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Preview: Here is an article explaining the dramatic reversal of my mother’s frame of mind that turned her altzheimers or dementia inflicted state of mind from a that of a lethal monster to simply a friendly but confused person in three days with the simple addition of a bit of mangosteen fruit juice to her daily routine. The powerful drugs that she was receiving to control her rage quickly became totally ineffective. In a matter of days she didn’t need them any more anyway! —Lon

Hi, my name is Gary Martin and I am the principal caretaker of my eighty-year-old mother Jeanne Martin. She definitely has dementia and possibly Alzheimers. This is my anecdotal account of her declining behavior and the amazing help I have discovered.


July 2005:

I needed to go somewhere and I asked her to come with me, she refused. Later that day when I was still gone she decided to go to town, which is a good 10 miles away. She was well on her way when a deputy sheriff picked her up. He noticed that she was obviously confused but at that time she could still till him where she lived. He drove back and found no one home so he asked one of my neighbors to follow him to the hospital and watch over her while they do tests. Yes, they had a mentally incompetent person sign documents.

After nearly three thousand dollars of tests, they found out that she was very confused but found no other significant health problems.

February 2006:

She nearly died of congestive heart failure.

This event was very hard on her! After being released from the hospital she was very paranoid, she feared for her life and thought my brother in law was going to kill her. She also feared that people who existed only in her own head were going to harm her.

Through out the next several months we had several doctor visits where we kept adding additional medications to help alleviate her paranoia and constant crying. The doctor first prescribed 50 mgs of Sertraline HCL. This medication would take 30 days to find out if it would help.

Next, he added 250 mgs of Depakote.

Finally, he added Seroquel—12.5 mgs three times a day seemed to help manage her paranoia and anger.

By this time her condition seemed to stabilize. She was no longer paranoid about someone trying to murder her. But she was and still is difficult to manage because she wants to do only what she wants to do.

To this day after several months of using them, I could not tell you if the Sertraline or the Depakote were helpful in her specific situation. However, we always kept the Seroquel handy along with a banana or pudding so we could get it down her quick. It would stop a crying fit in as fast as five minutes.

Next, we added Aricept 5mg tablets. A medicine, which is supposed to help people with Alzheimers think a little better.

March through September 2006:

Shortly after that we went to visit my sister in Alaska. She hated it there. She was extremely difficult to manage. She was angry most of the time. Additionally, she insisted that she could walk home form Alaska to Ohio. We were in Naknek, Alaska. Naknek is so remote that one cannot drive there by car. This town is only accessible by plane or boat. Also, the town has only thirty miles of road.

When we got back to Ohio I let the Aricept prescription slip for a while. She was a little easier to manage at home. Then I thought I should renew the Aricept prescription. This time we doubled the dose to 10 mgs a day.

October 2006:

A few weeks later I found my self in an unbearable situation. She was angry all of the time. Normally when she is in a car she is relaxed and happy. Not in October. One day I took her with me to see friends and family and when we finally arrived she was screaming and irrational. She thought I was preventing her from marrying her boyfriend Loren. Loren was her boyfriend in 1946. After all she was supposed to marry him that very day. She would not calm down. (This incident was an accurate representation of my whole week.) Finally my sister in law decided to give me a much-needed break and offered to take her home. While there my sister in law made the mistake of trying to take a walk with her. My mom insisted that Loren lived in the house next door and barged in the house unannounced. My sister in law did not follow her in for fear of aggravating her further. I received a phone call to go home. By the time I got home my neighbors were able to walk her home.

The night of hell! Shortly afterward during the night, when I was dead tired, she insisted that she was supposed to meet Loran to get married. All through the night she tried to escape the house to meet up with him. Since then I installed dead bolts on all the doors, which take keys to open on both sides. In an effort to try to calm her down I gave her 75 mgs of Seroquel. Much to my astonishment that dosage had no effect. A few days earlier 12.5 mgs would have made her manageable in 5 to 15 minutes.

I was trying to think back to the cause of such an abrupt change for the worse. I concluded that it was the Aricept. I thought back to Alaska and how difficult she was to handle. At the time, I just thought it was because she was not at home and we were basically camping. Now with twice the Aricept she was impossible to be around. I immediately took her off the medication. I talked to her doctor about this and he did confirm that in a minority of cases Aricept could make some people more aggressive. (If your loved ones are taking Aricept and it is helpful, they should take it continually because over time it builds up in the system thus making it work better). He also prescribed larger doses of Seroquel to help settle her.

