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The Twins

The Gemini Effect is a seldom used phrase that is usually characterized as a good thing. But it is really about cattle rustling—by twins!

So far as I know, the term traces back to a Star Trek episode where the good guys cloned their heavily armored star ships—in time! The twin star ships would rally from another century, in a time of trouble, to help their brothers on the other side of the “Great Divide”, the divide of time and space.

The term Gemini Effect is now used by some businesses as a description of a tenet of their marketing strategy. It includes a monetary incentive, a freebie, a hook that will help build customer loyalty (revenue).

Generally speaking, the Gemini Effect is about lassoing something. It’s a control thing.

In politics, the Gemini effect would be the perennially employed tactic of telling the voters exactly what they want to hear—the hook—while concealing a real agenda: simply gaining political power. Of course they don’t mention Gemini, they just do it.

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In religion, the Gemini effect is quite similar to that of business and politics, because modern Christianity IS big business and it’s filled to the brim with politics. There are various hooks that time has proven to be effective in religion, and the Gemini Effect is one of the most dangerous.

Before getting into how it works, we should have a look at the mythology behind the term “Gemini”. Gemini is a constellation:

“Since this constellation is easily viewable as two parallel stick figures, considering faint stars visible to the naked eye, it was associated with the myth of Castor and Polydeuces (also known as Pollux), collectively known as the Dioscuri. A myth of these twins heavily concerns cattle theft, and may be connected to early views of the Milky Way, as a herd of dairy cows or cattle, by which they are situated.

“The fatness of the constellation can vary (since they readily form stick figures whether leaning right or left), though the twins are usually viewed as left leaning. However, when right leaning, one of the twins resides in the Milky Way, and the other outside it, a situation making it appear that one of the twins is stealing the cattle, and the other is observing...” —Wikipedia

What does cattle thieving have to do with religion? Plenty! Only false religion is more sophisticated. When a rustler takes your cattle, there is little if anything left. But when false teachers can convince you to part with your hard earned cash, they can create a cash cow that keeps on producing for a lifetime. More likely than not, the victims descendants also fall sway to the same den of rustlers (clergy). The difference between rustlers and the clergy is that the clergy also wants your open and complete respect, if not adoration—captivating their prey under the glow of an artificial light, while the cattle rustler captures his prey under the cover of darkness.

So money and power motivates the Gemini Effect. How does it work?

Some people are religious because they were “born that way”; others are swayed by the feelings generated by a charismatic personality. These type of people are swayed by the type of men described by Jude, but Jude is describing baser tactics:

Jude ‘1’:4,10-12,16,19 because some have come into the assembly unnoticed, who from the beginning were prophesied to be condemned, wicked men, replacing the dignity of Yehovah with unbridled lust, and denying the only Sovereign Aloha, and our Sovereign, Yeshua Messiah... 10 But these people blaspheme things that they don’t even understand. They have the 'mentality' of animals. In all of these things they corrupt themselves. 11 Too bad for them, they’ve followed in the way of Cain, and as Balaam did, they’ve lusted for money and died, just like those in Korah’s rebellion. 12 They are the ones who wreck your 'celebration of the Yeshua’s Supper', feasting without reverence. They are clouds without rain, blown around by the wind; like fruit trees that fail to produce fruit, deserving death twice, and being ripped out by the roots... 16 They are malcontents who complain about everything. They live to satisfy their cravings. They say shocking things and flatter people to make a profit... 19 They are people who cause divisions, sensual people who don’t have the spirit.—The Gabriel Bible

But those falling for the Gemini Effect are not so easily deceived because there is an actual basis of truth involved. Further, the “Geminizers” character flaws are not so blatantly evident. He also provides very sound and convincing arguments, concerning cherished fundamental Biblical points, using sermons, (see The Bible Never Mentions Sermons). He adeptly proves his points inside and out. But then, as he is winding down, he throws in a hook, without any proof whatsoever, that gets swallowed right along with the profound truth. This works because the listener has been made both emotionally and intellectually receptive!

