in this book. [4a,b] The fact that this warning was made indicates that people could and would alter parts of the Bible. Fortunately it’s possible to backtrack and spot the alterations. [5] They’ll actually experience the Day of Yehovah! (the Day of the Lord)

Why Has The Identity of Yehovah Been Lost?

Had Israel remained a sovereign nation then the Levitical priesthood would have remained the teachers and administrators of Law and government to this very day.

Malachi 2:1-10 Now, you priests, this command [warning] is for you. 2 If you won’t listen, and if you won’t consider giving honor to My name,” says Commander Yehovah, “then I’ll send a curse on you, and I’ll curse your blessings. Indeed, I’ve cursed them already, because you aren’t considering this. 3 I’m going to punish your descendants, and spread manure on your faces, with the manure of your festival zebakim [sacrifices], and you’ll be discarded with it! 4 Then you’ll know that I’ve sent this command to you, so that My covenant with the Levites can continue,” says Commander Yehovah.

5 “My covenant with them was to bring life and peace, and I gave 'the unchanging tenets' to them so that they would revere Me, and they greatly revered Me and stood in awe of My name. 6 The Torah of truth came from their mouths. Nothing unjust left their lips. They 'lived' with Me in peace and integrity, and turned many away from sin. 7 “The words of a priest should preserves knowledge, and people should seek instruction [lit. Torah] from 'him', because he is a messenger of Commander Yehovah. 8 But you’ve turned from the Way. You’ve caused many to trip over the Torah. You’ve violated the covenant with the Levites” says Commander Yehovah. 9 “So I’ve also made you despised and humiliated before all the people, because you haven’t lived by My ways, 'you' have failed to apply the Torah!” 10 Don’t we all have the same Father? Weren’t we all created by the same Elohim? Why do we betray each other, violating the covenant of our ancestors?

Yehovah absolutely detests our politicians and our religious ministers who have taken over the governance of the things that were assigned to the Levites.

Jeremiah 23:1-6 “It will be dreadful for the shepherds who destroy and scatter the sheep of My pasture!” declares Yehovah. 2 So this is what Yehovah, the Elohim of Israel, says about the shepherds who shepherd My people: “You’ve scattered My flock and driven them away. You haven’t taken care of them. Now I’m about to take care of you for the evil you’ve done,” declares Yehovah. 3 I’ll Personally gather the 'survivors' of My flock from all the countries where I’ve driven them and bring them back to their pastures, and they’ll be fruitful and multiply. 4 I’ll appoint shepherds over them who will care for them, 'My sheep' will no longer be afraid or terrified, and not one of them will be missing,” declares Yehovah.

5 “The days are coming,” Yehovah says, “when I’ll raise up for David a righteous Branch. He’ll be a King who rules wisely, and do what is fair and right thruout the land! 6 In His days Judah will be delivered and Israel will live in safely. This is the name that He’ll be given: ‘Yehovah Our Righteousness!’

I hope that you will read the entire 23rd chapter of Jeremiah.

Ezekiel also elaborated on the same disastrous failure of our self governance:

Ezekiel 34:1-7 The Word of Yehovah came to me. He said: 2 “Human son, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel. Prophesy to these shepherds that the Sovereign Yehovah says: ‘It will be dreadful for the shepherds of Israel who have been feeding themselves! Shouldn’t shepherds feed their sheep? 3 You eat 'the best parts of the sheep', you wear the wool, you butcher the 'choice animals', but you don’t take care of the sheep. 4 You haven’t strengthened the weak or healed those who were sick. You haven’t bandaged those that were injured. You haven’t gone looking for the ones that strayed away and got lost. Instead, you’ve subdued them with force and harshness. 5 They were scattered because there weren’t real shepherds, and they became prey for any wild animals where ever they were scattered. 6 My flock wandered over all the mountains and on every high hill. My flock was scattered over the entire surface of the earth, and there was no one to go searching for them. 7 “So, you shepherds, listen to the Word of Yehovah:...