About 10 days later a noticed an improvement. She no longer talked about Loran. However, she switched to another problem. She was convinced that imaginary cousins were going to steal her dolls. She would carry arms full of dolls everywhere she went. When she dropped them and broke them she would let out a bone-chilling howl. Moreover, she would remove all her dolls from the case and place them on the couch or in another room and then look at the case and insist that her cousins stole her dolls. After all the case was empty. This delusion occupied her thoughts all day long and every few minutes she would run to me and tell me about how her dolls were being stolen. No amount of words would calm her down. During this time she was on 75 to 125 mgs of Seroquel per day.

I was at the end of my rope. I could not take this any more. I thought about institutionalizing her but I hated that idea. She would be a problem patient and they would end up sedating her so that she would never leave her bed. I think that $5,000 or more per month is a lot of money to spend just to sedate her. My short-term solution is to hire someone to help me take care of her. My long-term solution is to move to Mexico or the Philippines or some other country where the U.S. dollar goes a long way and hire a staff to take care of her.

The Help!

November 2006:

One night when she was in a panic carrying a bunch of dolls so that her imaginary cousins would not steal them, she fell down the stairway. I found her lying on the floor with dolls scattered everywhere. I ran to her. After I determined that she did not have any broken bones, I let her lie down and recuperate. Afterwards I gave her some painkiller and tucked her in bed. The next day I called a chiropractor. When the x-rays showed that she did not have any broken bones he started to treat her. The first thee sessions all that could be done was the electric and ultrasound therapies and a little massage. She would not allow him to adjust her neck.

Then I noticed a brochure in the lobby about Mangosteen Juice and how it helps arthritis. I thought to my self, since Arthritis is inflammation of the joints and certain types of dementia is caused by inflammation of the brain, that if the inflammation could be reduced it might help her cognitively. I thought I would give it a try.

Three days later it was time to go back to the chiropractor. I noticed a difference. Firstly, I was able to get her into the office with out asking some of the staff to help coax her out of the car. She did however; complain the whole time about the new helper and how closely she was being watched. This was, however, the first day she actually allowed the chiropractor to adjust her neck. A week later when she had her next appointment, she was actually happy and was laughing with the staff.

By the way, the helper that she absolutely hated, well now they are the best of friends this change happened over a weekend when she came back the following Monday.

Most significantly, She has not mentioned the name Loren and has no plans of getting married. She does not carry arms full of dolls all day long and she is not paranoid over imaginary cousins stealing her dolls. For the most part the dolls stay in the cases. She is also in a much better mood and laughs on a regular basis.

I am writing this letter on December 11, 2006. She has been on the Mangosteen juice for 17 days. When I started noticing dramatic improvement I reduced her Seroquel intake. Actually, for the last 10 days she has not been on any anti-psychotic medications at all and she is doing astonishingly well. Here is the disclaimer. Don’t go off your medications without your medical doctor’s direct supervision. If you suddenly stop taking certain medications your body could go into shock or suffer some other adverse reaction.

I give her five ounces of Mangosteen juice throughout the day. Mornings can still be a little rough but at least she is not barricading the bedroom door so that the cousins can’t get in. I wish I knew of a convenient way to administer the juice to her while she is sleeping. Mornings would be much better then. I try to get two ounces down her as fast as I can. It can be difficult when she is not thirsty. I also mix it into some potato salad or coleslaw. I also mix it in to pop, soda or juice, anything to get it down her. I spread the other three ounces throughout the rest of the day.

I have been giving her Xango brand Mangosteen juice. A case of 4 bottles retails for $140 to $160 dollars. If you want to become a Network Marketer you can buy a case for $100.

I am also experimenting with other brands. Doctorstrust.com has several cheaper brands to choose from. The Doctor’s Trust brand does not taste as good as the Xango brand but it is a bigger bottle and costs under $13.00 per bottle.

The change is absolutely astonishing. This juice is so remarkable that it is my moral obligation to get the word out so others can be helped too!

I also use dried Mangosteen powder peel that my brother began buying wholesale. If she goes too many hours without mangosteen and starts to get a bit cranky, she is calmed in minutes using either form—liquid or the economical powder in a peanut butter sandwich—depending on whether she is hungry or thirsty. I like the savings of the pure powder instead of the “watered down form”.

PS, In addition to mangosteen I am now using hydroxytryptophan (also called L-hydroxy tryptophan and 5htp) to further calm my mother. It passes the blood/brain barrier and produces serotonin—a natural brain hormone. I use 300 mgs per day divided into 100 mg portions taken with each meal. The non prescription brand I buy is Bestfactor and I purchase it on eBay. Now when she threatens to kill me, it is with a very laid back passive voice!

Warm regards, Gary


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