Should all of Satan’s other tactics fail, he will have a Geminizer try fighting truth with truth, but only as little as it takes to get the job done—the job of gaining control over your spiritual decisions. He wants you to depend on the control of a ministry PARTICULARLY WHEN IT MEANS DOING SOMETHING, ANYTHING, CONTRARY TO THE BIBLE! As soon as you bow to a man on any point knowingly contrary to the Bible, because a church says so, Satan wins! That’s the tactic Satan tried on Yeshua. He offered Yeshua everything if He would concede anything!

Salesmen use this technique. After a commercial or presentation they try to create a sense of urgency: a “limited time offer”, “supplies are limited” etc. Salesmen get a “victim” to saying “yes” to various questions just before asking for one more “yes”—clinching a sale.

The best clincher is to remind the “laity” every week that they are hearing truths from the “one true church”—the only source of truth and salvation. The more hooks, that is the more “exclusive” points of truth (or perceived points of truth) that can be assembled, the better. But the bottom line is that the “Geminizer” puts himself, or a corporate entity, between people and their Elohim (God). The points of truth are attributed to men rather than Elohim. Typically, these truths that are palmed off as having been “inspired by God” are simply “borrowed” from others, who borrowed from others still, who may or may not have used hooks themselves. Con men are never inspired—not by Elohim anyway, but they are very good at what they do!

The problem with the Pergamos Assembly is spiritual “idolatry” and spiritual “illicit sex”. No they don’t worship rocks, but they think far too much of their leadership:

Revelation 2:14-16 But I have some things against you, because some of you there cling to the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balak to throw a stumbling block in front of the descendants of Israel, so that they would eat the zebakim [sacrifices] of idols and commit sexual immorality. 15 Also, some of you cling to the doctrine of the Nicolaitans. 16 So amend your ways, or I WILL COME TO YOU SUDDENLY and wage war against them with the sword of My mouth.

Objectivity is a virtue. Prove all things. Don’t just shop for a church. Wherever you are, evaluate every point on it’s own merits! This site will help you along.

I have links to some wonderful articles on this site. But many of them link to Nicolaitans, “Balaamites”, and “Geminizers”. Consider the individual merits of each article, but watch out for hooks, because you will enter the Kingdom—or not—based on your own individual decisions. I apply a disclaimer to outgoing sites for a reason! Having your name on a church ledger means nothing. Having your name remain in the the Book of Life means everything!

Philipptians 2:12 So friends, as you have always listened to and obeyed Yehovah, not only when I was near you, but now that I am far from you—continue in the necessary work to make sure of your own eternal lives, with fear and trembling,

So far I have only mentioned what applies to the vast majority of religious teachers. Yet should you find a worthy teacher who would never compromise the truth for personal gain, then the following verses apply:

2 Corinthians 11:8-10 I robbed other assemblies by taking wages from them to serve you. 9 When I came to you and was needy, I wasn’t a burden to any of you, because the friends who came from Macedonia supplied my needs. In every way I refrained from being a burden to you, and I’ll continue to do so. 10 As long as I have the truth of the Messiah, my exuberant profession will not be silenced in the regions of Achaia.

1 Corinthians 9:10-12 Isn’t it apparent that He said it for our sake? Indeed it was written for our sake because the plowman should plow with expectation, and the thresher also expects a share of the crop. 11 If we have sown spiritual things among you, is it too much to ask if we harvest our physical necessities from you? 12 If others have expectations from you, shouldn’t our expectations be even greater? Yet we have not exercised our rights, but we’d put up with anything rather than hinder the Good News of the Messiah.

1 Timothy 5:17-18 The elders who moderate [2] well should be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who carry the burden of teaching the Word and doctrine, 18 because the Scriptures say, “Don’t muzzle a bull while it is threshing grain”, so a laborer deserves his wages!

[2] Moderator or “proistemi” (pro-is’-tay-mee) is a compound Greek word that literally means: “before” & “to cause or make to stand” ie “in the presence of others, in the midst, before judges, before members of the Sanhedrin”—OBGL.

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