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Propheic to Somewhat Biblically Related Topics

Mysteries of the Everlasting Kingdom

Topics here run the full spectrum. These links will be collected from a variety of sources. Newly added links will be listed first, oldest last.

Where was Solomon’s Temple Really Located?

The Abdication That (May Have) Saved the World From Adolf Hitler

Ron Paul’s Final Warning: When the money fails

The Discovery: Uncovering the Secrets of the Tabernacle [Was it round?]

Statistical Probability of Messiah

What happens when you point the Hubble Space Telescope to a seemingly blank patch of sky? A view that takes you to the edge of the universe!

Here is a link to the speech given given at the latest presidential inaguration. How could they have accidentally chosen this man to explain the HARBINGER to our nation so boldly and clearly?

A page from The Humanure Handbook about human manure, “the church”, Jews and witches!

Glenn Beck and Rabbi Lapin Show Why You Should Care About ‘Baal’ and Rising Secular Fundamentalism.

This is an OMINOUS TV BROADCAST about 911 and the fall of the U.S. All the more so because neither the sage or Sid Roth, a Bible commentator, apparently know that the U.S., particularly the founders, are directly descended from ancient Israel, as a people.

Here is an excellent audio of shofar blowing. Listen for it at the Resurrection! (1 Corinthians 15:52)


Who is “The King of the North”? After viewing the Biblical “King of the North” as simply Europe for over 50 years, the idea that a hostile resurrected Roman Empire in Europe no longer seems reasonable to me. The idea that Europe will pose a threat to the United States when they are no more willing to even defend their own borders than the USA puts them way down the list of our threats. I searched the web using the exact question in the title and came up with numerous matches. Of perhaps 40 of the sites I checked, this seemed to be the most reasonable answer, tho I would certainly change some of the 24 concluding remarks. My search “woman riding beast Russia” only had one exact match. Maybe this strange site is somewhat right about the Commonwealth of Independent States—a regional intergovernmental organization of nine (originally ten) communist member States?

Forbidden News

First Century copies of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John found! They are signed and dated!

Pope: Other Christians Not True Churches, July 10, 2007 (Thanks Gary); Actually not being a “church” is good. (off site)

Vitamin D prevents cancer bigtime! (Thanks Mike).

Bee extinction riddle solved?: “A strange new plague is wiping out our honey bees one hive at a time. It has been named Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD, by the apiculturalists and apiarists who are scrambling to understand and hopefully stop it.” (Mike)

Seed of extinct date palm found in Masada sprouts after 2,000 years

Second Temple Treasures looted by Rome are back in the Holy Land

Rebuilding Germany’s Temple of the Sun

Archaeologists Unearth German Stonehenge

Noah’s Ark?

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