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Article Preview: Were people created and put here on the Earth by an intelligent and Almighty Creator for a definite purpose? If so, just what is that purpose, and why is humanity so totally unaware of it? For ages people have wanted to know the reason for our very existence. We have asked: “What am I?” and “Why am I?” These are the ultimate questions of all time. Have you ever asked yourself these questions? If What is Man’s Ultimate Destiny was news to you then you simply must read this one also.

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For Ages Man has desired to know his reason for being. He has asked himself: “What am I?” ... “Why am I?” That is the ultimate question of all time. It is the MYSTERY OF THE AGES!

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? As you read this article, you are doing so on a tiny blue ball called Earth suspended in a Solar System with other planets revolving around a star we call the Sun. Not only is the Earth revolving around the Sun, but it is revolving itself, creating gravity, without which we and everything else not anchored down would float off into space. We seldom think about these things as we busily go about our daily business, do we? This Solar System is only one of a estimated 250 Billion in our Galaxy, the Milky Way. The Milky Way is then only one of an estimated 250 Billion galaxies in the known Universe.

Our Sun is 95 Million miles from Earth. If we were a little closer all vegetation would perish from heat, if we were a little farther away it would perish from cold temperatures. My friends, we are delicately placed for human survival in our Solar System. Is this mere chance? A Cosmic accident? Or was Man placed here by a loving and almighty Creator?

Was humanity created and put here on the Earth by an intelligent and Almighty Creator for a definite purpose? And if so, just what is that purpose, and why is humanity so totally unaware of it?

There are two possibilities of the origin of life on this planet. The Theory of Evolution, which the world commonly accepts as true, and the belief of a Supreme Creator who made all things for a reason.

Those who embrace the Theory of Evolution still have to wrestle with the fact that in this process something of a lower level of existence must evolve into something of a higher level of existence. It still does not answer the burning question of how matter itself came into existence in the first place. It begins after the fact! It cannot explain how life itself came into being.

Although Scientists don’t always agree on the age of the Universe, they do all agree it did not always exist. It had a beginning. And if the Universe had a beginning, then what or better yet, Who caused it to be created? And what existed before this spectrum of matter in which we humans find ourselves in?

No, my friends, science does not have the answers to these vital questions. But as new better telescopes have allowed astronomers to see ever deeper into the far reaches of space, one scientist said, -“I think we scientists all know, that when we peer over that last horizon, we will find what we knew was there all along—GOD!”

An Alien Connection?

As Man searches for the answers to the questions of life, many have turned to the theory that we were placed here as an Alien Space Colony thousands or millions of years ago. This idea has spawned many television programs and movies, such as “Stargate”.

But my friends, consider that this belief, even if true, does not answer the question of how matter came into existence in the first place. One would have to ask, -“How did the Aliens that placed us here come into existence?” If they exist, -“Who created them?” You are still beginning and dealing with after the fact. After the Universe exists! Yet the Universe itself had a beginning. Someone far above the realm of flesh and matter has to be responsible for its creation. There has to be a Supreme Creator. For a creation, there always has to be a Creator.

Consider This Example

If you and I were walking along a sandy beach in Florida and happened to come upon a wristwatch lying in the sand, we would never assume that it simply came into existence by itself. That through the passing of time, and the ocean waves washing across the beach, that it eventually produced a watch with all of its internal parts functioning perfectly.

Your first thought would be that someone had lost their watch while walking on the beach, wouldn’t it? And when you examined the watch it would never enter into your mind that it was not created. In fact, you would immediately look to see what brand it was, wouldn’t you? You would want to know who made it, because some brands are made better and worth more, aren’t they?

Likewise, we have found ourselves to be marvelously made, with every internal organ and outward part of our body functioning in perfect harmony to sustain our life. And we have come to realize that everything in nature is designed for a specific purpose. It creates what environmentalists call the balance of nature. And when this balance is disturbed, for example by the extinction of an insect or an animal, it sometimes leads to others becoming extinct. Nature is delicately balanced, with each specie dependant upon another for survival.

If the Plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and insects all have various reasons for being, then what about Man? Certainly Man is the Creator’s crowning achievement on the Earth. Man alone is able to really think, plan, devise and actually bring his dreams to reality. Just what is God’s ultimate purpose for you?

A Brief History in Time

In 1995 I watched a program on the Discovery Channel entitled, -“A Brief History In Time.” It was a story about the Earth, the Universe and its relationship with Man. The main focus was on Man’s relationship with the vast Universe around him, but the program itself centered around the famous Scientist Stephen Hawking.

Hawking is considered a genius in his field. Unfortunately he is severely handicapped, being paralyzed and restricted to a wheel chair. He is able to speak only with the aid of a computer-generated sound box.

It was obvious that virtually all his waking hours were spent contemplating the origin of Man and the Universe that encompasses him. It is the burning need to know WHY, ... it is the wakening of a brilliant mind. A mind that has been enlightened to the awesome vastness of the Universe. New wonders in space have been brought to his very doorstep through the eye of the telescope, yet he knows that they can never be touched by mortal Man. So he spends much time in meditation, putting every piece of the puzzle he has together, trying to understand the relationship between Man and the Universe around him. And he made a very profound statement in a way that perfectly illustrates his hunger for knowing the reason for the Universe and his own reason for being. He said, -“When we know WHY (the Universe exists) we will understand the MIND OF GOD.”

The Bible Holds the Answer

What did God have in mind when he created Man? According to the Bible, a young shepherd boy who would later become King of Israel, one of the great men in history and a man who God loved deeply, pondered the same question as Dr. Hawking.

Notice Psalms 8:3-6, “When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have ordained; WHAT IS MAN that You are mindful of him? And the son of man, that You do care for him? Yet You have made him a little lower than the Angels, and do crown him with glory and majesty! You do make him to rule over the works of You hands; You have put all things under his feet.”

David here limits man’s dominion to the present, that which God gave mankind at the creation of man, -the earth itself. That is the dominion of Man NOW but in the New Testament far more is revealed. Hebrews 2 reveals that ultimately the entire Universe will be given to the glorified children of God. These are those who will have qualified to rule with Christ in the WORLD TO COME by receiving the sacrifice of Jesus and faithfully living a holy and obedient life to their Creator.

Several times in the Bible, converted Christians, who possess the holy spirit, are called “joint-heirs with Christ.” Romans 8, Galatians 3 and Titus 3 for examples. God has appointed Man to share rulership of the entire Universe and beyond with Christ.

A small tract such as this can in no way explain the divine purpose for which you were created. Our intention here is only to get your attention, and to stimulate your thinking. But you have the potential to actually be born into the very family of God. Your existence is not mere chance nor are you a product of Evolution. You were created for a holy purpose. A purpose that transcends the nature of Man. If you overcome sin, you are destined to receive the very nature of God!

Your life today is only a training ground for your eternity in the coming Kingdom of God. Won’t you begin your training now by diligently submitting to the will of God as given in His Word, the Bible? Your Heavenly Father is saying,- “Come home to Me my dear child and share My glory.” For more on your wonderful future, read: “What is Man’s Ultimate Destiny?”

May God Bless you.

The End
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