I also hope that you will read the rest of Ezekiel 34 as well to see what Yehovah has in mind for your minister and your favorite political party.

This will all change when Yehovah puts a faithful (and reeducated) Levitical priesthood back in charge under the control of the resurrected king David (Jeremiah 30:9). The last nine chapters of Ezekiel tell of this time and the circumstances involved. None of this prophecy has ever been fulfilled. The uninitiated may not realize that these nine chapters are entirely prophetic, other than noticing that chapter 47 describes the river of living water from Revelation 22, and of course Ezekiel 48 tells of the near future time when all twelve tribes of Israel will again occupy the soon-to-be 'special' Land. Here is a thumbnail sketch of the Levites job description:

Ezekiel 44:9-11,15,23-24 The Sovereign Yehovah says: No foreigner with an uncircumcised heart or uncircumcised flesh will enter My 'Temple', including foreigners who live in Israel. 10 “The Levites who strayed far from Me when Israel went astray, who strayed from Me preferring their idols will bear the consequences of their sins. 11 Yet they’ll be ministers in My 'Cherished' Place and have oversight at the gates of the 'Temple' and serve in the 'Temple'. They’ll slay the burnt offering and zebakim [sacrifices] for the people, and they’ll stand before them and serve them... 15 But the Levitical priests, the descendants of Zadok... 23 They must teach My people the difference between 'special' things and what is common, and show them how to distinguish between the unclean and the clean. 24 “In a dispute the priests will serve as judges, and they’ll adjudicate according to My regulations. They must obey My Torah and My unchanging rulings regarding all My appointed Feasts, and keep My Sabbaths 'special'.

From Genesis to Revelation

From this point on I am simply going to present Bible passages in the order that they appear in most English Bibles, and show some related Scriptures in brackets for clarification. Hopefully much of this is self evident concerning the nature of both Yehovah the Father and Yehovah the Son.

Genesis 1:1,26 In a/the beginning Elohim [1] created/transformed the heavens and the earth. [Enlarged Bet] [2]... 26 Then Elohim said, “We should make mankind to resemble Us, similar to Us, and give them dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds in the sky, and the domestic animals all over the EARTH, and over every creature that walks and moves the earth.”

[1] The Hebrew word usually rendered “God or gods” is “Elohim.” The word “god” came from paganism, as this link explains, all the way back to Abraham. Many other theological terms are likewise derived from paganism, such as theology, amen, church, holy, sacred, saint, sanctuary, and even sacrifice. Note: there is an Enlarged Bet in this verse. [2] An amazing hidden surprise!

After “Elohim,” the Hebrew has the two letters “Aleph Tav” (the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet) inserted purportedly as a “grammatical marker”. It’s no wonder that in the Revelation of Yeshua the Messiah He states:

Revelation 1:7-8 He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him, and all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of Him. Yes, Aw-main'. [4] 8 “I am the Alaph and the Tau [Aramaic], says Yehovah Elohim [Yeshua], who is and was, and is to come, the Sovereign”.

[4] The Aramaic word for “suffering” can also imply “patience”, which is how the Greek translator translated it. But the tribulation (pain) and suffering that John said he was to experience go hand in hand.

These are, of course, the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. Yeshua is the creator of Genesis 1!

Micah 5:2 But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, tho you are small among the clans of Judah, yet One will come from you to Me, the One to be Ruler in Israel. He comes from the distant past, from the dawn of eternity.

Did Yeshua Destroy Sodom?

Genesis 18:1 Yehovah appeared to 'Abraham' by the oaks of Mamre, while he was sitting at the entrance to his tent during the heat of the day.

Genesis 18:22-25 Then the men turned away and walked toward Sodom, while Abraham was still standing before Yehovah. 23 Abraham approached Him and asked, “Would you really sweep away the righteous with the wicked? 24 What if there are fifty righteous people in the city? Would you still sweep them away without sparing the place for the sake of the fifty righteous who live there? 25 Be it far from You to do things like that, to kill the righteous with the wicked,

Compare to:

John 5:22-24 Father doesn’t judge anyone because He has delegated all judgment to the Son, 23 so everyone should honor the Son, as He honors the Father. Anyone who doesn’t honor the Son, doesn’t honor the Father who sent Him. 24 I tell you with absolute certainty that anyone who hears My Word, and believes in the One who sent Me has eternal life. They won’t come into condemnation, but have passed from death to life.

Remember, this is not the invisible Yehovah:

Genesis 32:30 So Jacob named that place Peniel [Face of El], because he said, “I have seen Elohim face to face, and I’m still alive.”

Exodus 3:11-16 But Moses asked Elohim, “Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh, or that I should lead the Israelites out of Egypt?” 12 He replied, “Certainly I’ll be with you, and this is the 'proof' that I sent you: When you’ve brought the people out of Egypt, all of you will serve Elohim on this very mountain.” 13 Then Moses said to Elohim, “If I go to the Israelites, and I tell them, “The Elohim of your ancestors has sent me to you.’ And when they ask me, “What is His name?’ What should I tell them?”

14 Elohim said to Moses, “I AM WHO IS AND WAS, AND IS TO COME [2] This is what you will tell the Israelites: I AM [The Eternal One: the same yesterday, today, and forever] has sent me to you.” 15 Elohim also said to Moses, “This is what you must tell the Israelites: ‘Yehovah, the Elohim of your ancestors, the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, has sent me to you. This is My name to remember for all generations. 16 “Now go and gather the elders of Israel together, and tell them, ‘Yehovah, the Elohim of your ancestors, the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, has appeared to me and said, “I’ve been watching closely, and I’ve seen what is being done to you in Egypt,

[2] Nehemia Gordon, a Karaite Jew who doesn’t believe that Yeshua is Elohim, says that a better translation of this verse is referenced in Revelation 1:8 “who is and was, and is to come“. He’s the One who was pierced (verse 7). I wonder if he read the context!

Exodus 4:5 With this they can believe that Yehovah, the Elohim of their ancestors, the Elohim of Abraham, the Elohim of Isaac and the Elohim of Jacob has appeared to you.

Did you know that seventy-four people saw Elohim at one time? It appears that they had a banquet with Him.

Exodus 24:7-11 He took the Book of the Covenant and read it aloud to the people, and they said, “We will do everything Yehovah has said, and we will be obedient.” 8 Moses took the blood and sprinkled it on the people and said, “This is the blood of the covenant that Yehovah has made with you based on everything you just heard!” 9 “Then Moses went up with Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, and seventy of the elders of Israel, 10 and THEY SAW the Elohim of Israel. Under His feet was something like a 'floor' made of lapis lazuli [“sapphire”], as clear as the sky itself. 11 He didn’t raise His hand against the leaders of the Israelites. They saw Elohim, and they actually ate and drank!

Remember that Moses spoke to Elohim face to face (Exodus 33:11). It was a situation where Moses dealt with both beings of the Eternal family, the One who could be seen and the One who could not be seen! YeHoVaH actually refers to both members of the Eternal Family.

Yehovah is coming to judge the earth...Yeshua is coming to judge the world.

1 Chronicles 16:33 Then the trees of the forest will sing for joy in the presence of Yehovah, because He is coming to judge the earth.

[Compare to: Acts 17:31 He has established a fixed Judgment Day [5] for everyone on earth, with righteousness, by the Man He has designated, and has given proof of this to everyone by raising Him from the dead.

[5] Daniel 12:1-3, John 5:28-29

Isaiah 7:14 So Yehovah will Personally give you a sign. A virgin will conceive and give birth to a Son, and she will name Him Immanuel! [1]

[1] “Probably no portion of the Bible has been regarded as so difficult of interpretation, and has given rise to so great a variety of expositions, as the prophecy which is commenced in this chapter, and which is closed in Isaiah 9:7.”–Barnes Commentary continues here.

Here is a plain statement that Immanuel was born of a virgin and that His very name indicates that Elohim is with us, meaning that He has lived with us and will again.

Yehovah is “a Stone of Stumbling”

Out of a depressing prophecy about the destruction of both houses of Israel—about the treachery of our leadership—comes one of the most encouraging Messianic encouragements. Most translations use the antiquated translation “Lord of Hosts” instead of the “Yehovah of Armies”, but the thing not to miss is that Isaiah is saying that Yehovah [Yehovah] is the Messiah!

Isaiah 8:13 Commander Yehovah is the One you must regard as 'special'. He is the One you should fear. He is the One you should dread.

[Compare with 1 Peter 2:4-8 As you come to Him, a living Stone that humanity has rejected, but selected by Yehovah and precious, 5 you are also like living stones being built into a spiritual Temple [1], and 'dedicated' priests who present spiritual zebakim [sacrifices], acceptable to Yehovah, thru Yeshua Messiah. 6 The Scriptures say, “I am laying in Zion a chosen and precious Stone for the cornerstone, and no one who believes in Him will be put to shame!” 7 Those of you who believe are honored, but for those who don’t believe, “He is a stumbling stone 8 and an offending Rock.” They continue to stumble because they refuse to believe. Their destiny awaits.

If you didn’t notice that Yehovah is a “stumbling stone” and a “rock of offense”, (and these descriptions are a contrast to Yeshua the Capstone), then you read too fast.

Yeshua is the “Mighty Elohim” and the “Everlasting Father”!

Isaiah 9:6-7,14-16 A Child will be born for us, a Son is given to us. The government will rest on His shoulders. He’ll be named Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty Elohim, Everlasting Father, Peaceful Leader. 7 The expansion of His dominion and prosperity will never end, from David’s throne and over His kingdom, arranging it and maintaining it with justice and righteousness from that time on—forever. The zeal of the Word* of Commander Yehovah will make it happen.... 14 So Yehovah will eliminate from Israel both the head and the tail, palm branches and bulrushes in a single day. 15 Elders and honored men are the head, and the prophets who teach fables are the tail. 16 The leaders of these people are leading them astray, and those they mislead are confused.

Isaiah chapter 8 is part of the same story flow as chapter 9. By comparing 1 Peter 2:6-8 we see that one of the three references to is found in Isaiah 8:8, but it appears to refer to Isaiah himself. I suspect that it is a play on words since the name Isaiah means “Yehovah will save”. Interestingly tho, the only place in the Bible where the words “Elohim is with Us” appears is two verses later. When I read thru these chapters, I come to the conclusion that Yehovah of Armies is the same “person” as Immanuel; the same person as “Elohim is with Us”; the same person as “a Son is given”; and He who is “Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty Elohim, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

In 2006 I came across another very interesting article that had been written by the late Earnest L. Martin: He explained some points about the plurality of Elohim (Gods) very well. It’s good reading. Yet from what little I have read from Earnest Martin—he thought so far “out of the box” that I don’t think that he knew there was a box! I am not certain how Earnest viewed the 'special' messengers (angels). While it is true that these messengers and even humans are sometimes referred to as Elohim—I would not classify them in the same league that we can be a part of:

Hebrews 1:5 To which of the spirit messengers did Yehovah ever say, “You are My SON, today I have become your Father”, or, “I’ll be His Father and He’ll be My Son?”

Hebrews 1:13 To which of the spirit messengers did He ever say, “Sit by My right hand side until I make Your enemies a footstool under Your feet?”

Hebrews 2:5 It is not the spirit messengers [angels] who will be assuming responsibility in the future world that we’re talking about.

Lonnie Martin

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